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Comment Re:Wireless Keyboards (Score 2) 77

It's like any software that comes with hardware. Printer software, camera software, random usb device software. It's always shit, written by some fucking idiot in china (nowadays it'll be their fuckwit cousin in India). When you pay for software it's usually fine otherwise the vendor will go out of business but the only requirement for "software that comes with hardware" is that it's legally functional; that is, it's not so useless that it allows the customer to immediately get their money back. That's a pretty low bar. It used to be limited to just those bits of hardware, but with the Internet of Shitty Cheap Things millions of people are going to experience this really, really software. I imagine Stack Overflow has already invested in the servers and ssds required to process the sheer number of "i am having the problem reading from rest json i get the error pls fix me yes" posts.

Comment Re:Nope. This involves active sharing and consent. (Score 1) 110

No need. If you give someone your password you're letting them do what they want with your account. If you didn't want that, you shouldn't have given them your password. There's no point labouring the point with a contract. And i've no idea where you got the idea that the spirit of the law is important; that's what laws are for.

Comment Re: Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 525

I'd rather a dodgy headphone socket than a dodgy USB socket. Headphone sockets could easily be made to never fail due to coming off the motherboard, dry joints etc. I've no interest in Bluetooth headphones because of the cost and need to manage the battery and because I have no other devices they would work with.

Comment Compared to 430 computerized shots in the original (Score 5, Insightful) 302

> Compared to 430 computerized shots in the original Independence Day movie, for instance, the new one has
> 1,750 digitized shots.

I don't have a fucking clue what a "computerized shot" is or how you add them up but I know that i'm not amazed by anything in movies any more. Not visually, anyway. Nobody is amazed by something they've seen before. Computer graphics are part of the language of movies now; you can't make a sci-fi movie without them, so the focus should be on the story, acting, pacing etc. A lot of movies use graphics the way a lot of movies use car chases - to replace any vaguely meaningful plot. Graphics aren't going to go away, but i'm not sure it's possible to read anything into how no-one really cares about them; it should be obvious.

Comment Re:What comes to mind? (Score 1) 212

> Definition? Unlimited means absolutely nothing to me. It is one of those words like Ultra! Super! Grade A!,
> Jumbo! SuperSized! Maximum!

Ok, let's not focus too much on what you personally know. You can look it up in a book, perhaps even online. Then you'll know what the word means.

Let me turn it around; when I saw you can store 10GB on my server, how many GB is that? What if I offer you 10,000GB? How about 10,000TB? 1,000,000PB? Is there some point where you give up treating it as something tangible that's part of a contract, and start treating it as something it's acceptable to lie about? Does the same principle apply to bandwidth, contract length etc? And if so, why? And do you think that it's better for consumers if companies, having stated this or that limit, were forced to stick to them, with some consequences for lying?

Comment Re:Bad input (Score 2) 170

I'd add to that "reading PDF format books". I use my kindle for all other reading but 6 inches isn't enough for a pdf as-is, and zooming, rotating etc is just horrific, and trying to convert them into mobi/epub also yields horrific results. I'd really like an a4 size kindle, or, failing that, a 10 inch one.

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