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EB/Gamestop Offering $700 Wii Bundle 109

GameSpot is reporting that GameStop will be offering a mind-boggling $700 Wii bundle online, as of tomorrow. Considering the retail price of the Wii is $250, there had better be some solid gold Wiimotes in there to go with your little white box. From the article: "Given the GameStop Wii bundle's steep price, one would wonder what assortment of add-ons and games are worth around an extra $449. Apparently, the customer-service reps at GameStop are also wondering. 'We don't know what the bundle contains,' a rep told GameSpot. 'We also don't know when they go on sale. We won't know until Thursday.'"
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EB/Gamestop Offering $700 Wii Bundle

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    • by ack154 ( 591432 )
      Which comes with a PS3.

      Ya. The bundle is a PS3 and a demo disc.
      • I like my bundle better.

        Wii+ Wii Sports = $250

        Zelda:TP = $50

        Extra Wiimote = $40

        SuperMonkeyBall Bannana Blitz = $50

        2 DS Lites = $260 (Hand one to my Girlfriend)

        Mario Kart DS = $30

        New SuperMario Bros = $20 (Used, Gamefly)



        Incidentially That's about the price of 1 PS3, high def cables and a game. (no second controller.)

    • by Kadin2048 ( 468275 )
      Anyone think that $700 is an awful lot of money to spend? Particularly on something that's almost certainly going to decline in value precipitously? Whatever they're putting in this bundle, I'll wager that in six months, you'd be able to buy all of it for $350 or less.

      I'm not sure how rich I'd have to be, to not be able to wait until the "oooh shiney" premium is gone, but apparently it's a lot richer than I am.

      I just hope the people that are buying this feel like they're getting their money's worth. And tha
      • The cost of video games does not depreceate that quickly. Since there aren't that many games that everyone would want, I'm guessing it will be loaded with useless exras.

        I'm thinking:
        Wiimote Carrying Case (with Nunchaku Pouch)
        Strategy guide for Zelda, Wii Sports, and Excite Truck
        pretty Wii posters
        Wii themed stickers
        and a whole bunch of other crap.
      • You forget that this is Nintendo: most good GBA games tend to go *up* in price, if you can find them, and GC games such as Super Smash Bros Melee are *still* $50 CAD brand new - this includes the "Player's Choice" versions. But you're absolutely right: a $700 bundle better come with a gold-plated Wii-mote and a 20" LCD TV.
    • If you look a bit lower in the thread, a couple of people have found the info on the bundle. I did a cost breakdown on the Wii bundle, so I figure it's only fair to do the same on the PS3.

      PS3 Premium System: $600
      ==No Expansion Storage Necessary==
      Additional PS3 Sixaxis Controller: $50
      6 Games: $80 x 6 = $480
      12 Month Product Replacement Plan: Still Worthless
      Game Informer Subscription: $19.98

      Add it up:
      Presumably, the "12 Month Product Replacement" thing would actually cost money, so it's safe to estimate a similar bundle as costing between $1200 and $1300.
      • by trdrstv ( 986999 )
        " PS3 Premium System: $600 ==No Expansion Storage Necessary== "

        I just wanted to point out that the SD card they have in the Wii bundle is unessesary. The Wii doesn't NEED any expansion storage either. It comes with 512 megs of onboard flash memory for Saves and downloads.

        While that may not sound like alot compared to the PS3 or 360 Harddrives, you could buy EVERY virtual console game available through the end of the year and save files for every launch title, and still have space to spare. It's incl

  • How is that "mind boggling"?

    I'm spending more than that on the launch of the Wii and I'm not buying a bundle. Check out the going prices for the Wii pre-orders that have sold on Ebay, prices there for the console alone reach $700.

    Its a big purchase, yes. But its not a rip-off.
    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by ack154 ( 591432 )
      I'm not sure how you can compare a retail bundle and a preorder eBay auction for just a console. Sure they're going for about the same price... but what exactly does that say? The console itself should still be $250 from said retailer - which STILL leaves the mentioned $450 for "other stuff" that is yet to be named - when compared to eBay.

