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Comment Re:HW careers (EE) are dead ends, move to SW (CS) (Score 1) 342

Stay in hardware but go with standard hardware ICs and custom firmware/software. Not everything requires on a full-sized computer. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi are perfect examples. You wouldn't waste a mini-ITX computer and a 17" LCD to display Twitter feeds but you wouldn't even blink about doing the same thing with an ATmega and a 20x2 characters display.

Comment Re:Hyperbole! (Score 2) 342

Don't kill yourself, AC! Fight fire with fire and start your own hyperbole!

"The media is DEAD! Printed media, radio and television medias are all dead! People get their news from rumors websites, Facebook and Twitter, we don't need controlled media to tell us about anything! So long and thanks for all the fish!"

Comment Re:Watermark and Object Protection (Score 1) 183

Of course an actual screenshot with a camera would defeat it, but there is obvious quality loss there.

Not necessarily. Imagine the photo displayed on the webpage is 640x480 pixels. If I use an 8 megapixels camera and the photo on the screen takes about 50% of the camera's photo area, then the result will be the original photo but with a 1300% increase in resolution!

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