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A Nerdcore Hip-Hop Halloween Album 108

High-C writes, "A bunch of us nerdcore hip-hop artists have gotten together and released a Halloween-themed CD. Seventeen creepy, darker-than-they-should-be songs from total nerds, with seven different CD covers. What's not to love? The perfect soundtrack for tonight's Halloween parties. And of course, the track listings are in hex."
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A Nerdcore Hip-Hop Halloween Album

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  • Tonight? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Rudolf ( 43885 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @07:00PM (#16626046)
    The perfect soundtrack for tonight's Halloween parties

    I don't know where the submitter lives, but in the U.S. Halloween falls on October 31, which is not tonight.

    • Often in the US, Halloween parties are planned for the nearest Friday or Saturday to Halloween rather than on Halloween itself. Halloween is mostly for trick or treating.
    • Most people have their Halloween parties on the Friday or Saturday night, rather than stay up late and come up with an excuse on why they didn't show up to (work|school) next Wed morning.
    • For those of us who party *and* work, having a party on Saturday (Oct 28) works a little smarter than having one a Tuesday (Oct 31). I mean, when was the last time you want to a Christmas party on Christmas?

      So, yeah, I'm partying tonight. Probably won't be bringing to this album, though... Nerdcore rap is scarier than my Pyramidhead costume.

    • "I don't know where the submitter lives, but in the U.S. Halloween falls on October 31, which is not tonight."

      Most nerds don't think Tuesdays are a great party night because of work/school. (That's typically when the new Star Trek aired!)
    • I think you have to be a nerd to understand what "tonight's" Halloween parties refers to

      If someone says, "Today's teenagers are so reckless." They aren't saying just teenagers on this exact day, but referring to modern teenagers in general. If the poster said, "The perfect soundtrack for today's Halloween parties." I don't think there would be much question in regards to what "today's" is referring to. It would just refer to modern Halloween parties. But by using the word "tonight", he has solidified his ne
    • Re:Tonight? (Score:4, Funny)

      by holmoris ( 1019652 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @07:37PM (#16626360)
      Shouldn't it be a christmas album then? What with Oct 28 being Dec 25 and all.
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by gameforge ( 965493 )
      I'm the fifth reply. I'm going to do you a favor and NOT repeat the above four posters.

      I'm sure you'll thank me someday.

      As for nerd music, I'm beginning to think I'm not actually a nerd. Decoding the titles of songs on some CD sounds about as fun as watching a swimming pool evaporate.

      It's like, why would you do that when you could go read Mt. St. Helens seismographs, or learn about a new species of tarantula, or take apart the code for a cool open source game engine? You know, or build a light with a pho
      • Trying to be funny without actually... being funny. You know...

        I know, like Aaron Sorkin's Sports Night!

        Just kidding, I liked Sports Night :)
      • by zoward ( 188110 )
        Sure, but you could do all that stuff while listening to great music made freely (and legally!) available to you on the internet. What's not to love?
    • by metlin ( 258108 )
      I do not know where you live, but some of the biggest Halloween parties are held on the weekend before Halloween (yesterday/today).

      Usually, on October 31st, you go trick-or-treating with the kids, and adults party the weekend before.

      And where I live (Cincinnati), three of the biggest Halloween parties are all being held tonight - Cincinnati Sports League, Hustler and The Morgue. I'm sure there are more, though, but I'm off to the CSL party, dressed as a cross between an Orc and a Ringwraith, while the woman
    • Though it's understandable for someone from slashdot not to grasp this concept, generally, parties occur on the weekend. That way when one is out late, drinking or what have you, they can sleep in the next day.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 28, 2006 @07:00PM (#16626048)
    99.9% of this album's audience will be listening to it alone, most likely in a basement.
  • If we're talking Nerdcore Hip-hop, I much prefer Optimus Rhyme. []
  • Just an FYI - the compilation is 5 CDs, and there's a separate torrent for each disc. Right now, volume I's torrent is in great shape, but III and IV need some help. (II's torrent file seems to be missing from the server.)
  • how much the rest of the word cringes when they see shit like?
    • Re: (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      The rest of the world? Hell I cringed pretty badly at it.
  • by ACK!! ( 10229 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @07:23PM (#16626232) Journal
    The would have included ogg files that had instructions for creating a beuwolf cluster of linux embedding in the tags of the files!

  • but there's an undead army marching in between
    I guess I shoulda known better than to go LARP'ing on Halloween

    omg.... ponies....

    • no really... that was a snippet of the lyrics from one of the "songs" ... I had never heard of nerdcore rap before this... and I wish to god that I was still a nerdcore virgin... /shudder
  • all of you who reminded the original poster that halloween is not for a few days have obviated your level of nerdness.

