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Samsung Beat Apple In Smartphone Shipments, Profit Surges To 2-Year High ( 67

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier reports speculated this to be true, but now it's official: Samsung has beat Apple in smartphone shipments to lift the company to its most profitable quarter in over two years. The Hindu reports: "Riding on the strong sales of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones, Samsung Electronics on Thursday declared 8.14 trillion won ($7billion) year on-year operating profit -- 18 percent in the second quarter results. Touted as bad news for Apple that saw a 15 percent decline in iPhone sales in its second quarter results announced this week, Samsung saw substantial earnings improvement led by sales of its flagship products such as Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. A streamlined mid-to low-end smartphone lineup also contributed to improved profitability for the company. According to Samsung, it shipped about 90 million handsets in the April-June period with smartphones making up more than 80 per cent of the total, the Korea Herald reported. Samsung's second-quarter smartphone shipments are estimated at about 72 million units, almost doubling Apple's iPhone shipments of 40.4 million units during the same period."

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 0) 291

Speaking of fire hazards, that's exactly what these things are, more than a phone or laptop because of the heating element used in addition to those nasty batteries, and it's too easy for the switch to get stuck. They are chintzy as hell, real low quality, and made out of plastic?! Not a good combination. As far as the chemicals being emitted, the makers didn't "intend" for that to happen, they just didn't give a damn. The smell alone should have been an indication though. That stuff is chemical soup, no better than burning badly refined crack with all the solvents still in it. With tobacco, you should go *back to nature* and smoke it like god intended. If you want to vaporize it, just throw the leaves into hot water.

Comment iPhone vs Bible - 10 ways they look the same (Score 2, Funny) 336

So do Bible thumpers - and they've got a lot in common with Apple fanbois.

  • 1. The two groups live in reality distortion fields;
    2. They both act smugly superior;
    3. They both show the same behaviors as any other cult;
    4. They both have over a billion sold;
    5. They both end up costing a lot more to their average user than competing products (atheisim and android);
    6. They both eagerly await the next revelation.
    7. There's bugs in both - and the updates to "fix" them;
    8. They both claim better security; 9. They both claim to be a better value over the long term;
    10. They both have a messiah who rose from the dead.

And for the bonus - eventually many outgrow their narrow view. :-)

Submission + - UK judge calls for an "online court" without lawyers (

mi writes: A senior judge has called for the establishment of an online court that does not have lawyers and can deal with claims of up to £25,000.

The proposal is the centrepiece of a package of reforms to the civil justice system, drawn up by Lord Justice Briggs, a Court of Appeal judge.

Just how exactly will this court ensure no one is, in fact, a trained professional on the Internet, where no one knows, who you really are, is not explained.

We discussed the idea last year. Apparently, it is still alive.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 982

Well - no he didn't. He invited a foreign power to find something. Any assault or other intention attributed is purely in your mind. It is wishful thinking too as last we heard the server was permanently off line. However, there is already a presumption in the republican camp that the server was already accessed years ago so it is more likely he was suggesting they search through whatever documents they already have.

Either way, anything outside of looking for or finding something is all something the viewer has to read into the statement. I'm certain Russia might take it differently - perhaps even as a joke. It depends on what they read into it.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 982

Because despite all appearances of illegality and wrong doing, she has yet to be charged with something to get in front of a jury in the first place.

Of course that is not good if done by a corporations but a future president it is aces. It instills trust and creates a roll model for future citizens.

Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 1) 982

Taking your guns away once again, I assume?

I certainly don't like her or her party's posture on dismantling the second amendment, no, or her disregard for several of the others. But I was referring specifically for her contempt for the first amendment. That should bother you, too. It's especially funny, though, given how she collects her family's millions in cash.

couple thousand Syrian women and children fleeing

There's lots to talk about that's actually real - why would you just plain lie about something so transparently false? A "couple thousand?" Really? That's how you describe the millions of people who are displaced by the conflict in Syria? Did you actually think that nobody else is the slightest bit informed, and that trotting out such nonsense would somehow score you some rhetorical points with especially low-information idiots? What were you thinking, exactly? Fascinating.

your stupid war

You meant the war between Assad and his own citizens who tried to get rid of him? Or the war between groups like ISIS and those in Syria who don't want to live under orthodox Islam or die because they don't? Is that the war you're thinking of? Yes, it would be much less of a conflict if Obama and Clinton hadn't made it worse, but it's not "our" war that people are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands. It's ISIS's war, and Assad's muddled mess that now includes Russian involvement.