      Perhaps it's "mind-boggling" because no one has the slightest clue what is actually included in the random $450 extra items.
      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Soybean47 ( 885009 )
        Yeah... it's not that people are having a hard time thinking of things that could add up to $700 (I assume), it's more the fact that EB isn't telling what you're paying $700 for that makes it interesting.

    • My Wii is only costing me $250 (of which I've already paid $200), plus maybe another $65 for another controller and Rayman's Raving Rabbits!

      I'll bet you can get the same "bundle" for $400 at Costco a week later.
    • My bundle guess:

      System, Wiimote, Nunchuck, Wiisports ($250)
      3 Wiimotes, 3 Nunchucks and 4 classic controllers ($240)
      4 Games ($200)

      Total: $690

      Not a bad bundle ...

      They could replace the classic controllers with SD cards or battery packs but I'm not sure it matters.
    • by AuMatar ( 183847 )
      What the hell are you getting? I'm paying nowhere near that- 1 extra wiimote with nunchuck, 1 classic controller, and 2 games. Are you grabbing every game being launched?

      The mind boggling part is that you don't even know whats in the bundle yet- it may not be what you want. ANd knowing EB/Gamestop, they won't sell any non-bundled wiis for a while now.
      • by dogbowl ( 75870 )
        Its not too hard to add up $$$'s. I'm getting extra controllers, the classic controller, component cables, and a big stack of games.

        My point from above though is that there is market demand at $700 for just the console alone. A store (with limited supply) wanting to target those customers who will spend that amount of cash isn't "mind boggling".

        Didn't Fry's have a similar bundle at $650 that quickly sold out?

    • Honestly. Anyone who pays $700 for a Wii Console, needs to learn some self-control. Chances are Extremely slim that there will be any kind of shortage on the Wii. 2 million consoles at launch. 7-9 million by the end of the year. Chances are if you can't get one on the launch day, 2 weeks later (long before christmas) you'll have a Wii.
    • by jlf278 ( 1022347 )
      >>Check out the going prices for the Wii pre-orders that have sold on Ebay, prices there for the console alone reach $700.

      >>Its a big purchase, yes. But its not a rip-off.

      I would agree except: "Ordering this bundle does not guarantee shipment at launch. First come, first serve basis." - Gamestop

      So yes, it is a rip off. You can order a wii console for $250 that does not ship at launch; I'll sell you one myself.

  • omg... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Morphine007 ( 207082 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @05:52PM (#16775945)

    ... finally a story that deserves the "itsatrap" tag

    I'm giving 10 to 1 odds for the next 5 minutes, that it won't get it ;-)

    • Yeah. While we're on the subject, personally I'd love to see a filter that automatically disallows any tag that already appears in the headline - after all, these should be totally unnecessary in any reasonable system. 5 minutes, one tag: "Wii." I mean, duh... That's my comment, not the tag, of course.
      • Re:omg... (Score:4, Insightful)

        by Dr. Eggman ( 932300 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @08:20PM (#16777949)
        I fail to understand the point of tags completly. I've read the FAQ about a dozen times now, what is the point? I don't see any reason to have these one-word phrases (of which are rarely one word) "that you think best describe this article." Is their any practical reason beyond informing lazy editors with the tag "dupe"?
        And when the example tags already have words directly from the headline...? Check any one of the articles for example tags and I can guarantee you they've got half the title in them. Why have tags at all? is itsatrap, funny, unfunny (which should apparently be !funny according to the seemingly arbitrary rules of the FAQ) or yes and no helping anyone? Are any of them really helpful to the editors? All they've become is annoying mini-comments. Is that really what they should "build the next generation of moderation on top of"?
    • The thing is, almost any story that even indirectly has something to do with a company or government has a valid application of the "itsatrap" tag.

  • by joshsisk ( 161347 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @05:54PM (#16775971)
    It adds up pretty quickly. They probably throw some useless accessories in there too, like "Wii Game carry cases" or something similar.
  • Not that surprising (Score:5, Informative)

    by AKAImBatman ( 238306 ) * <{akaimbatman} {at} {gmail.com}> on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @05:54PM (#16775975) Homepage Journal
    A Wii with an extra 3 WiiMotes and Nunchucks would cost you $430. Add in the Classic Controller, the Lightgun attachment, and a few games, and you're at $700 in no time flat.

