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Comment Dockable Linux Phone (Score 2) 58

Way back in the prehistoric days of PDA, Nokia made a couple of awesome little Linux based PDA's. If they want to make something beyond the standard Android phone, they should do a Linux based phone that can also plug into a dock and function as a full desktop. Perhaps partner with Canonical using their software base.

Comment Windows Anniversary Update Failed for Me (Score 1) 281

1) Ran update - it downloaded 3GB of stuff, ran for a while and stalled at 0% complete
2) Restarted PC and update - ran for a long time (unattended) and rebooted ... back into (un-updated) original Windows.
3) Repeat above (update downloaded 3GB AGAIN) - but watched. After 2nd reboot showed (briefly) blue screen complaining about driver issue (using stock Dell drivers) and then automatically rolled back to original Windows 10, & rebooted
4) Updated ALL Dell drivers from Dell site.
5) Ran update again and yes again it downloaded 3GB of stuff and again failed with same blue screen.

I think I'll wait a few weeks (months?) till MS (hopefully) FIXES their update.

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