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Comment Re:CEO Gift (Score 1) 278

Let's see. The CEO bonus of $12 million divided by 70K employees equals $171.42, so everyone working at Alphabet should ask for a $171.42 Christmas bonus. You know your CEO can afford it. Hey, he'll even have a bonus of $600 left for himself which is 3.5 times higher than the employee bonus, which seems more reasonable if you ask me.

Comment Re:XBox One (Score 1) 72

Possible replies:
1. Scorpio? Isn't that the name of a Bond-style vilain in the Simpsons?
2. Scorpio? I was waiting for the Xbox Two!
3. Scorpio? I guess all they can do is switch to animal-sounding names since they messed up their naming order with Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Comment Re:Moral question of emulation (Score 1) 91

The original length of copyright in the United States was 14 years, and it had to be explicitly applied for. If the author wished, they could apply for a second 14year monopoly grant, but after that the work entered the public domain, so it could be used and built upon by others.

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