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Comment Re: Time for the Paid Shills to Earn Their Keep! (Score 1) 250

I literally clicked on the headline to read that, or your comment. Either shills or more stupid than usual windows devs deluding themselves that any day now daily windows mobile sales will go into double figures and there'll be a second, iOS-style gold rush for their shitty "done in a weekend" apps.

Comment Re:Comcast (Score 1) 352

Totally different in the uk. Best deal I've seen for 4g data is 1 gig for £10, 2 for £12, something like that. Home broadband is unlimited 2-20 megs for around £20 (including the phone line, so this'll sometimes include some/all of your phone calls too, and including a shitty router). There's no way I could afford to live on mobile data along.

Comment 30% of Android Devices Don't Get Regular Patches (Score 5, Insightful) 105

Well, Google, you're in the best position to make that happen. Allow your update process to update stuff like the libraries which had the stagefright problem to get updated by yourselves and not require the manufacturers to do it, because you know better than we do how bad they are at it. And have a word with Samsung, who tell you they'll provide major updates to Android for 18 months and then simply refuse to to it.

Or is this just a ploy to get people to buy from your increasingly bad value for money Nexus range?

Comment Re: Mobile theme is quirky (Score 1) 166

Yeah, mobile Slashdot is pure shit. I don't understand how it's not obvious to the developers. I've given up wishing it was fixed. This was one of the first sites I ever used, and I've watched the comment go from... well, Slashdot, to YouTube. Hacker news seems to be where you actually learn from the comments section on a tech site these days.
I voted for responsive but I'm not even sure what that means as I don't follow trends in web development. Shouldn't all software be responsive? Does it mean I won't get messages like "you have 5 moderator points, they expire 6 days ago" any more? Will I get better tools to block trolls? Will it stop the screen from being draggable left and right?

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