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Comment Re:Designed from the Ground Up for Ads, Not Games (Score 1) 103

What do you mean nobody wanted a microphone and HD camera focused 24/7 on their living room or bedroom (or kid's bedroom)?

If the last 5 years have shown anything it's that no one but a rounding error of users cares about this, and some people will actually pay extra for the feature.

No the ONLY complaint was that people were forced to spend money on a part of the device they had no intention of using. Privacy didn't even register in the list of complaints.

Comment Re:Backup Your Device (Score 1) 154

In the spirit of "what could possibly go wrong" this may actually be one of those times you want to back up your device before upgrading.

Samsung's original Galaxy S ran on a special purpose filesystem called RFS. What did go wrong there is that it was so slow that the OS often force closed running apps while they were performing I/O operations as it thought that the apps had crashed. The fix was to convert the filesystem to something else.

Comment Re:Catch? (Score 1) 154

There must be something in this update that screws over the customer somewhere.

It could just be the latest Apple copying Samsung. Specifically the original Galaxy S. The catch there was that the replacement filesystem for mobile phones (Samsung RFS) was so slow during R/W operations that the OS actually would think programs locked up while performing I/O operations and force close them. "Lagfix" patches to fix this problem actually simply reformatted the system and data partitions with JFFS or ext2.

Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 1) 338

And that can sneak up on you quickly

There is no excuse for this in a world where people can more easily count their money in the bank with a click on a smartphone screen than count through the notes in their wallet.

Why? Unless you are in Germany, why should you care?

Use the second half of that statement to answer the first ;-)

They have some of the best financial discipline in the EU (Greece BTFO). And their system works well for them. You can learn by example or not.

And the Netherlands has almost identical debt (higher household, lower total per GDP, lower external per citizen), and yet it is steamrolling ahead towards a cashless society too. Everyone here pays for the smallest items by card or phone, and many stores, and services are already cashless. Hell I bought a coffee from a street vendor pushing around a little cart with debit card. And Sweden the lovely leader in the cashless drive has even better numbers than the Netherlands.

It's not a case of learn by example or not. There's just neither causality nor correlation to backup your assertion that cash is better for this reason. What is is however is a right royal pain in the arse.

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