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Comment Re:Problems with projectors (Score 1) 330

We have a "fake" ceiling - similar to an office environment. honestly if your building a finished basement I highly recommend it, gives you a ton of flexibility. What I lose out to in quality that only a video-phile would notice, I gain in an 8 foot screen. Can't actually buy a TV that big as far as I know, at least not unless your Elon Musk level rich.

I'm sorry you don't like projectors, and they don't suit you - but to blow them off completely is a bad way of going about it. It's all about being the right tool for the right job.

Comment Re:Why can't this shit happen to North Korea? (Score 0) 77

Unlike the rest of WW2 where no civilians died?

You also realize that both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were part of the war machine in Japan, right? Hate to say it but bombing cities was a common tactic by all sides back then. War has never been fair. If we ever found ourselves in a situation similar to WW2, I dare say it would happen again, too, by every side.

War... war never changes.

Comment Talk to these guys (Score 1) 231

Not associated other then I live in the city - Haven't step foot in a library in over a decade, but with their Makerspace (3d printers, book printer, kid friendly toys to learn how circuits work, music making devices, etc), ebooks, etc I've become pretty impressed. Very forward thinking and friendly staff.

Edmonton Public Library

Comment Re:Unsolved challenges? (Score 1) 134

Just curious - assuming the car can determine who is a traffic cop - as you seem to imply by your response to the GP - how do you stop a teenager on the side of the road from holding his hand out like a traffic cop - something any driver would ignore, but how would the car? Are we installing some wireless signal in all cop uniforms? Can that be hacked? What if a cop doesn't have his special uniform on does the car just ignore him? Do we also replace all traffic cops with robots?

I'm tired of this whole "cars will be safer once machines drive because they never make mistakes" argument that seems to be common here. For many months a year where I drive the road is covered by snow and ice, and you basically have to "best guess" where the lanes are. How will cars handle that? Whats the safety order - do we dodge to avoid the kid, but force ourselves into an oncoming semi, or does the car weigh hitting the kid as an acceptable loss?

Maybe someones solved all of this and has brought the cost down so everyone can afford one - but I've seen minimal evidence so far. Just that R"obot Cars are the future and I should embrace them and stop asking questions..."

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