And if you're so obtuse that you can't wrap your head around the fact that the US's immigration problems include an essentially unprotected border across which thousands of illegals regularly flow, a train wreck of an H1-B system, and huge numbers of people abusing our visa system, then please don't bother talking about it, because you're being willfully ignorant and are thus unable to say anything constructive until you gather some information into your head.

As for "dictating where iPhones can be manufactured" - please. Are you really going to pretend you're so uninformed that you can't understand that his point is to illustrate how poorly we (as a country, under the current administration) are handling trade relationships that we're getting screwed by countries like China that abuse that relationship? You don't "dictate where iPhones can be manufactured," you put in trade, tax, and banking policies that make China's corrupt, poisonous, currency-manipulating, repressive, territory-grabbing circumstances less appealing to companies like Apple.

And your attempt to paint a nice, sweet picture of Clinton by trotting out an example of how state, local, and even federal government thirst for tax revenue makes for perverse incentives when it comes to eminent domain (which is asked for thousands of times a year by everyone from parking lot contractors to farmers to classic real estate developers) ... remarkable. Your deliberate, willful, faux ignorance about the corruption and lies that are part of your preferred candidate's entire career would be funny if the stakes weren't so high.

Comment Re:Does this surprise anyone? (Score 1) 982

That is speculative, to be kind. You have absolutely no way to prove that the email server was setup for that purpose. To demonstrate their intent you would need something that you have no evidence to support.

Typically later actions are enough to prove intent.

Don't quit your day job. There are no later actions in this case that are strong enough to prove intent.

You're really bending over backward to give her the benefit of the doubt,

Here's a tip for you - try only making arguments that you have a chance of supporting. This is not one of them.

and I understand that

No, you really do not. You assume that, and you assume incorrectly there.

But if it were you or I this is extra jail time.

Another strange assumption there.

Do you have a source for that?

Yes, in fact I do.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here - even though you have not once done the same for anyone in this discussion - and clarify what it was that I was asking you to provide a source for (as this is not a source for my request related to your earlier statement).

Your earlier claim was that the emails were deleted after the subpoena was issued. I asked you if you had a source to support that claim. The source you offered describes how they came up with the emails that were handed over to the state department, but says nothing about when emails were deleted. That is an important distinction, especially in the context of the allegations you are trying to level against Mrs. Clinton.

Nobody has shown that such an offense happened.

Yes, that's tampering with evidence.

Except it isn't, for reasons we have already discussed. Particularly as nobody can establish when the emails were deleted, it is impossible to state that anyone knew them to be evidence. Furthermore if they are only interested in emails that were official government correspondence then there should be copies of those emails on the other end as well.

Imagine a situation where someone close to you goes missing tomorrow. If the police thought you were suspicious would you immediately hand over ever email you ever sent to that person? What about ones that were deleted well before tomorrow? What if this is someone you have been emailing since the 90s, can you find the emails you sent to them back then?


Don't get to decide the validity of a defense. Their job is to present the state's case as best they can.

judges will not accept "You can't prove what I deleted has any connection to the case" as a valid defense.

That is a dubious claim based on dubious assumptions.

Comment HA! (Score 4, Interesting) 70

. [The fact that] ULA has provided support for this effort again suggests that the leadership of Bruno is reshaping the company into a much more innovative and competitive company.

No, what it means is that they are getting their asses beaten so badly by SpaceX that they have moved to desperation and PR tactics.

Comment Re: Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 532

You don't have to avoid new phones. There's good new phones out there, which have standard headphone jacks. Just not from stupid Apple.

The Galaxy S7 just came out, and it still has a headphone jack.

Are you some kind of paid shill, or just a plain normal moron? Which Apple phones don't have a standard headphone jack?

Comment Re:Apple Forgets (Score 1) 532

The Apple II computer even had a 3.5mm audio out jack and Audio In jack. They should preserve the functionality in the iPhone so I can emulate an Apple II on it and connect it to a cassette player to load basic programs from tape.

The IBM PC had a cassette port. Any "PC" that doesn't isn't actually a Personal Computer.

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