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Comment Well (Score 1) 1017

I don't think TFA is claiming that sugar is actually toxic, merely that it should be thought of as toxic in large quantities like anything else that is bad for you. I wouldn't drop sugar altogether, there's nothing wrong with having some now and then, naturally occurring and otherwise.

A label is a label of course and ultimately it should be up to the individual if they want to get really fat or not.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand (Score 1) 795

I have to agree. The only reason I have not purchased this game is because I have been waiting for it to go on sale. I've tried the demo, it was an ok, clever puzzle game, but not worth $ me anyway. Especially since a lot of the distribution and production costs are next to nothing for a digital download.

This 90% piracy figure is artificially skewed by the fact that if this game was cheaper, a lot more people would have purchased it. When such a high percentage of people feel entitled to enjoy this game without paying is another matter entirely.

Comment Re:Hardly (Score 1) 362

What you just described sounds mind-numbingly boring to me. I don't play games to compete with egos, I play games to escape and challenge my mind. I can't recall how many hours I've put into Baldur's gate 1 + 2 back in the day, but it would have been quite a long time. More recently, I've been playing "uplink" by introversion and it totally consumed me for a week or two and it is almost 10 years old. Point being that if I want to interact with people or compete and have fun, I can do that in the real world.

Comment Re:Number of PCs and number of people (Score 1) 495

That could be said vice-versa to console games as well. Personally, I can't stand FPS's, RTS's, MMORPG's or RPG's on consoles. Nintendo has that niche which neither PS3 or Xbox360 can fulfil either at least until playstation move and microsoft kinect come out. I liken it to the old pong consoles of the late seventies. It did one thing well and that was pong. Sure Nintendo has their popular IP's, but that's about it aside from party games. PC's on the other hand have the potential to do everything and are only limited by what is developed for it. As soon as my PC can play Wii sports, I will officially have no use for that thing.

Comment Re:You got to wonder sometimes (Score 3, Insightful) 412

Obviously this tied selling scam originated within the retailer, whether at the salesman or managerial levels, we have no idea. Considering though that commission on accessories are a salesman's best friend and the profit margin on marked up accessories are very lucrative for retailers, both would benefit from this policy. However, since tied selling in instances like this is generally illegal, I doubt the retailer as an entity would ever approve a policy like this. Most likely, this idea was hatched from a greedy little salesman or department manager so they could afford new spoilers for their shitty tuner cars.

Comment Re:Contract (Score 3, Interesting) 502

I haven't paid for cable since 1998 or so and have been quite happy with my setup. Though I actually just took the plunge about a month or so ago and signed back up at $10 a month for a year as part of some promotion. I was hoping that the technology had matured enough to meet my expectations, but sadly I was mistaken. Glitchy hardware, static, repetitive programming and overall poor quality of content is an absolute deal-breaker for me. I will be canceling fairly soon I think, as even $10 a month is not worth the headaches of this system.

Comment Re:Fraud by bank employees is nothing new (Score 1) 272

This isn't as black and white as it might seem. Had the cheques that were deposited in your brother's account cleared through the other bank? Are there any limitations in the amounts he can deposit? There are restrictions in place in most banks to prevent fraud. I'm sure the vast majority of people are trustworthy enough to handle themselves without limitation. Except what happens when the cheque you deposit is fraudulent and the other bank refuses to put it through and you've already spent all that money? That's right, unlimited liability for unlimited transactional freedom...except that (at least in Canada) the bank is primarily responsible for negative account balances where credit isn't signed for. The bank has no recourse but to file legal charges and it really doesn't end well for anybody. As for the fees, banks are always looking to increase their profits. However, there are ways around paying any fees (visa for day to day transactions not using the teller etc.), you just have to be smart about it and devise a workable strategy within the banks line of products. If they can't offer you anything feasible, be a good consumer and refuse to bank there. You may even get fees waived for a year.

Comment Re:no worries (Score 1) 330

There is also the factor of poor weather and crop yield creating a necessity to import grapes in order to actually have production at all. It is misleading, but a fair argument against prejudice towards region.

BTW, it's Okanagan...we aren't known for our oak trees or casks.

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