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Comment Does it matter? (Score 1) 89

It doesn't matter in my eyes; if people are going to want to crack the DRM, they will, if they don't want to steal, they won't. Hey, if I wanted to, I can probably look up how to pirate iPhone apps somewhere on the internet. Pretend these apps were music files or computer games for a second. We have always called for less invasive DRM on both fronts so that people who will to steal the software and files still will do it and people who want to pay and enjoy the product have no trouble doing so. People will always be able to crack the DRM until it gets so bad that it cripples the software. I don't see what there is to complain about here.

Comment Re:Ad revenue driver? (Score 1) 408

That theory's nice and all, but it doesn't make sense that they would do that. They want usability and a tiny amount of ad revenue isn't going to change that.

If you were searching for "extraterrestrial life", typed in an "e", and got expedia, I highly doubt you'd suddenly get an urge to go traveling. You would simply keep typing until you got a relevant search result.

If you type in "q" right now, you get quotes and Quebec fires as two of your top results.

Comment Re:I know it's fashionable to make fun of AT&T (Score 1) 285

Well, I am questioning, but there's no reason to apologize, since the questioning itself is pretty much an attack on you however you look at it. The reason your post was suspicious to me was that it was kind of tangential to the discussion at hand and the fact that nobody here ever seems to defend any mobile carrier (let alone AT&T). I'm young enough that I still let my parents buy me whatever phone and mobile plan they see fit, so I don't really care one way or another. I was just surprised to actually feel a post might have been written by one of these mythical "SHILL!!"s I often here about on Slashdot (and Slashdot alone).

On your point, though, I live in Boston and I think it is generally agreed (right or wrong) that AT&T is/was terrible for 3G or otherwise in a lot of parts of the city. If that has changed (as recently as one year ago, according to your post), I think it is really AT&T's job to let us know that or public perception is going to take a long time to shift.

Comment Re:I know it's fashionable to make fun of AT&T (Score 1) 285

Now I know what all those people feel like who scream "SHILL!!!" at Microsoft posts (still way too many of you, by the way).
Or (looking at your last two posts here) is it actually possible to be a carrier fan[boy]? Or do you just work at AT&T and love your employer? Maybe I'm wrong. I'm genuinely curious.

Comment Re:Not surprising... (Score 4, Insightful) 145

Second theory: a much higher percentage of Windows users paid 1 cent for the games. Kids are less likely to have a more expensive Mac and Linux is much more likely to be installed on an adult's machine. (Might be a stupid theory, feel free to poke holes).
Similarly, we can't forget that the total raised includes donations to EFF and some other charities. It would make sense to me that Linux users are more likely to donate to EFF?

Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1) 224

All the shows I watch regularly on Hulu are up 3-5 hours after they air on television (Simpsons, Family Guy and in the past the Daily Show and Colbert Report).
The only shows I know of that are on a 7-day delay are anime which are sent over and subbed. If there are any shows on a 7-day delay, I don't know about them/watch them, and it's most likely the station's choice and not Hulu's.

I find it strange that there are still ads on the subscription model, though...

Comment Re:Correlation Is Not Causation (Score 1) 271

Seriously, that tag is so overused now it's sickening (har har). It's used on Slashdot for practically anything, even if the study doesn't attempt to prove or claim causation. At some point, you have to admit that, you know, not all researchers are complete dumbasses.

In this case, how would you honestly argue that it's NOT causation? People were shown a slideshow, those people's immune systems had a response. THAT IS CAUSATION. We're not looking at survey results here, it's not like we can claim people who are more likely to look at pictures of sick people are more likely to have an immune boost from looking at anything.

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