    Like most of the next-gen systems, the Wii will nickel and dime you to death on accessories and connectivity. (The latter being things like classic games in the case of the Wii.) The difference is that the Wii has a lower base price, so the nickel and diming doesn't get quite as costly as the 360 or PS3.
    • by Yahweh Doesn't Exist ( 906833 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @06:13PM (#16776339)
      >Like most of the next-gen systems, the Wii will nickel and dime you to death on accessories and connectivity.

      no, the Wii is very different from all the other next-gen consoles in an important way: you can use your previous-gen peripherals and games. I'm going to get rid of my GameCube but keep Super Smash Bros., my 2 extra controllers and my memory card. all of these will be 100% compatible out of the box with no further purchase necessary. (unlike a certain rootkit-installing company who wants you to buy special converters to use PS2 memory cards on the PS3.)
    • by scarpa ( 105251 )
      Most of the 4 player games use only the remote attachment, so buying 4 of the nunchucks would be a waste. There are only a few games that even need an additional nunchuck at that - Madden 07 being the biggest one.

      I agree overall though about being nickel and dimed. Seems the virtual console was created for just that reason.
    • You have a funny definition of 'nickel and dime'. Every system has always had extra accessories -- that's nothing special about the Wii. The on-line capabilities will be free. The virtual console games will cost something, but you don't exactly have to buy those if you don't want them, do you?

      No, nickel and dime-ing can be illustrated quite well by XBox Live -- Bought a game? Ok, now you probably want to buy all these additional modes and levels (Lumines) and skins (Oblivion), right?

      And I could be compl
      • They have already announced downloadable extra content is a "definate possibility" for Zelda. They will probably charge for it.
    • Ah c'mon.. That's a little negative don't you think? For multiplayer games like Smash Brothers Brawl you don't even need the wii-mote. You can just use a gamecube controller. Think of the magnificent setup you could have with a full collection of next gen controllers and components. I mean those things are nice.
  • by ConfusedSelfHating ( 1000521 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @05:59PM (#16776085)
    Is your mind controlled by a wizard? Are you a zombie who not only craves brains, but also Nintendo's Wii? Have you taken an experimental formula that turns you into a half man/half ape and you require something to distract you from your loss of humanity? Or do you just hate making your own decisions? Have Gamestop decide what games and accessories you need with your Nintendo Wii. If you're very good, they'll let you purchase other games of their choosing in the future.
  • by compm375 ( 847701 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @06:00PM (#16776099)
    Maybe when the article was written, this wasn't up, but following the first link in the article led to this list:
    The Nintendo Wii bundle includes the following items (It does say subject to change, though):

    Nintendo Wii Console (includes 1 remote controller, 1 nunchuck, cables, sensor bar, console stand, and Wii Sports game)
    Wii Memory SD 1GB
    Additional Wii Remote Controller
    6 Games:
          Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
          Trauma Center: Second Opinion
          Red Steel
          Marvel Ultimate Alliance
          Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
          Madden NFL 2007
    12 Month Product Replacement Plan
    Game Informer Gift Subscription

    $694.88 plus tax and handling
    • By the numbers, out of the entire package the only good parts are:

      Nintendo Wii Console (includes 1 remote controller, 1 nunchuck, cables, sensor bar, console stand, and Wii Sports game)
      - which I already have an EBX preorder for at $250 (paid $50 upfront)

      Wii Memory SD 1GB - this is good

      Additional Wii Remote Controller - this is good

      6 Games:
      Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - good
      Trauma Center: Second Opinion - ok, would ge
      • 12 Month Product Replacement Plan - total ripoff

        Definately. Nitnendo's consoles have always been nigh indestructible. My NES had me and my two siblings to destroy it and it too us (well known for destroying toys very quickly) years to do it in (mishandle is an understatement).

        Additionally I remember some years ago a video circulated wherein some teenagers dragged their gamecube behind their truck. Despite looking like crap, it still ran afterwards. They had to take a sledge hammer to it for it to stop funct

        • My SNES lived in a minivan for several years (hooked up to a TV in the middle console for playing in the backseat), having god knows what spilled on it all the time, getting tromped on my kids, etc. It's still alive and kicking, and I've had it for about 12 years total. Not so pretty, but works fine.
      • "Wii Memory SD 1GB - this is good"

        1GB of secure digital memory is like 20 bucks...

