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Comment Nice looking tablet at a nice price. (Score 2) 359

Thank god it actually has front facing speakers---I might actually be able to hear it without cupping my hands around the back of it. Shame the 32GB upgrade is $100 with no SD card slot, although for what I'd use it for 16GB should be enough as long as I don't store too much music or to many movies on it.

Comment Re:LOL. American made overpriced crap. (Score 1) 326

I don't mind paying a little more for something not made in China, but you're dead on about the features. It looks like it does one thing and no doubt does it very well. But the Nexus Q website seems to say that this thing can ONLY play back from the cloud. I don't really want to be upload 100 gigs of HD home video to the "cloud". Nor do I want my 60 gig mp3 collection uploaded to the cloud either. I buy most of my music now, but ~15 years ago when I was a broke college student with ethernet and napster, I didn't. I have lots of stuff that I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for it to purchase, nor do I have the time or desire to.

In short, screw the cloud, and hence, this device. This coming from someone who usually admires what Google is doing. They're just going the wrong way with TV technology it seems. It needs to be a mix of local and internet streaming services.

Comment Re:Good backup for important files (Score 1) 323

Looking at many different safes, none of them seem to flat out say electronics are safe to store. Although many show pictures of usb drives and what not in them. I've been thinking about getting a fireproof safe for awhile to store a hard drive or two and some important documents as well. Is there anything you recommend?

Someone also mentioned iosafe, which sounds good, but doesn't store physical documents of course, so that would definitely be more expensive, as I already have a couple hard drives that I use for backup purposes and then I'd still want to get a fireproof safe for the hard documents.

Comment I'll be switching... (Score 1) 455

I for one will be switching due to driver bugs. The Unity interfaces uses desktop acceleration which for whatever reason STILL has issues with mplayer going full screen. Using the classic desktop makes the issues go away. If anyone has heard of this and has any ideas I'm all ears. Neither the drivers, or the open source drivers work correctly with Unity + Mplayer full screen. Although it's been at least since the previous Ubuntu release that I've tested it.

Comment Re:It sounds great (Score 1) 199

I take it you don't have kids. Young kids learn understand and understand a lot through repetition. My son used to watch Sesame Street and Toy Story ad nauseum and I could seem him pick up more and more every time we watched it. Of course you tell them no from time to time, but shit, I gotta do things too like wash the dishes, take a shower, etc, so I turn on a show or movie sometimes so he can be entertained while I get some work done.

Comment Re:I already use it but... (Score 1) 69

My biggest gripe is Google calendar integration in general is it's buggy as heck. Alarms you can't make go away, permission denied errors when updating a calendar entry, etc. Caldav which is built into Lightning when used with Google wasn't even usable for me. Provider for Google Calendar plugin for lightning is better, but still far from perfect. Reminder alarms can be dismissed reliably with Provider for Google Calendar, but I still get the occasional modification failed... and I *only* use Thunderbird to enter and modify event. I sync to google to get the reminders on my phone.

I'd file a bug about the issues, but it's all seemingly random. I can't get a modification failed to happen at will.

Comment Re:Netgear (Score 1) 322

I have a WNR3500L also a very nice device (only one radio antenna tho), but a bit cheaper. Only complaint is that the signal isn't nearly as good as my ol' Linksys WRT54GL. I think mainly due to the Netgear having the antennas integrated into the plastic housing, but maybe that's just the nature of 802.11n.

Comment Re:Why.... (Score 1) 543

And that's why they ask "what you do plan to shoot?" "Whatever strikes my fancy and I don't want to carry around a big pack" is a valid answer, so of course they'll recommend a telescopic zoom, the artifacts are a trade off. But if someone is only doing portraits, macro, or whatever, obviously a very different lens will be recommended. Now people like you and me probably do all our research ahead of time and know exactly what you want, but sometimes it's nice to talk to someone with experience that knows what they're doing. Maybe the softness around the corners on the sigma lens really aren't as bad as they make it out to be so you can get that and save yourself $300 or whatever. This is something you'd probably never get at BB.

I'm still very much an amateur, but uv filters are basically worthless. If you're worried about protecting the lens, a hood helps keep things away from the lens, and if you drop your camera, you might get lucky like plenty others out there and only walk away with a broken hood.

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