  • by xmas2003 ( 739875 ) * on Saturday October 28, 2006 @07:56PM (#16626548) Homepage
    I think these halloween decorations [] would be a perfect compliment to your music ... ;-)

    "Use the halloween webcams to view live images of a buncha halloween decorations & lights and also CONTROL them - heck, you can even inflate (or deflate) the giant Frankenstein & Homer Simpson - D'oh! The webcams run 7x24 and you can turn stuff on & off from 1800 to 2200 MDT (GMT-6). Plus you can send "Instant Messages via Webcam" for everyone to see."
  • Nerdy Helloween album ought to be metal. Kids.
    • by Yvan256 ( 722131 )
      Nerdy Halloween album ought to be metal. Kids.
      Nerdy Halloween album ought to be synthesizer. Teens.
  • Checked this out but it was more of a halloween rap album unfortunately. Does anyone happen to have music (individual songs or an entire album even) that would work well to play over the speakers as the trick or treaters are roaming around? Looking for spooky tracks. So far Thriller is about the only thing I've come up with. With or without vocals, just some spooky music or sound fx would be fine.
    • Check out the "Doomed" channel on [] if you can feed your speakers from the computer. Last year they had a dedicated Halloween channel. This year, it appears they're using their spookiest channel for double-duty. It's not light-- mostly metal, industrial, techno-- and there probably won't be a lot you've heard before, but it's definitely scary and a good mix!
    • Check out Oddio Overplay's "Calling All Fiends" soundscapes. []
    • by gid ( 5195 )
      Raison D'Etre should work. I bought a bunch of Peter Andersson's stuff a while back. It's usually classified as Dark Ambient, monks singing, bells, etc. You can get a small sample on amazon [], but the best place to buy them is directly from the Artist []--maybe buy it for next year. :)
    • by hson ( 78256 )
      Endura (esp. their album Black Eden []), a friend of mine put this on with som candles a autumn night when he wanted to snuggle with his gf, she was not impressed... Dark Dark Ambient

      Ulver is always a safe card (if you know which ones are ambient and which ones sounds like white noise) try Perdition City, Blood Inside and A quick fix of melancholy EP
    • Midnight Syndicate
      Midnight Syndicate
      its like a creepy halloween fx tape, but made into terrific music
      this album is the best halloween music for my buck, e/dp/B00004SYUU/ [] altho, unless yer some weirdo goth, it won't get much use other then the halloween season.

      [05:31] * nobody np: Midnight Syndicate: Born of the Night - 12. Haunted Nursery [02:48m/128Kbps/44KHz/MP3]
  • by _vSyncBomb ( 50710 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @08:07PM (#16626670) Journal
    When MC Frontalot coined the term "nerdcore" it was funny and pithy, but that was mainly because he had a bunch of clever songs which he imbued with all of his original lyrics and nerdy references, and happened to also be good at making music. As in, understanding melody and rhythm and so on, you know to like, make a fucking song.

    Every other "nerdcore" thing I have ever seen is a bunch of no-talent jerkoffs doing a crappy imitation of crappy mass-market gangsta rap and throwing in a couple of computer references. They sound like they made the music in their bedroom at their mom's house, and while that is probably true it does not make for good music that any sensible person would listen to by choice.

    This is just more of the same.
    • I have really been enjoying "NerdCore". Thank you for making it, folks. I could do without some of the juvenile/mysoginistic references to "bithces" and "whoers" , but hopefully the emulation of the Pollution known as Gang-Star-Rappe will stop or slow. In any case, Thank You to all of the Artists, Contributors, Compilers, and Interpeters. And before some fo' want to "step on me" and call me a Loser, I'll have you know I've been: -- Married for decades -- Working with computers for decades -- Have mo
      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        by TellarHK ( 159748 )
        There is a lot of shitty Nerdcore stuff out there, but within the piles of tracks accumulated on these albums as well as other varied sources you'll find a decent number of gems. Just about anything by the Futuristic Sex Robotz, Monzy's few tracks, and a few of MC Plus+'s come to mind first. There's also Beefy, Black as Bleech, Ytcracker, Frontalittle Squad, and of course MC's Front and Hawking (which at least sorta counts) for decent tracks. Though anyone with a good geeky (and sick) sense of humor and
        • by Andy Dodd ( 701 )
          I've listened to quite a few of those, but thanks for the FSR pointer.

          I'm listening to "Back in the Day" now, it's GOOD.

          ytcracker's Nerdrap Entertainment System album was one of my nerdcore favorites previously, but so far, FSR's Hotel Coral Essex might beat it. :)
        • by neminem ( 561346 )
          You forgot Shael Riley's Toybox. :P
  • by radarsat1 ( 786772 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @08:31PM (#16626900) Homepage
    well, since pretty much EVERY SINGLE COMMENT thus far has been either "duh its not halloween yet" or "nerdcore is shitty music made by wannabes in their basements", I thought I'd try to offer a positive comment here...

    (Though, by now, I guess I've realized that if you think you can post something creative to slashdot and actually get something other than knee-jerk reactions and bitter, jaded comments, you're just asking for it... If there's one thing I've learned, it's that Slashdotters can be mean.)