        Theres no way all that crap is worth 400 dollars more.

      • by bcat24 ( 914105 )
        Hey, don't knock Super Monkey Ball. The "main" part of the game may be completely stupid, but the mini-games are awesome.
      • by hords ( 619030 )
        Plus the 1GB Wii SD card is expensive. $60 for 1GB and $100 for 2GB?! You can pick up the same thing for $20 (1GB) and $40 (2GB) on newegg.com. Unless there is something special about Nintendo's SD card that I'm not aware of.
      • Ok, so I disagree with your game preferences a little. I think Super Monkey Ball is great!

        But the real point is that with the games they force you to get in the package, most people won't like all of them. It's essentially a mechanism to get you give them money for nothing.

        It would be a much better deal if you could select 3 games, and get an extra couple controllers.

        I would choose Zelda TP, Super Monkey Ball, and either Red Steel or Rayman. I wouldn't get the special warranty, or subscription. My GCN warra
    • by Fozzyuw ( 950608 )
      Does anyone know what the SD card is all about? I cannot seem to find much info about it.

      Is this going to be strictly for saved games or is this going to improve performance somehow? And does any SD card type work or is this going to be a Nintendo Wii only proprietary format?

      I just talked to a rep. at Crucial and they don't know if it's compatible or not yet.

      • SD can be used for game saves and downloaded Virtual Console games, along with doing things like transfering pictures to the Wii for use with its dashboard apps. It's not used as a RAM expansion or anything of that sort. I'm fairly sure that any standard SD card will work, although you should probably confirm that before you run with it.
        • by hords ( 619030 )
          Plus it appears that you'll be able to store music for it and use it within some games, like excite truck.
      • by Strolls ( 641018 )

        Does anyone know what the SD card is all about? ...

        Is this going to be strictly for saved games or is this going to improve performance somehow? And does any SD card type work or is this going to be a Nintendo Wii only proprietary format?

        SD ("secure digital") cards are a fairly standard memory card format for digital cameras. Being a type of flash-memory they're not performance-enhancing, and the Wii will likely use them for saving games.

        I think that the "secure" bit means that they support some kind of

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by PaulMorel ( 962396 )

      What are the chances that many people are interested in that list of games? There are a lot of people who want red steel/zelda/Alliance, and I'm sure there's a lot of crossover there. However, is there seriously much of a crossover between people buying Madden 07 and Super Monkey Ball?! Oy.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      A friend of mine who works at Gamestop told me that the bundle will also include the option for lubricant before they bend you over the counter and screw you. I cannot reveal my source, other than saying that he is an "insider" and has first-hand experience with the offers that are being presented to customers.
    • They'll take the 12 month replacement plan off right after you've been billed. I bought the 360 bundle, which included a replacement plan. It disappeared off my invoice after I was billed. Neat.

      Oh, and if you have placed a preorder for a non-bundled Wii, you'll be getting it after they sell the bundles. A friend of mine had preordered a 360 a few monthes before it was released. I ordered a bundle 3-4 weeks after the 360 was released and got it a couple monthes before my friend got his. You want it fir
    • Wii Console, $250
      Six games at fifty bucks a piece, $300
      1gb SD card, ~$20
      Wiimote (sans nunchck), ~$40

      So, that magazine subscription and 1 year product replacement plan would come out to around $90. WHAT A DEAL!
    • by buhatkj ( 712163 )
      dude, i dont even want like half of that stuff. i hate that they insist of offering the bundles first. they just hope people want a wii so bad they will buy all that crap at once to puish of gamestop's end-of-year numbers.
      it really is a trap
    • Forgive the guestimation but: 6 games X $50/game = $300 $250 system + $300 games + $60 controllers = $610. Ergo the 1GB memory card costs roughly $80... Hows that compare to standard SD memory (which IIRC is compatible with the wii)?
  • ...by how the summary involves GameSpot reporting about GameStop? I mean, obviously the summarizer can't help it, but you have to wonder if this was ever a consideration for either organization.
  • $85 for the wiimote AND nun chuck, thats a serious chunk there if they throw in 3 extras so you have a full four...
    • $85 for the wiimote AND nun chuck

