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Comment The phone made me buy a new one (Score 2) 191

I had a Droid and a Droid 3. It felt like after a year of use it would start running slower and the battery wouldn't hold a fraction of a charge that it used to. After 18 months they were almost unusable (coincidentally that was about the time Verizon would offer me an upgrade). Now I have a OnePlus phone that I purchased two years ago. As far as I can tell it runs as well as day one. I'm not sure if the Motorola phones were crap or if it is a matter of forced obsolescence, but I have almost no desire to upgrade my phone.

Comment Burn an Ebook? (Score 5, Interesting) 331

I posed a question on social media recently asking if deleting an Ebook is akin to book burning. Very few saw a parallel. Most were appalled at the idea of burning a book but had no problem with deleting an Ebook. The reason they would not burn a book but were ok with deleting an Ebook? Not for the preservation of knowledge, not for passing on history, not for any other archeological reason. Just because they had a sentimental connection via their senses, the touch, the smell.

Comment Zzzz... (Score 1) 662

As long as I have the option to take manual control at any time, I would LOVE a self driving car. I took mass transit for a year and LOVED being able to divert my attention away from where I was going for the duration. Reading, sleeping, or whatever would go over great in my self driving car. Like I said, as long as I can take over manually whenever I want.

Comment Re:19-0? (Score 1) 390

Go to a consistently red state and interview the voters. Ask them two questions:

1. Do you want the government to have the power and control to intervene in private services and cut them off as they see fit?
2. Do you want the military to be able to take control of the internet in case of terrists attacks?

As a follow up, ask them why their answers to the two questions contradict.

A majority of the population doesn't know what it wants.

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