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Comment Re:trust me don't do it. (Score 0, Redundant) 348

OK, I don't like going into specifics because these are some of my friends I'm talking about and I don't know exactly what they make or how they got to where they are, but I will say that I'm not talking out of my ass here, and that any more a BS in CS from a school like mine can (not will) get you a high 5-figure salary, on a track to make a lot more very quickly. Even a BA in the humanities can get you a job at some of the companies that will lead into program management in a few years, and PM'ing is a 6-figure job almost no matter which company you are at. I'm not talking out my ass here, I know people who have done or are doing exactly this, and it's likely what I'll do out of college as well.

MS's and Ph. D.'s really only help if you're going into the more theoretical positions at these large companies, of which there are fewer and fewer positions being offered. If you want to start your own business, than an MS/Ph. D. helps none at all, you're much better off with B-school under your belt. Again, I know this because of my friends who have done it.

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