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Comment Two-factor on GoDaddy? (Score 2) 448

If your account has two-factor enabled, any account change will require entry of that limited-time token. Now, if the person doing the social engineering was able to access the account in the first place with only the last four digits of the card number, then they may have also been able to bypass this or turn it off with the help of the customer support rep. But I didn't see any mention of this in the article and wanted to point it out for those who use GoDaddy and are afraid of a similar situation occurring.

Comment It's the other factors. (Score 5, Insightful) 314

The problem with open office floor plans is that every other office accommodation is also affected, but in a negative way - at least at the companies I've seen or worked in. Conference rooms are downsized as well and are given uncomfortable chairs (such as bar tools). Quiet places or "phone booths" are moved to reservation systems. Kitchens, cafes, and cafeterias are no longer respites from work, but just another area to hold meetings. Any office implementing an open floor plan should also set aside traditional offices, cubicles, or booths that can be rented out, ad-hoc, when a serious conference call or task comes up that requires undivided attention. Moreover, these workspaces should be equipped with all of the necessary amenities (laptop dock, second monitor, etc.) so that workers can truly come and go at a whim. Having to pack up my desk and wander the halls for half an hour just so I can hear myself think over the lady having the daily conversation with her college-aged daughter or the guy slurping his coffee is not productive at all.

Comment This didn't release yet? (Score 3, Interesting) 266

Wasn't this supposed to be the answer to Chrome - yet Chrome has shipped several iterations in the time it took them to get from 3 to 4? I think Firefox is on beta 10 or whatever. For a while, I maintained that I would switch back to Firefox once it matched the speed and minimalist interface that Chrome had, as I didn't like using a browser from Google. Now? Not so sure anymore - I'm so used to Chrome and it fits my workflow so well. It will take a lot to get me back.

Comment Re:Android is overrated (Score 1) 424

I see people switching to iPhone from Android with some frequency, but I've never seen anyone go the other way _and like it_.

Really? In the past 6 months, I know about twelve people who have left their iPhones behind and went to an Android device, instead of upgrading to an iPhone 4 when their contracts were due. I realize this is anecdotal, but I see more people switching from iPhone to Android than the other way around.


Submission + - Canonical COO Matt Asay Stepping Down (

Admodieus writes: "Canonical internally announced today that Chief Operating Officer Matt Asay would be stepping down to pursue an opportunity with a startup called Strobe. When asked why he was leaving Canonical, Asay elected to actually answer the question and stated that "Basically, I needed to get back to a customer-facing role but hadn’t realized that until my good friend, Bryce Roberts, pinged me about a company he had invested in (Strobe)." The move continues a trend of change at Canonical, starting with former CEO Mark Shuttleworth stepping down almost one year ago and a decision to distance the Ubuntu distribution from Gnome in time for the next release."

Comment It's simple: Performance (Score 5, Insightful) 350

The poor performance of Wave when it first debuted quickly killed any hype it had going. Everybody was eager to try it out, then realized it ran like a dog in pretty much everything except Chrome (and even sometimes in Chrome, too.) That and the fact that it was a standalone app - I wanted to be able to work with my Google Docs, share items from my Reader, and work on emails from within Wave, spreading information between all three if I desired.

Comment All comes down to budget (Score 5, Informative) 216

In most organizations, the IT department is treated as pure cost instead of something that provides strategic value. These IT departments have no chance of getting a budget approved that will allow them to "start over" on any part of their implementation; hence the constant onslaught of temporary fixes and patches.

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