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Comment Re:Some racism more equal than others? (Score 1) 126

When people talk of a country doing something, it's usually directed at the people running it. In this instance, it wouldn't be the whole of china which would be running a company or service.

America is by far the world's leading terrorist state; has been for decades, and they're responsible for most of the violence that happens around the world. But that's despite - not because - of the American people, who are kept in the dark about what is being done in their name; they're often the first to complain about it, when they're made aware of it, that is - news is carefully managed so that if it's covered at all it's spun to present it in a positive light.

As for Trump; well, he is a straight-up...well, not racist, as it's not racist to discriminate againt Muslims, what with them not being a racial group, but there's morally no difference between esposing bigoted views against groups such as blacks, Muslims, Jews etc. He's just another populist arsehole politician. Republican, democrat, independent, republican. Whatever it takes, as long as he keeps his name (and his absurd hair) in the papers.

Comment even without scams reviews can be pointless (Score 1) 133

The review of a laptop will say something like "HP Mobile 2300" but there'll be about 200 variations encompassing cpu/gpu/ram/display tech/hard drive size-speed-architecture/northbridge/etc/etc/etc. You'll never find the one which was reviewed for sale in your country and that's assuming the review actually mentioned the various product id which would enable you to even look for it. So yeah, great, thanks for the 3dbench scores and "this was faster than that pc" but I have no idea what you just reviewed.

Comment Re:keep what's yours (Score 1) 189

> So, those hard drives I bought, are telling the world more about me than if I posted every pic on Facebook?
> Explain, because I gave them my credit card and get email from the place I bought them from. If I was stupid
> enough to use FB I'm giving out less info?

You're conflating the difference between storing images on a high drive vs posting them on facebook with my comparison between using a free service to share images vs using a paid service. Keep up!

> These idiots seem to have a little less freedom after sharing on Facebook:

Now you're implying that I didn't previously realize that if you post something on the internet somebody else could read it; perhaps (wrongly) assuming this makes some sort of case for law abiding people avoiding sharing photos on facebook.

> Go get a script blocker. Enable it 100 percent. Now start enabling scripts. A whole lot of them are facebook and
> they are tracking you even if you don't "belong". You'll have to look them up, because unlike Google, Facebook
> obfuscates where they are sending your info.

I block javascript and trackers, and destroy cookies via plugins on all browsers i use. I also post photos to facebook. I'm failing to see any contradiction.

> Despite your lofty claims of superiority, you kind sir, are doing a fine imitation of baseless stupidity.

That's a two way street.

> Or does
> Facebook have paid shills here now, because you ar either purposely dissembling, challenged, or paid to
> distribute the inaccurate info.

You're just struggling to understand what I posted and are rambling meaninglessly about...well, fuck knows. Just anti-facebook bollocks as far as I can tell.

> You mad bro? Hey, some of us spout it becuse we did the research. And have determined that people like
> you are spreading BS. I've got friends outside of FB. I see them in person every day. As for "cool", The
> FaceBook crowd would be on AOL in another era. But they are tracking the bejabbers out of most of us. And
> in Corporate America, nothing is done without pecuniary purpose.

More random typing. Facebook is a business which exists to make money; primarily through ads based on users' interests, just like several other successful companies. I have no problem with any of them, trackers or no trackers. It's how they turn a profit (and keep all the servers running). "Doo...facebook users are so stupid, like AOL users gu-hoo gu-hoo! Wake up, sheeple!". You're quite the rebel prophet, aren't you?

Comment Re:Not really surprising. (Score 1) 92

> That's the theory. Haven't you noticed that Democracy is broken? Besides, things like the PATRIOT act were
> a) never part of an election platform and b) received overwhelming BIPARTISAN support. So that theory of
> yours...

You've given an example of something with bipartisan support which is exactly what I did with support for laws clamping down on the use of encryption so that didn't really bring anything much to the table.

If you look you'll probably find both parties in the US stated they'd "protect" the public through "strong defence" and "homeland security measures".

Democracy is very broken, of course, but even in countries where it works better you don't typically choose from a list of choices on tax, policing, copyright law, drug control, foreign policy etc. You vote for a party based on the ideological slant that party has. You're an idiot if you think, for example, that the republican party is going to suddenly start giving a shit about the war on drugs/black people.

Comment Re:keep what's yours (Score 0) 189

They're wrong. It's a free service because it costs no money. It's a simple as that. Even things which cost you money can result in you losing privacy; nearly always you'll lose more, in fact, because you end up paying via methods which reveal information about you, so that cost - if you want to look at it as a cost - is decreased too when it's free.

People can say stuff's not free because, for example, Facebook have your photos, or they can sell or use your browsing habits (in a very limited sense), it doesn't impinge on your freedom in any observable way. I mean, people are free to claim that wifi gives you cancer or whatever but they're just that; baseless, stupid claims. And other people repeat it just because they don't like facebook because they don't have friends or because it's not cool or whatever. Good for them, I saw. Go grow a stupid hipster beard or something.

Comment Re:The form factor sucks (Score 1) 231

> Tablets are meant for consumption, not production.

Yeah, they're not replacements for a laptop. But a lot of people use laptops as a replacement for a desktop. I'm not down with that. Laptops always seem slow and shitty after a few years; the keys fall off, the battery ends up lasting for 30 minutes, and so on. A desktop - which I put together myself - are a lot cheaper (for a given spec) and you can upgrade them and reuse. Ultimately, if you're not out and about on your laptop you might as well not have one.

So I don't have one, and the stuff I do on my tablets is stuff like surfing, reading gaming, shopping etc when i can't be arsed to sit in front of my desktop, and when i'm not out and about with my phone. I understand this is a popular use case.

Comment Re:keep what's yours (Score 3, Insightful) 189

Well, when you're using a free service, anyway.

If I was in a restaurant, or getting someone to fix my car or paint my house and i wasn't giving them any money I'd set my expectations accordingly.

If you want to keep your pictures safe, just don't upload them to facebook and hope they'll keep them safe foryou forever; spend a few pennies on a usb key and keep them safe yourself forever, and/or store them on google photos.

This really isn't something which should a surprise a developmentally normal adult.

Comment Keep public URLs private! (Score 1) 22

Makes sense!

If you do want to keep links private, there are services which let you share URLS by sticking them behind another url which only works once, and/or needs a password etc.

Why are people complaining that something which is sent over an unencrypted channel is visible to people other than the intended recipient? Even facebook provides a solution for that; whatsapp.

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