      Who told you that? The Wiimote is $39.99 and the Nunchuck is $19.99. Together, they're ~$60.00. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or trying to rip you off.
      • oh for some reason I was thinkin the wiimote was $60, lol, but those are games, silly me Anyway, if you follow the links you can see what's actually in it, an extra wiimote and 6 games...
        • by hords ( 619030 )
          I was thinkin the wiimote was $60, lol, but those are games

          No, the games are generally $50 on the Wii. $60 for 360/PS3 games.
      • Games are $50.
  • I'd bet an extended warantee is included, those things are pure gravy to the stores, and can really up the price.

    Also, I wonder if many won't bother. My bet is that it will be like the DS Lite: Unavailable for love or money within the first couple of weeks, but as Nintendo cranks them out in volume (SERIOUS volume), they become purchasable at your local Tarjet at list with no added crap.
  • are they still selling standalone systems that are not in a bundle. I can't afford that on launch. All I'm going to get is vga adapter and a game and a system.
  • by c_forq ( 924234 )
    My SNES has been kicked by a brother, had the cords kicked yanking the console off of its shelf several times, milk and Pepsi spilled on it multiple times, and chewed on by a toddler and it is still kicking. I think if the country is ever invaded we should try to make tanks and shelters out of Nintendo electronics and public elementary school cafeteria garlic bread.
  • I've never bought a console, but Super Monkey Ball was the one that made me consider buying a GameCube. This time, I will probably get a Wii for games like that; it's great for parties.
  • The "main" part of the game may be completely stupid, but the mini-games are awesome.

    Unfortunately, it's likely that to deter game renters, you have to play several hours of "main" part of the game in order to unlock the mini-games.

  • My guess (Score:4, Funny)

    by Stormwatch ( 703920 ) <<moc.liamtoh> <ta> <oarigogirdor>> on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @08:14PM (#16777897) Homepage
    It comes bundled with a pony.
  • At first, not a chance. Good chance ToysRus won't force a bundle on you, but if they do it will be minimal.

  • The "main" part of the game may be completely stupid,

    You oviously had some trama with marbles as a small child.
  • by trdrstv ( 986999 )
  • by Meccanica ( 980734 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @09:15PM (#16778617)
    This is obviously a bid to compete with Sony. It's designed to bring in those consumers who already prefer the Wii over the PS3, but who are worried they might get an inferior product because they are not spending as many hundreds of dollars.
  • Come on, the simplist google would have given you sources.

    http://digitalbattle.com/2006/11/07/zelda-getting- downloadable-content/ [digitalbattle.com]
    and many other links.
  • And games are $50 USD, not $60. For now anyway.
  • $250 - Wii console + Wii Sports game
    $450 - Gold plated Wiimote with ruby & sapphire accents
    $700 - TOTAL
  • you're right, they should just not try instead ;-)

    some ideas pan out... some don't. Hell, these little things might even become horribly useful with some minor tweaking.... . . . .. and so it marches.

  • I think that the thing we are forgetting here is the fact that the bundle is, if you want to be able to choose, wrong. If I just want a console a controller and Zelda I should have that right at release time. I know that the other systems have upped their price just to sell, but acting like a child and pointing at another kid saying "Well he did it so I should be able to", doesn't mean anything except that you are wrong. Ha! Now go forth and speak.
  • Nintendo offers 12-month product warranties for all their systems; so if you buy the base Wii package for $250, you still have protection for one year. Man, you gotta love Gamestop and their ability to prey on the fears of the uninformed public.
  • by Orion_ ( 83461 )
    I keep hearing people say this, and I don't understand it. I always thought the main game was awesome, and the mini-games completely stupid.

    At any rate, Super Monkey Ball is a great game, and easily the Wii title I'm looking forward to the most.
  • Seriously though, you can't say that there isn't a certain value involved in being able to bring your system into any store for replacement with a new system vs. mailing it off and waiting for a refurbished one to be sent back to you. Granted, it's not as good a value as certain other systems that carry 90 day warranties, but still...

