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Comment You have to (Score 1) 112

You have to keep passwords written somewhere because stupid sysadmins have such insane password rules and retention times that no-one could possibly remember them. In theory word documents are at lest better than post-its because they COULD have some access control.

The tighter you squeeze, sysadmins, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

Comment Re: So basically... (Score 2) 634

You have got to be joking. Swap in "Jews" for "Deplorables" and Hillary would be every bit a "hitler", if it were not so absurd comparing wanting to control immigration rather than letting it occur with no oversight, to mass slaughter of humans. Even if you tried to compare mass deportation, you can't even get close because you are comparing someone sent to Mexico with someone being packed on a train and sent to a gas chamber! Do you realize how foolish and un-believeable you sound? The fact that you and other liberals really believe that down in your heart is why you are turning so many independent voters against you. Trump says some reasonable things, you claim he's hitler and that's all she wrote for believing a word you say.

Comment That's a stupid plan (Score 1) 49

how often do home hard drives fail?

They only need to fail once for something you have no copy of...

Also I am pretty sure they fail 100% of the time your laptop is stolen and/or there's a fire in your house that melts your HD. Are you saying houses do not catch on fire? That laptops are never stolen?

Your plan is lunacy. Backups aren't about any one unlikely thing, they are about a world of unlikely possibilities weighed against the loss of many things (even if virtual) that are literally irreplaceable.

does the average user still need "cloud backup"

The "average user" needs those things more because they do not have as deep an understanding of what will and will not be lost if the device breaks or vanishes.

Comment Gary Johnson is a sane alternative (Score 1) 850

I'm proposing only that Clinton is a horrid person to vote for, that many seem to be supporting only because she is a Democrat and a woman, otherwise they would demand vociferously and at length that she be jailed (were she a Republican).

That said Gary Johnson is an excellent choice to vote for if for either Democrat or Republican that does not like their own candidate. Or there's always the green party, but that's just silly (apologies to you Green supporters, but that's how I see it this year).

I vote for Johnson is not a vote for Trump or a vote for Clinton. It is a vote for sanity. The government you get depends on what you vote for, if you keep voting for less and less sane choices do not expect a sane ruling class to magically materialize.

Comment Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 5, Insightful) 850

There are a LOT of good reasons to be against Hillary without being for Trump.

A big one is this - after what she and the DNC did to Sanders, you all plan to reward her by voting for Hillary? Do you think the DNC will become more, or less corrupt if Hillary wins.

In the end it will not make that vast a difference in Trump or Clinton wins, two arms springing from the same body politic. So don't vote to destroy whatever shred of goodness was left of the DNC by rewarding corruption and massive corporate backroom deals which will be rewarded lavishly during her time in office (just as they were while she was secretary of state).

Comment Re:Flickr is still better (Score 0) 169

I also use Smugmug but I hate viewing images there. I only use it for photo sales (I have a paid account). It's also better for sure as a professional presence.

Flickr is far more pleasurable for browsing images though. I post a lot of images to Flickr that I just want others to enjoy.

Comment Missing the excess factor (Score 1) 198

Now we compress it. the compressors suitable for it have 70-85% efficiency (adiabatic). Which means that of the energy used to compress it, 15-30% is lost

Which doesn't matter because remember how we are using excess electrical capacity anyway?

Then we store and transport it.

This is the part the battery people really miss on, because they basically assuming the cost of transporting giant batteries is free it would seem.

You simply are not factoring in the reality of the system at a whole at various stages for battery compared to hydrogen.

Not to mention the horrific aspects of making the batteries to begin with, they always seem to just magically appear in all of these kinds of calculations.

Comment Flickr is still better (Score 1, Interesting) 169

Flickr still has a vibrant community. Some people left over the UI range, but where would they really go? 500px? Don't make me laugh.

I still prefer the UI Flickr has over any other site - for serious photography.

Yahoo didn't kill off Flickr - and they are larger than they ever have been.

Comment Real evidence is plan (Score 1) 526

Hillarie's many instances of deeply held racism are easy/ to find if you search just a little.

She's an old white lady from the south, You do the math.

You're literally making the argument that Trump can't be racist because he has black friends.

Since you appear to be too stupid to understand my comment (which is of course to be expected from someone only able to play the race card in place of real argument), it's not that he has black friends and supporters (though that in itself is an indicator) - it's that in actions taken over a long period at times when he was not running for office, he did not act against people based on color (or indeed gender). Real people are judged by actions, not just words or the words especially of others that hate them.

If you are also so stupid as to equate the federal government investigating the actions of a company with the actions of using a nuclear arsenal against another nation; if indeed you are that stupid who can be blamed but yourself, possibly your parents? But you've had long enough to correct any misapprehensions they might have fed you, so your delusions are of your own peculiar brand, or more likely fed to you by the rich eco-chamber that is the modern liberal press and parroting supporters.

With any luck, perhaps time you may be able to think for yourself once more, rather than simply vomited what is fed to you by your masters.

I'll let you have the last word, as the delusional people will chatter on so and I am busy with real work and life.

Comment Re:Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 1) 526

So the difference is that Trump was just courting the racist votes while Hillary, who as we all know is from the south, holds deep and concealed the true extent of her racism - which she has revealed to a greater degree in the past, and not under conditions of running for office.

Comment Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 3, Insightful) 526

I don't agree with everything Trump wants to do It's pretty obvious to anyone that knows anything Trumps position is way better for the internet than turning it over to an international panel that can start censoring the hell out of it. The U.S. is already not prefect in that regard but they are WAY better than, say, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea... or China.

The fact is Trump has been demonized beyond belief on so many issues where Hillary is worse... Trump is far less racist than Hillary (just look at past Hillary remarks like arriving late because she was on "Colored People Time"). Trump chose a black woman to win and work with on the Apprentice - sure it's a TV show but she did work for him and supports him, as do a number of prominent black celebrities. Because they knew Trump before the media tried to tear him down.

Trump also wanted to cooler evaluate NATO commitments before taking action, and yet the media portrays him as a warmonger. Why? Because they know Hillary is way more dangerous in charge of the nuclear arsenal, she has actually started wars and would be all to happy to start more to prove how tough she is (and to reward loyal Clinton foundation donors).

Comment Second Amendment defenders not paranoid (Score 1) 425

The government really is out to get them, by any means including corrupting the rule of law to do so.

Banning means of obtaining personal weapons (like the one used to stop Minnesota Stabby) is clearly not a national security issue, indeed the prevention of means to allow law abiding citizens to acquire guns is far more clearly against the interests of the people - fewer guns mean more rapes, mean more crime, mean more violence against the weak and elderly.

So we see from this ruling that "national security" has nothing to do with the interests of the people, only the government.

Comment Sucks so far (Score 1) 38

Download iOS app.

Asks for Google login - skip.

Search for a city I'm planning to see, ask to create a trip. Oops, that requires a Google login of course...

Sigh. Ok, here Googe is my login so you may track me even further.

Go to create trip - "Failed to create trip. Try again later".

Heck of a job, Google.

P.S. In the aftermath of no trip, tried other aspects of creating a plan for a city - Things to Do is empty, Food & Drink come up with nothing. So basically total server blowout.

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