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Comment Not really (Score 5, Interesting) 256

Everything is not rosy with Walmart's penchant to do away with workers. One thing is an exploding crime problem at their stores because there is not enough personnel around. Who wants to go shopping in a crime zone? That and a popular local Walmart has an extremely hard time keeping the store shelves stocked. It's wonderful to have low prices, but I usually am wasting my time going there only to see empty shelves.

So disposing of workers only goes so far. I simply do not believe that our android workers will arrive in the near future to mitigate these problems created by lack of workers.

Comment Re:That's okay, though, 'cause it's LG... (Score 1) 39

...it should be patched by early February. In the year 2245.

And this is why LG is losing me as a customer. They drag their feet with every single security update, probably to "encourage" owners to upgrade. You'd think that they could afford to hire someone just to take care of the occasional security patch and update. That and they should be sued for their phones overheating because of the 810 processor. As good as the LG G4's camera is, Samsung's is on par with it and other's are catching up as well.

Comment Re:Why limit to just CS education? (Score 3, Informative) 131

There are very few ways a country can actually invest in its economy in the long term.

You mean besides dealing with the grotesque wage inequality that we have now?

People always thought that deflation (worse than inflation) would happen when a large quantity of out of work people would be unable to buy things, leading to a collapse in prices. But it can also happen through wage stagnation where people are working, but because their wage and buying power do not increase, they simply do not have the means to be consumers and grow the economy. So you end up with the same surplus of goods and services that people are unable to buy, leading to deflationary price collapses. People also put off marriage when they are poor, and there are less consuming families also. Think of an economic drought, just like California has a water drought.

Comment World's worst career (Score 5, Insightful) 131

To encourage a kid to go into a CS is a mean thing to do. Congress will continue to fall over themselves ever expanding the H1B program. Companies will love them right when they get out of college, but they will not pay above a certain salary - the same way a fast food joint doesn't. Then when they reach 40 years old they will be thrown on the human waste pile for not having "current" skills or not willing to put in 80 hour weeks with Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets. Like all the other recent college graduates are or newly arrived H1Bs. Then they'll be lucky to get a $10/hour job at a call center or target.

If you love a kid, encourage them to become a plumber. if they want to do programming, it can be the hobby that they can do out of love for an open source project.

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