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Comment Re:Symptoms not Cause (Score 1) 164

See, this is the problem with you Yes/No people.

Look, it's fairly easy to cut your carbon emissions in half, without radical change. You're just to lazy to accept change.

For example, the future is presented as: We Must All Ride Bikes.

But, to cut carbon emissions from cars in half, it's fairly easy. In a typical family, have one plug-in electric car, charged from green solar/wind/hydro, used for commuting. And have a combo of bike plus transit for the kids. This way, fewer fat kids, you save tons of money, and it's the way we used to live just a few decades ago.

Easy peasy. You can replace inefficient applicances with efficient ones, LEDs are now 94 percent cheaper than they were in 2010 and way brighter than old incandescents. You CUT YOUR ELECTRIC BILL.


Stop whining, grandpa. Adapt. The world doesn't care what your excuses are.

Comment Symptoms not Cause (Score 2) 164

One of the first things we learn in medical science is that if you are treating the symptoms, but not the cause, you have not treated the patient.

The same applies to pollution.

We need to fix the underlying source process. Band-aids will only put off the cold hard fact that you are not addressing the cause, which is the pollution caused by the use of coal and other fossil fuels.

Can you use ion scrubbers or water scrubbers on the existing plants as you replace them with other energy sources?


But it won't deal with the cold hard explosion of coal plants.

Co-generation can cut the growth factor of those.

But they need to be replaced. Period.

Comment And trucks (Score 3, Insightful) 232

Actually, the bizarre thing is many firms manufacture more efficient and less polluting planes, trains, and vehicles, including trucks.

End the tax exemptions for business use of fossil fuels: as fuel, in depreciation for vehicles, in deductions for business miles travelled in fossil fuel vehicles of any type.

The Invisible Hand of Capitalism will then crush fossil fuels, which are massively subsidized, and eat up large segment of national and state and county and municipal budgets.

This includes any lanes for fossil fuel vehicle usage, by passenger mile traveled.

Capitalism cares nothing about fossil fuels. It will crush these buggy whip manufacturers and kerosene users like it did before, if you give it the proper signals.

Comment Patch, Backup, Rotate (Score 2) 183

Just realize half of all penetrations are as a result of social engineering or tokens that get passed out beyond your control.

Patch: keep your servers and workstations and laptops and mobile devices patched to the latest fix. Realize the latter two have a high chance of not being, due to their nature.

Backup: keep both daily and periodic backups. Have periodic full backups offsite. Always assume people will corrupt and mess with your key files. Keep offline offsite versions of those.

Rotate: don't always do the exact same thing. If someone hacks one machine in one place, you may notice differences if you switch it up a bit.

trust: never ever ever trust senior execs.

validate: never ever ever trust senior execs. they will give away access always.

confirm: never ever ever ever trust senior execs. they will order people to let the bad guys get access to your key data always.

(i'm starting to sense a pattern here)

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 2) 79

We do have solar PV film being developed here at the UW, but we only have it running around 8-10 percent efficiency and we need to scale up the process so the costs are closer to traditional solar panels. They do have the advantage you mention of continuing to work even after you drive nails through them, or sustaining minor storm damage. With traditional PV solar roof panels, damage to a panel drops output dramatically, leading to replacement.

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