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Comment About the only possibly way to botch Glass more (Score 2) 193

Don't forget that after abandoning Glass and the Explorers who paid a significant overcharge with the expectation of above-average service and support, Glass was "transitioned" to Fadell.

Look where that got Glass - even more dead than it was when the Explorers program was canned with a device that was LESS functional than it was when it shipped to most users. (KitKat on Glass was a clusterfuck of epic proportions, it destroyed battery life, stability, and performance, and they never got it to perform anywhere close to what it delivered when running ICS. What's worse, the fixes they DID managed to get in over the summer of 2014 to make it suck less all got reverted out for the final software update in September/October 2014 or so, which rendered units near-useless. When delivered, my Glass unit easily got 24 hours of battery life with my typical usage patterns. After the final software update - my unit would usually run out of battery in 8 hours of sitting on a shelf doing absolutely nothing.)

Comment Doomed from the beginning (Score 3, Informative) 62

"One aspect of its refreshed strategy is to have two co-presidents, with two distinct strategies for China and the rest of the world."

This should have been the strategy from the beginning. The Chinese domestic market and the global market are vastly different. Cheap unmaintained crap with a glossy UI painted over a broken core does great in China, but Westerners hate it.

Similarly, the "clean" UI preferred by Westerners is hated in Asian countries, especially China.

Moto declined because its customers began seeing evidences of "Chinaficiation" - Lenovo fired Motorola's applications team who knew how to make "value add" additions to Android without falling into the "Touchwiz Trap", and then continued with a rapid-fire string of early EOLs from a manufacturer whose recent successes in the West entirely were due to a reputation of "affordable but not crap with rapid updates".

Comment Re:If not now... (Score 5, Insightful) 1023

Yup. This isn't really a valid argument against increasing the minimum wage.

At worst, it merely hastens the inevitable by a few years, but this is going to happen.

This is relevant to the current election cycle for multiple reasons - free trade agreements are a major source of contention, and Trump talks about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US - the problem is, as the recent massive Foxconn layoffs proved, the majority of those jobs are NEVER coming back no matter what you do, unless you enact a New Jersey-style law against automation. (New Jersey requires all gas stations to be full-service, you cannot pump your own gas. One of the reasons for this rather unique law is to create jobs.)

Comment Re:Zuckerman suppresses evidence? (Score 1) 346

Everything about this story is that it's a hit attempt by someone who got laid off.

1) FORMER employees
2) ANONYMOUS former employees - even though they are no longer employed by the company, they are not willing to identify themselves. It's pretty clear they know they would lose a libel lawsuit if their identity became known.

Comment Re:So how do they plain to fix wronged people? (Score 2) 177

I don't think there's any "record" for parking tickets unless they are chronically unpaid.

Also, as the article author states, when these erroneous tickets have been challenged, the city did not fight them.

Of course, there are the people who didn't realize the rule changed and thought they were parking illegally...

Comment Re:Redefining budget friendly. (Score 1) 158

Tracfone's devices ARE subsidized. Tracfone are stupid and rely on technological measures (bootloader/SIM-locking) to enforce their subsidies instead of legal measures. This gives the illusion of their phones being unsubsidized to the end customer even though they are, but also creates a significant market for bootloader/SIM-unlock exploits - A friend of mine makes QUITE a bit of money finding exploits in Tracfone's bootloaders and selling those exploits to Asian carriers, who buy the phone, unlock it, and resell it at a significantly increased price (but significantly LESS than what the same manufacturer charges for the carrier to buy it unlocked from the OEM.)

Comment "either shadow or fog" (Score 1) 135

Odd - usually cloudy days are the worst case. (Why? Because there's no angle at which you can rotate the phone to eliminate the specular reflectance from the cloudy sky.)

So it's strange that the OP is having issues in direct sun - in this case it's easy to rotate the phone so you don't see the one superbright specular highlight in the sky. (You will never see a display that is fully readable against a direct-sun specular...)

Comment Re:Which AMOLED (Score 1) 157

Many AMOLED displays use a pentile arrangement where you don't have individual red/green/blue pixels per pixel site. Might explain the reduced perceived resolution.

And yeah - in theory AMOLED's far more saturated primaries should be a major advantage, especially when viewing wide-gamut content like Adobe RGB - but if you don't desaturate the display for sRGB content it's going to look bogus.

I wonder if the gamut of most mobile AMOLEDs is wider than DCI P3... not like consumers ever get content in the P3 gamut.

Comment Re:Which AMOLED (Score 2) 157

My guess is that it isn't the narrowband issue that's a problem - the issue is that many of the displays are likely not calibrated or colormatched at all, so a display that has a very wide gamut is using fully saturated primaries when displaying colors that are not supposed to be that saturated.

If you displayed sRGB "blue" as a fully saturated blue on an AMOLED display, you'd likely wind up with vastly oversaturated colors. To properly take advantage of the display's gamut, you'd have to calibrate it to only display partially saturated primaries for the sRGB primaries, and only display "full saturation" when the content is from a wider-gamut colorspace like Adobe RGB.

Reality is, it's easier to market an oversaturated display than a "correct" one to most people.

Comment Re:Well that's awesome but... (Score 1) 157

When the digital switchover happened, most TVs in my parents' house were older than I was (1979).

Also, my parents were a classic example of the FCC fucking up when determining "minimum watchable" SNR - LARGE numbers of people in fringe areas were perfectly happy with video that was well below SNRs for analog TV that the FCC considered to be below their definition of "watchable".

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