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Comment Re:Duh... (Score 1) 312

There is still a lot of fraud, though. It comes the opposite way around: the fraudster tricks granny into wiring him some money. Whoops! It really is non-revokable, so granny's money is gone. In recent years there are signs and stickers warning about this at most ATMs.

(Still, I think it is clearly better than the reverse case. Just pointing out that fraud will find a way.)

Comment Idiotic; rephrase: 'why disk won't replace tape' (Score 1) 315

What a fucking tool. SSDs have *already* replaced HDDs, in all desktops and notebooks, for every single person I know who isn't retarded or in some weird financial hardship situation. It has *ALREADY* happened. Even fucking TELEGRAMS have not been TOTALLY replaced. Henry Newman, you are a cunt and a retard. Please hang yourself.

Comment Good proprietary RF is much better than Bluetooth (Score 1) 519

I have experience with lots and lots of mice, because for several years I went on a tear of buying a new mounse every couple months looking for one that didn't suck.

I finally settled down on two:

1.) Logitec MX Revolution "desktop mouse" (by which they mean non-changeable battery that needs charging cradle).

2.) Logitec VX Nano laptop mouse.

Note that on the Mac, these mice come with software that is not only the very worst mouse driver ever produced by humans, but is some of the worst software ever made, period. It will crash your whole Mac (kernel panics), and break OS upgrades in a grey-screen-of-infinity (google "logitech unsanity").

That made me really try my hardest not to buy them, but in the end I think the MX Revolution is the best mouse HARDWARE yet made. You need a third party shareware driver; I use Steermouse.

Pros of proprietary:
1) Instantaneous connection; no pairing and weird unpairing.
2) Available mice are better.
3) Better battery life (in my unscientific testing with a few mice of each type).
4) The fucking mouse doesn't stop working from time to time for no reason.
5) The newest smallest dongles are so small you can still slide your notebook into a sleeve case.
6) No jiggle-jiggle-wait dance while your mouse rouses itself from its battery-saving slumber, as with Bluetooth.

A) Lose the itty-bitty dongle and your mouse is useless.
B) Takes a USB port.
C) It's proprietary.

Apple, of course, has a funny history with mice: after basically introducing the mouse the the general computer user, they then proceeded to stick with the retard-oriented one-button mouse for years and years, and also designed some of the very worst mouse hardware in human history (perfectly round hockey puck iMac mouse).

Their latest offerings still suck horrifically in my opinion; I have many wired and wireless "Mighty Mouse" turds, but wouldn't every really use one.

I don't like making myself a Logitech customer, mainly because their software is so fucking bad that somebody should have to do a few weekends in jail for it, but the combo of their best mice with somebody else's driver is the best thing going on the Mac, I think.

Two things that I am still looking for:

a) Fucking charge the fucking mouse with a standard fucking USB cable please (mini-USB is fine).

b) Fucking put a vaginal USB port on the ass-end of the penile one, making it a little one port USB hub that is every bit as tiny as the current smallest dongles, so that we don't need to give up a USB port.

c) The Mighty Mouse does do a good job of scrolling in all directions, not just up and down. The Logitechs can do that too, but they have a tilt-wheel kinda awkward going left and right.

Bonus Note: The Logitech MX Revolution has a cool feature whereby if you flick the scroll-wheel hard, it disengages the resistance and really flies, scrolling through many many pages (it scrolls for like 7 seconds or so). Move it normally, and it operates normally. Press it and it is button 3 like a normal mouse.

This is really cool, and you will use it all the time once used to it; flick hard, scroll scroll scroll, and then tap the wheel gently to stop it. Really reduces how many times you have to bend your finger, and feels cool to boot.

However, I think the default turd Logitech drivers set this up differently, where you push the scroll wheel to toggle scroll modes, instead of having it auto-sense by the force of your scroll. That is stupid, since it breaks the button-3 functionality and feels clumsy, too. The cool way I have it set up might be a feature of my driver, Steermouse. I can't be positive since I would never install the Logitech driver to find out.

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