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Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 1) 133

I cannot imagine Apple creating an affordable car for the masses like for example the iPhone.

Affordable, like the iPhone? You're kidding, right?

Without carrier-subsidized cell phone payment plans, "the masses" would not be using iPhones as much as they are right now and most people would be using low-end Android phones instead.

Comment Re:Leader at the top is probably clueless (Score 1) 57

Potential PS4 buyers may have Xbox One and/or PC friends and still want to play with their friends.

Let's say you have four friends with Xbox One and twelve friends with PCs. Right now, with Sony's decision, buying a PS4 means you're not being to play your friends. To do that you must buy either Xbox One or PC. You're not going to force your 16 friends to buy a PS4.

And that's how it benefits Sony: staying a valid buying option.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 2) 134

Nobody has the money to afford one of these things. You don't need one, either. It serves no purpose. An affordable video card is totally capable of outputting 4k or even 8k video with no problem.

So where are those sub-$100 Pascal-based videocards?

Your affordable is another man's can't afford one. Same thing goes for the Titan X.

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