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Comment Re:working on the engine lathe assembly line (Score 1) 108

Watches are for slaves. Myself, I don't need a digital overseer strapped to my wrist telling me when to do things.

Yeah, you carry around yours in your pocket. And whip it out every time you want to know what time it is. Unless you ask somebody with a watch, because that's actually too much of a hassle.

Comment Re:The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 1) 496

Thank you for the article.

Is it any wonder there are so many AC trolls and shills that are AGW deniers?

Absolutely, they've come here to disrupt the conversation. Slashdot came up on a white board, in some planning and strategy meeting, which was put on a list, then distributed to several n amount of paid shillers with a script, some of whom have gone to the trouble getting pseudonyms.

I usually browse at -1 but lately, it has been getting waaaaaaay too tedious to to find any original or sincere thought in there.

Comment Re:The Reality Distortion Field. (Score 1) 108

Apple themselves are saying the Watch is a big component of their business. Did you miss the story that you're commenting on, Proud Apple Shareholder(tm)?

Well, did you miss it? Because nowhere does it anything remotely resembling "the Watch is a big component of their business". Thanks for proving again that the RDF is in fact alive - and only in Apple Haters.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1) 40

IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2011 costs forced them to cut it to just low-income seniors.

No, there are no free rides. What you mean is, "Illinois decided to have taxpayers buy rides for certain people from 2008 to 2011" ... and ... "they couldn't get the taxpayers to pay even more, so they cut down the number of rides the taxpayers were buying to a more select group of those certain people."

Comment Re:Lots of companies want Win10 (Score 1) 150

maybe no amount of assurances from Microsoft would reassure you, but if you're in charge of a hypothetical multi-year, multi-billion dollar R&D programme and you need a desktop OS to run your software on, who would you allow to reassure you? Apple? The Debian security team? A few hundred specialist developers you just hired to build you something from scratch on top of FreeBSD?

I'd do some sort of analysis to tell me which was best, and then I'd trust the best for which I could get the source.

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