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Comment Re:hard to see how this works (Score 1) 782

40mm grenade launchers fire at much lower velocities than this 25mm round, simply put because force equals mass times acceleration. The 25mm grenades weigh a tiny fraction of a 40mm round.

Also, the Mk19 uses "high velocity" grenades, whereas the shoulder fired grenades travel at around 250 m/s and have a maximum range of around 400 meters. The big boy grenades have a maximum range of 2,000 meters.

If you could fit a high velocity grenade in an M203/M79 (which you can't because they're longer), the recoil from the Mk19 grenades would put a hard charging Marine right on his ass and probably break his shoulder.

Comment Re:I hate Journalists (Score 1) 128

Clusterfuck is a very good term for it. I knew some people who worked there and it was just insane. Towards the end employees went months without getting paid, some left for greener pastures which was complicated by the economic meltdown occurring at the time. Others kept grinding away on a project they had already put so many hours into, supported by savings or spouses employed elsewhere.

Once again the Stargate IP continues to prove it's cursed.

Comment Re:Turbine (Score 1) 338

I like the concept of a pure electric drive system with a lightweight turbine generator onboard. One problem there is that turbine bearings suffer exponentially greater damage from startups and shutdowns than from nominal operating speeds. Foil bearings do not like slow speed operation.

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