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Comment Re:No jobs, sit in traffic all day (Score 1) 199

I'd rather stick my balls in a vise than live in most inner cities. I'd rather set myself on fire while sticking my balls in a vise than live in Seattle (or Portland, or San Francisco), how you people can stand the level of mental illness that pervades the cities, I'll never understand.

Whatever, grandpa. It's not the 1970s, you know.

Comment Many different things (Score 1) 121

We do studies which do measure self-reports of alcohol consumption over long duration periods (e.g. years).

In general, what most of these studies tend to say is:

A. Don't binge drink.

B. No, seriously, stop.

C. If female, there tend not to be positive effects of drinking more than one drink per day. No, don't add up all the alcohol from the week and drink it at one party.

D. If male, 2-3 drinks a day may have a positive effect. Some of that is because men tend to be bad at socializing. Some of the positive impact and lower stress is from the socializing. Drinking all this alcohol in one sitting by yourself in the dark is probably very bad for you. Get a drink or two with family or friends, especially at a meal. Drinking on an empty stomach tends to be bad for you.

E. Don't drive or operate machinery while drinking or shortly after that.

F. We told you to stop binge drinking. Seriously. Stop doing it. Especially in the basement and then passing out.

G. Stop writing code when you're drinking. No, it doesn't help.

Comment Um. No. (Score 1) 126

No, Seattle is not one of the most affordable cities for tech workers.

Maybe Bellingham or Spokane.

Next fake claim you'll make is that Vancouver BC is one of the most affordable cities for tech workers - and it's always cost twice as much for housing in Vancouver BC as in Seattle, where apparently I can rent my spare bedroom for $2200 a month.

I claim Fake News.

Comment Size matters (Score 1) 61

On a phone or when you make your screen or window small, they can (and frequently do) obscure a lot of the image, so people delete them, whereas on a full screen they only impact a small section, so people tend to let them stay.

On the phone, sometimes they make it so you can't even see a lot of the image, and clicking is more problematic (touch) and error prone, so people just delete the whole streamed video.

This is why sales/ad people should never control the end-user interface, but instead tech/marketing people, who understand how things work.

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