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Comment Two Types of Apple CEO (Score 1) 336

Historically there's been two types of Apple CEO - Steve Jobs and everyone else. Tim Cook is definitely in the latter category.

Jobs believed in delighting the customer ('insanely great" products). He produced products for the professional (developer and graphic arts) markets, not because they were immensely profitable, but because he realized these people led by example and influenced their companies and others to buy.

Tim Cook had the "courage" to remove a headphone jack. Apple will coast on their cash reserves for a long while, but they need another visionary leader.

Comment Should've worked with Congress (Score 1) 169

I'm glad to see someone taking the risk of a Carrington event seriously. However, an executive order is simply not enough. Electric utilities, comm. carriers are not going to spend money to protect themselves from a very high impact, low probability event. It will take Congressional action to allocate money to harden to infrastructure to protect against such an event. Anything less is just political posturing.

Comment Accountability (Score 3, Informative) 185

The databases in question hold information such as driver licenses, car registration, criminal histories,warrants, missing persons, etc. In Ohio the main law enforcement database is LEADS which also ties into national criminal justice databases, Access to LEADS is regularly AUDITED. People who misuse it are routinely prosecuted. These databases are very important to public safety. You can never prevent misuse, but you can hold users accountable for their use of the system.

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