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Comment By 2040 4/5th of Lousiana will be under water (Score 2) 306

At the current rate of carbon emissions pumping energy into storms and glacial melt in Greenland, along with sad attempts to stop flood plains from renewing decaying soil mass by siltration deposit of alluvial soils, four fifths of Lousiana will be under water for part of the year.

Look, flood plains are supposed to flood. Stopping the river deposits is why it's getting worse. Destroying the biomass buildup from salt infiltration from Gulf storms.

Florida is way worse off, quite frankly. And it's all the fault of people sticking their heads in the sands (which will also disappear).

Comment Re: Your literal voting machines are being hacked (Score 1) 338

Mhmmmm sure .... Just be glad those chem trails haven't gotten you yet. This does prove what I've suspected all along though. Putin loves Americans but hates black people! Just like George Bush and his manufactured Katrina hurricane produced by the CIA's super secret huricaner conflagulation device.

Not a single thing you said makes any sense.

Comment Your literal voting machines are being hacked (Score 0) 338

In case you thought it went away after November, the Russian teams (which operate all over, not just in Russia) are still hacking physical machines and networks in US elections.

This past week.

Still going on.

Machines don't just "happen" to "break" in precincts with black and brown voters in a massively higher percentage by "accident".

But, hey, not like this is important. If you don't mind living in a police state.

The only thing that works is paper ballots mailed in and counted on non-networked optical scanners (humans are ok too, but not as accurate, and yes, I've participated in multiple human recounts).

Comment You spelled capital and labor wrong (Score 1) 262

Ideas, patents, concepts mean nothing without the capital and labor to bring them to fruition.

Stolen or borrowed, in the end, that is always what you need.

One of the problems of the modern age is the inability of the Too Big To Fail banks to provide capital to small businesses to hire labor and create new products. Nowadays, it's not capitalism we work beneath, but mercantalism, as Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism warned us in his seven books (not three, read the other ones). Mercantalism is not that efficient.

Comment Dumb question: why not green cards for US PhDs? (Score 1) 619

A lot of this is because we allow tech firms to drive down costs by importing cheaper labor.

Why not just get real and allow anyone with a PhD from a US top 50 university to get a green card? We already know they have skills, we already know they can speak English.

Just saying.

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