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Comment Re:I hate Apple... (Score 2) 120

Not really. When the iPhone came out in '07, it mostly took a bite from RIM's lunch, not Nokia's. Mind you, Symbian was still doing pretty well up to 2010, ahead of iOS and Android combined, when Stephen Elop started ruining everything. We would be all using Nokia MeeGo phones now if it wasn't for that Microsoft trojan! Anyway, at that moment Android exploded, with Samsung filling the vacuum from Nokia's collapse.

Comment It's a "what year is it?" design. (Score 3, Interesting) 74

Looking at the Classic, I can see clearly why it failed. It's like something from a decade ago. Sure, it's good to have a keyboard, but not at the expense of the screen! They got it right with the Priv and its sliding keyboard, that one is something I'd consider if I were thinking of buying a smartphone now.

Comment Nokia before WP... (Score 1) 76

Fun fact: Nokia had a mobile payment system back in 2010, which was wildly successful in India and was about to be launched in other developing countries. Yet, they shut it down in 2012. Guess why? Because that service was compatible with Nokia's own systems - S40, Symbian, Meego - but not with shitty Windows Phone!

Comment Re:Taking the Headphone Jack Off Phones Is User-Ho (Score 4, Insightful) 595

I think they're ultimately shooting for having future phones as thin as credit cards.

And that's a very dumb goal. No one complains, "I wish my phone was thinner." People do complain, "I wish my phone had better battery life" and "I wish my phone's screen wouldn't break so easily."

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