    I was in this very situation last month. I had a launch 360 that Microsoft extended the warranty to 1 year on due to excessive defects. I didn't have the EB warranty. I was out
  • I'm sure this will be considered flamebait, but it has to be said.

    I enjoy games as much as the next guy, but I find it absolutely ridiculous how much money people are willing to spend because of impatience. Within a month or two the consoles are spilling off the shelves and potential first batch glitches will likely have been addressed.

    Like waiting a few weeks or even a few months would kill anyone. I wonder if people camp out for days and overpay for something truly important.
  • I have a feeling Sony has something to do with this. *start playing that ominous music*

    So they will be offering a Wii bundle for $700. Thats a curious price point. Do you think there is a chance that even with all that is packed into that deal some morons will start comparing that price to the price of a PS3? Then their backwards thinking minds will go back and think about how its cool to think Nintendo sucks or some garbage and think that they will get more by putting down $700 for a PS3 than for
  • by hords ( 619030 )
    Except, if you check ebgames.com's price for the Wii SD card it is $60 for the 1GB and $100 for the 2GB version. Plus, I believe it's $15 for the subscription when you sign up at their store. So...

    Wii Console, $250
    Six Games, $300
    1GB SD card, $60
    Wiimote, $40
    Magazine Subscription, $15
    1 year product replacement, $35
  • by hords ( 619030 )
    They did offer the standard in-store preorder of the consoles before they did these bundles. I think they are just trying to rake in on the folks who missed out the first time around.
  • by hords ( 619030 )
    No, that games are generally $50 for the Wii. All first party games from Nintendo will be, and so far the other publishers are following suit just as Nintendo wanted.
  • by Gulthek ( 12570 )
    The "main" part of the game may be completely stupid

    People that suck at Super Monkey Ball say that a lot.
  • by 7Prime ( 871679 )
    Yes, but Cartman trained it to bite off your wiener
  • For the record, I'm not trying to be negative. Just stating the facts ma'am... er... sir! :P
  • I was wondering the exact same thing. Unfortunately /. doesn't have a place for questions like this. :)
  • /me wants to be your GF.

    Actually I'm male.

    Where was I going with this?

    Oh yea Free DS lite... Sugerlips!
  • $699? Their plan is clear to me now! They are bundling Linux with the Wii!!!1112
  • You had me convinced until you got to the part about a girlfriend. I'll just assume you meant to say (Hand one to my mom on the way back into the basement)
  • $60 games are for the 360 or the PS3. All Wii games (so far) are $50 USD.
  • by Fozzyuw ( 950608 )

    Thanks, I knew enough about flash card in-general, though I've never used an SD card yet. It appears that here in the U.S., these cards will go for about $75 for 2gig at big box retailers (Wal-Mart... that's Asda in the U.K.). Crucial, who confirmed to me that they didn't know yet, but assumed it would if it follows the format, are selling them for about $45 on their site for 2gig.

  • Link to the bundle [ebgames.com]

    I'll do a breakdown of costs, from their site as well:
    Nintendo Wii Console: $250
    Wii SD 1GB Card: $59.99
    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:$49.99 (couldn't find it on site, but seems to be the common price)
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion: $49.99
    Red Steel: $49.99
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance: $49.99
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: $49.99
    Madden NFL 2007: $49.99
    12 Month Product Replacement Plan: Unknown
    Game Informer Gift Subscription: Unknown

    All adds up to: 609.93

    So, it's $100 for
  • One thing about the wii that it encourages you to do is to bring your controllers with you to play with others since it keeps your mii character with it (and possibly game data?) Even without that, one can still bring their own wii controllers.
  • Everything I've read says that Wii games will be $50 not $60.

    That's sort of a relief, and turns the tables. Back when SNES and N64 were out Nintendo was steadily raising the game prices. I remember that my mother paid around $70 for the SNES game Street Fighter 2 Turbo" one Christmas for my brother and I.
  • by Splunge ( 88538 )
    Is their any practical reason beyond informing lazy editors with the tag "dupe"?

God helps them that themselves. -- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"