    So I just wanted to say: Here are some people who've gotten together and made some music, and published it on the web under a creative commons license, just being happy if people listen and enjoy their stuff. Here's a big THANK YOU for having a great attitude in your work. Tip 'o the hat.

    (Actually I don't see a license on their site... I guess that means its Public Domain by default? In any case..)

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by 1point618 ( 919730 )

      Actually I don't see a license on their site... I guess that means its Public Domain by default? In any case..

      Definitely not. IANAL, but I know enough law to know that no copyright notice is necessary any longer to guard a copyright. The best bet would be to assume that you are given an implied license to listen to the music off the website (and possibly to download it for your own listening since it is available as a RAR downlad, though since they've said nothing about it it is hazy legal territory) an

    • I guess that means its Public Domain by default?

      Ahahahahaha. Absolutely not. Every work is automatically copyrighted by default (even without a (C) anywhere), and it's extremely difficult (read: nearly impossible on the internet) to just BAM make something public domain, according to Prof. Larry Lessig (law prof at Stanford and founder of the Creative Commons). Yes, in our fucked up copyright world, we've taken away the artist's right to make something public domain.

      In any case, yes, thanks to the artists f

      • In any case, yes, thanks to the artists for giving us this music to listen to.

        There I completely agree.

        A big "fuck you" to all those poser nerds, who ain't 1337 enough to respect nerdcore. You're all just frontin', yo!

        Ah yes, since their taste doesn't match yours they suck? And you complain about them saying you suck because your taste doesn't match theirs? Pot, meet Kettle...

        At any rate, I don't like hip hop, so I won't listen to this either. Only thing is that I'm not going around telling others how badly
  • Looks like he's being charged with:

    Attempting to enter a vessel by false pretenses: []

    Fraud by wire: []

    Trafficking in counterfit labels: []
  • Some of the CD's bonus tracks (not serious)

    -OMG a 60 Killed Me

    -Oh Noes!! Spyware!

    -All our base are belong to them!

    -Numa Numa

  • Show (Score:2, Informative)

    by Malevolyn ( 776946 ) *
    Also, don't forget our show on Nov. 18th in Tampa. Information is on the Rhyme Torrents forums.
  • Nerds? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Andy Dodd ( 701 ) <> on Saturday October 28, 2006 @09:52PM (#16627638) Homepage
    Maybe the content is nerdy, but really, what intelligent person distributes content using:

    RAR - It's a proprietary compression algorithm with no open-source implementations. Real nerds use open compression schemes. :)

    Any compression - Music files do not compress well. The advantage of compression in terms of size is, at most, a few percent for MP3s. There is an advantage in having everything in one file though.

    Archive formats within a torrent - I can understand compressing source code or text or other stuff that is actually COMPRESSIBLE in a torrent, but the tiny percentage gain in file size you get from compressing already-compressed music is fully negated by the fact that it is guaranteed that if the torrent content is not in an "immediately usable" form, people are less likely to seed it, because instead of just seeding the content that they have to keep around already to listen to (or view in the case of video), they have to keep one copy around stuck in an archive to seed and a separate copy of the content in a usable form.

    I'm not surprised some of these torrents are lacking seeds due to this issue.
    • >RAR - It's a proprietary compression algorithm with no open-source implementations. Real nerds use open compression schemes. :)

      Well, sure, the practical nerd would use ZIP, the traditional nerd would use .tar.gz, and the modern nerd would use BZ2 -- but are you sure there aren't any open implementations of RAR? What about 7-zip?

      • by Andy Dodd ( 701 ) [] - "Despite widespread confusion there does not seem to be any open source implementation to decompress newer than version 2.0 RAR archives (7-zip uses a proprietary plugin under "unRAR license" for decompression)." - I suspect that if an open-source RAR archiver/unarchiver existed, it would be in Gentoo Portage, but only the "official" binary-only RAR implementation is.

        Still, in this case, using *any* compression format on already-compressed audio files is a Bad Idea if you
        • - "Despite widespread confusion there does not seem to be any open source implementation to decompress newer than version 2.0 RAR archives (7-zip uses a proprietary plugin under "unRAR license" for decompression)." - I suspect that if an open-source RAR archiver/unarchiver existed, it would be in Gentoo Portage, but only the "official" binary-only RAR implementation is.

          This is not accurate.

          Download and extract [] and read the
    • RAR - It's a proprietary compression algorithm with no open-source implementations.

      It may not be a truly open license, but the source is freely available: []
      I built it on my Mac via "fink install unrar".

      The license.txt file included in that tarball says:
      "The source code of unRAR utility is freeware."
      "The unRAR utility may be freely distributed."
      "The unRAR sources ... cannot be used to re-create the RAR compressio
  • Ah crap, I was hoping the Hawkman would rock the mike again, perhaps with a creepy synth-voice. Don't be frontin or he'll fuck you up with some whack physics.

It is not for me to attempt to fathom the inscrutable workings of Providence. -- The Earl of Birkenhead