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Comment But even sports is covered (Score 1) 89

I agree that the larger market wants sports. but if you like sports enough to pay $35/month pretty much just for that, why would you not get something like a NBA or NFL or MLB yearly pass? Those are around $100 or so generally, for a whole YEAR - and you get to watch every game, including many the networks do not carry (for MLB) along with a lot more live stats stuff if you use the apps.

Comment Switch that around (Score 1) 89

I have Netflix and it's great, but it's limited to Netflix content, and lacks a lot of the major broadcast network content,

At this point is it not more fair to say broadcast networks lacks Netflix content? There is far more I am interested in watching on Netflix now than on broadcast networks - and here I am only talking about Netflix own content!

And like I said, they are producing content FASTER now than any broadcast network, or I think even the combination of them.

The very few shows I might want to watch form network TV I could either get from Hulu (cheaper than the $35 price) or simply pay for a season on iTunes (way cheaper than $35/month if you just want to watch four shows or less)

For HBO for example I was able to pay $15/month and get to watch a number of great series until I was done, about four months of subscription then I was out. Half the cost of the $35 deal...

So ALL the $35 deal is really about is watching live content i.e. sports. Way too steep for my blood and even if I was really into a sport I would simply sign up for video access for that sport specifically, which would be WAY better than what live TV offers.

Comment But you can get much more for less (Score 1) 89

I believe with Comcast I can get local channels for $10/month.

The cable package is more, yes, but I also get a lot more channels too. How many channels would you get with the YouTube thing?

Regardless $35 is way, way too much money for what they are providing (yes even "with DVR service" as people here keep bringing up). Netflix is vastly cheaper and offers better content. I would argue that with Netflix alone you get MORE new content in a year than if you had access to all the major broadcast networks!!

Comment Everyone on board the Shame Train! (Score 0) 305

I am pretty sure we'll see more and more revelations like this from companies all over... in part because what was never really addressed was that Uber was not really distinctive. Any large company can have issues with employees harassing others. And in any large company people are loathe to deal with problems, preferring instead to sweep them under the rug...

One side effect of all of these revelations is probably going to be a solution to these problems that few people will enjoy - fewer women will be hired, because it appears now that any women you hire presents you with a lot of legal exposure. It would be far cheaper to deal with suits from women who sued because they were not hired than suits from women who were hired and harassed.

One last interesting observation - I note the response to Tesla being the target is notably more muted than Uber being the target. Uber has long been a target of the SJW crowd, for whatever reason - I was never quite sure why that was actually. But Tesla of course is the darling of the leftist brigades, and we can see the result from the comments here and elsewhere where Tesla actually gets the benefit of the doubt in a way Uber never will.

And THAT is the real shame.

Comment Re:What you don't know - iMessage safe from monito (Score 1) 88

What does "end to end" mean to you? Not much it would seem.

Messages go through Apple's servers BUT THEY ARE ENCRYPTED YOU BLITHERING MORON. As Apple has stated they have no way to decrypt the messages, only the devices do.

When you have your own BES server the CIA actually smiles a big, wide grin. So nice of you to hold everything where they can access it in one place!

Sorry to yell but your level of ignorance is dangerous to the universe. I hope you feel shamed, but I don't intend to read any response from you as idiots cant really feel shame... which ironically is a shame.

Comment Got you (Score 0) 304

That is EXACTLY the Comacst issue i mentioned in my original message, note that it was resolved quickly WITHOUT REGULATION. The Comcast example actually demonstrates exactly my assertion, that network neutrality rules are not needed because the market quickly corrects stupidity (even Comcast level stupidity which is substantial).

Comment How were consumers not dong fine??? (Score -1) 304

You cannot come up with a single example of how consumers were hurt before net neutrality regulations went into effect. Why? Because there is no example. Indeed the examples that most NN advocates hate the most, like Binge-On, came into being AFTER net neutrality regulations went into effect.

The only example I can think of was some Comcast thing that happened a whole ago - but that Comcase backed out of quickly.

So again, you claim consumers were harmed. Who and when?

Comment What you don't know - iMessage safe from monitor (Score 1) 88

I guess you didn't know iMessage uses end-to-end encryption so Apple cannot be compelled to let anyone monitor it.

BlackBerry even goes so far as to host message servers in other countries - while that makes sense from a technical performance standpoint it makes it super easy for foreign governments to monitor communications.

Comment Why wouldn't they just give you another adaptor (Score 0) 211

USB-C supports analogue audio with a passive adaptor, so if Apple supports this mode then iPhone users would be able to use old headphones with a generic (cheap) adaptor.

Why would you need another adaptor when Apple would just ship one in the box like they did for the iPhone 7?

It doesn't matter if the adaptors are cheap.

Comment Yet another person not understanding deep learning (Score 2) 109

For a class of person that feels that they are more in tune with technology than the rest of humanity, you seem woefully ignorant of what "Artificial Intelligence" means in modern terms.

Modern deep learning networks need lots and lots of examples to function. I can easily see that in 30 years Netflix is spending significant resources feeing movies into a deep learning network (entertaining it, if you will) in order to have an AI system that can do a good job at some aspect of movie production.

Also of course, there's the fact that he was obviously half joking... why can people no longer read between the lines these days? Why have people become so literal? It makes me yearn for AI's to take over as they will be more flexible in thought than most modern humans which come across as badly programmed non-adaptive Meatbots!

Comment Fundamental Damage (Score -1, Flamebait) 116

Seriously? This is the sort of system you think is way better than going to a hospital for $0 and getting looked at?

If you cannot understand why that is way worse long-term, I'm afraid I cannot help you. Well, with any luck you will be dead before the system you love causes you or your family grievous harm. I'll be alive 100 years hence so I have to think longer term about these things and not grab at the quick but shortsighted solution now.

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