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Comment Don't care. Never did. (Score 1) 391

The future is not 3D TV.

The future is not Virtual Reality.

The future is near field power devices.

(caveat: I was one of the IPO participants in startups for both 3D TV and Virtual Reality companies in Hong Kong)

Comment As an example of the difference (Score 1) 63

One thing to consider is the existence of what SF calls "bullet time", or when time appears to slow.

This is what it feels like when, in addition to your heart racing, you literally are recording everything you perceive. We get rid of almost everything we see, hear, feel, touch, and taste, but in bullet time, or emergency time, we turn the recorders on full, so that we can analyze how we escaped the dingoes trying to eat us, or the event that might have killed us.

If we did that all the time, we'd run out of storage. So we toss most of it away.

On a personal level, it is kind of cool. But it's there for a reason, to help you learn to avoid things that might get you killed, or almost did.

Comment They weren't really needed (Score 1) 278

After China took the suggestions of myself and others to investigate converting their most modern coal power plant designs to cogeneration and start using air scrubbers (which use water for the most part), resulting in the same quantity of coal producing twice as much end power and heating, they were able to shelve the bad designs. With the added solar and wind power they have now found is cheaper is coal, they sidelined an additional quantity of coal plants as well.

The game is over. We won.


Comment Re:Bashing Windows 10 (Score 1) 502

I just think the hoopla over telemetry is unwarranted. It's hype over something that isn't much of anything. People only care about this issue because techweenies keep bringing it up as some sort of evil overlord ordeal when it's really nothing so sinister, nor glamorous, it's just stupid statistics that no one should honestly give a flying f about.

good thing you don't work in medical research then, sunshine. or anything that's supposed to be secure.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Interesting) 796

technically, Obama can pardon him for certain crimes. But is unlikely to if he doesn't make a deal in 3 days. He'll still serve time in jail for any crimes not listed, but it's better than what Putin will eventually do to Snowden.

His best offer is likely to be a few years in federal jail in the US proper. He'd better reach out now. The door will close soon.

Comment This was a reasonable thing to do (Score 1, Insightful) 796

The sentence was a bit harsh, and some of the methods used during interrogation and imprisonment, meant that a reduced sentence was reasonable.

Assange and Snowden need to make a deal now. Trump works for Russia, but he will hang them out to dry anyway, that's the kind of quisling he is.

Better the devil you know than the insane devil you don't know.

Submission + - MuckRock launching volley of FOIA requests at Trump administration

v3rgEz writes: For seven years, MuckRock has helped journalists, activists, and every day people extract information from the government using public records laws. Now we're doing to the same for the Trump administration, and want to get as many people who care about transparency involved as possible.

We've launched a dedicated page collecting and discussing FOIA requests about the incoming Trump administration, and are experimenting with a new Slack channel to help folks workshop their requests and disseminate documents that come back.

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