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Comment Exactly (Score 1) 135

I subscribed to HBOGo and Starz for movies. But after just a few months of watching, I deleted everything they had to offer and the newer supply was too slow coming in to make it worth keeping up the subscription... I may return in a year or so...

Meanwhile I keep my Netflix subscription active, always find something interesting, and have just watched Stranger Things which is the best television series I have seen in a long, long time. Just that alone made the subscription for the year worth it for me.

Comment More useful than current (Score 4, Insightful) 85

Going to a technical conference for a language that is popular or that you know well does not offer that much value, because almost anything you learn there could have been learned online quicker.

Going to a conference filled with niche languages or higher level ideas is great because it's much more mind-expanding, and even if ideas seem esoteric there's always some interesting twist you can take back into languages you know better or are more practical to work with. It also helps keep you from getting too pigeon-holed by ignoring changes in the world around you, as I see many object-oriented die-hards doing...

Comment Are you joking? (Score 1) 109

I forget where I read it but I think I remember reading an article some years ago where someone stood up a free Wifi network named something along the lines of "get hacked" and it still had many, many users...

If it's free WiFi people will use it regardless of potential danger, the name is literally nothing.

Comment Re:The difference is (Score 0) 109

Neither do the Republicans - one of the signature speakers at the RNC was gay after all.

Isn't it better than the Democrats approach which is to treat the gay community like garbage because they assume the gay community will always vote democratic? Nothing like being taken for granted.

At this point the Democrats are by far the worst party to support if you are gay, because after all if you aren't having sex 24/7 you are just like everyone else being screwed over by terrible immigration policy, or the after-effects of super bad treaties like the TPP (which both Clinton and her VP pick support).

Comment What's going on is reality is entering your bubble (Score 1) 380

Many GOP candidates have been against TPP. A large number of Republicans re pro gay marriage.

Basically Republicans have been on the right side of many arguments for some times, but that fact has been obscured by the media so you don't understand the true party of fascism really is. This election season, in large part because Trump is not afraid of the media disliking him, the mask is slipping, the Democrats think that power is so assured they no longer fear showing you just what they really support...

After all, Hillary supports all of the same things her VP pick does.

Comment Rethink (Score 1, Troll) 188

It's why I almost want to vote for Trump even though he's a pompous vapid xenophobe who may get us all nuked.

As opposed to the corporate connected felon who will CERTAINLY get us nuked, and nuke a few countries of her own just to show she can?

After all, between Trump and Hillary, only Hillary has actually started any wars.

There is a third choice you know.

Unlike you, I'm not trolling, just informing people of seemingly forgotten history and options.

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