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Comment Re:When will they ban ceramic blades in planes (Score 1) 131

Not sure where you're seeing beer bottles made of ceramic, whatver. I'm not concerned with that, or even sharp glass. Someone's got a knife; someone else will take it off them. I'm probably safe. A fire/explosion in the cargo hold; that's bad news for everyone. This restriction makes sense. If you need to smoke then sort it out when you land, or don't travel.

Comment Re:dvd is useful - please fight (Score 1) 167

I think you've perhaps read The Psychopath Test or something and decided from that that because a lot of people have children who are incorrectly diagnosed autistic, that it therefore follows that no children are autistic. If so than you are incorrect, because there are perfectly meaning, consistent and useful tests for autism which can help prevent a child from being treated like a bad person, or retarded, or whatever.

You sound like you believe you're very intelligent, though, so you probably won't stop and think about this.

Comment Re:The greatest software project on Earth (Score 1) 178

> Not so greatest then, considering that people get tired of adjusting their code to new APIs which inevitably
> leads to even more regressions.

Developer tiredness isn't a metric.

> You know, Greg, you don't sound convincing. You sound like a marketer of some dietary supplement.

I think he's too busy developing to worry about slashdot whiners.

I'm hardly a linux fanboy, but I use it, and, like other genuine fanboys and other developers I couldn't care less when enough other computer users use linux such that a pointless post can appear on a pointless blog declaring that `finally it's the year of linux on the desktop`.

Comment Re:dammit, filesystem, you had one job (Score 1) 249

The phone has a file structure because it's linux, and linux has a file structure. Android could, if it chose, hide that, but it doesn't, so I don't want to pretend it's hidden. It's great that a lot of users can get by without having to know it's there, but I can't imagine not using a proper file explorer.

Comment Re:dammit, filesystem, you had one job (Score 1) 249

i want to download stuff on my phone (4g is faster than my broadband) then copy it onto my pc when i'm home. i want to copy video off my network onto my tablet. i want to copy music off my network onto my phone (but only into folders which my mp3 player is monitoring, so it's all in one place). i want to copy android roms onto my sd card from the net/my network. i want to copy files (notifications/ringtones/app config files) between my devices and my cloud account.

I cannot do any of this without a file explorer. I don't want to abstract it away and have no control over where stuff goes; i want it to go exactly where i want it.

Comment Eh? (Score 2) 18

It always has. I don't use the service much but I'd love a way to turn it off. For all their clever AI, google consistently gets my location wrong, and I'll never want to read the local papers, online or otherwise, because, like all local papers, they're just shitty rags thrown together by a skeleton staff, and consisting mostly of ads by estate agents.

Comment Re:With 32 gig usb sticks so cheap ... (Score 1) 154

If that's a problem, do different releases for different regions. No point doing a smaller iso if the first thing it's going to do is grab another 2 gigs online, so leave most people with the normal (full sized) install and people for whom usb keys, bandwidth, disk space etc is a problem can use one of the cut down versions.

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