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Comment Re:2 Things... (Score 1) 84

As has already been said, I've yet to watch a movie with 3D and thought, 2D just wouldn't have cut it. This whole 3D thing is kind of a dead horse and I'm getting really tired of people kicking it.

I could get to work on a horse and cart too, that doesn't mean that everything new is automatically a dead horse when a few people can't see the point or remained unimpressed. We had the same arguments with colour, DVD, HD, etc. I'm unimpressed with 3D TVs but only due to the ghosting issues I have with mine. In the cinema I happily pick a 3D movie over a 2D one after a quick search to see if it was shot in 3D or if it was a crappy 3D perversion of 2D content.

But you know the amazing thing here? This has literally no impact on you. Don't want 3D, don't do 3D. It's not like the 3D drive has anything at all to do with the story just like colour TV didn't suddenly magically give script writers dementia.

Comment Re:Are these really drones? (Score 1) 124

Do we have video or pictures of the suspect drones or only stories of people who saw one?

Knowing someone who did this yes there's plenty of evidence. Just do a youtube search and you get some wonderful and amazing amateur footage of firefighters at work complete with helicopters and planes doing dumps.

The one person I know who did this a few times used a small lightweight plane. He was a neat 6km away from the fire, he didn't even know there was one before he took off, and when he did see it on his monitor he flew his drone straight there.

Comment Re:Who saw this coming? (Score 1) 184

I'm not seeing where you had some special insight into this event.

You don't need special insight to see a bubble event forming, just use the two eyes you have and apply the common sense that maybe a company didn't magically double in material value simply because a game which shows all the signs of a temporary craze is popular this week. When the stock market suddenly spikes positively for a company which hasn't announced any major new physical or tangible achievement you can always assume a correction will come. It's only a matter of time before investors actually settle on a somewhat more sensible value for stock based on long term performance.

Incidentally while you are demonstrating the inability to show thought remember that Slashdot has millions of readers and a lot of commentators. You're replying to a collective group so statistically it's almost certain that multiple people on Slashdot will have predicated pretty much every event that gets covered here.

Calling them Slashdorks just points more to your lack of education compared to the rest of the readership, many of whom actually know some basic statistics.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 1) 184

The size is irrelevant. You need to compare that to total profit which is a fraction of that number. But the key part is that this is their core business, it is what they know best. You can't magically increase that number by going into the mobile space and expect to turn it into a profit, there are huge costs involved.That's like saying I'm an engineer today maybe I should change and be a doctor tomorrow since their numbers are better, and then ignoring the multiple years of no income due to studying at university along the way.

The point is revenues are a measure of active business. It shows that their console business is moving and there's quite a bit happening in it. The focus should be on turning that to raw profit, not betting the house on giving Google / Apple 30% of everything.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 0) 294

Uhhhh you DO know there are ways to get updates other than WU, yes?

Err sure. This comes into the whole having to babysit your OS.

Hey MSFT? If I wanted a cellphone I'd use my smartphone

Yeah you're still doing it wrong if Windows makes you hold your laptop to your ear.

There is NOTHING about the new OS that makes it worth leaving Win 7/8/8.1

Yeah disagree. But look it up yourself I don't feel like wasting time typing. It's in my post history if you're interested.

Comment Re:BASH (Score 5, Informative) 294

Windows now runs Linux binaries. Just install the damn underpinnings if you want to. Nothing's stopping you. You can run an entire Linux DE now naively under Windows which is effectively the most complicated desktop application your computer's likely to execute.

If you don't understand the significance of this then it's not Microsoft's problem.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 1, Insightful) 294

I'm still sticking with Win7.

If you couldn't justifying the technical improvements of Windows 10 over Windows 7 what made you think that a small service pack would change that? Also a gentle reminder that your telemetry is back-ported and you're not playing a game of Windows Update roulette using your old system, babying it as you do. What a horrible way to use an OS.

My laptop doesn't need to be confused with a phone

If this is likely to happen to you then you're holding it wrong.

Comment Re:Gets the history wrong (Score 1) 512

They introduced 3.5mm (still mono) way back when, but almost nobody was using them until much more recently

The 3.5mm plug/jack was introduced in 1964 (52 years ago).
The 3.5mm plug/jack was universally adopted for portable equipment once portable equipment became... portable. I.e. the Sony Walkman, the very first prototype of which was shown off in the early 70s and from the moment it was announced was stereo.

Just simplifying it to unchanged for 50 years isn't wrong in the eyes of history. I can take my current state of the art headphones and plug them into that very first Walkman just like I can take a set of headphones from the 70s and plug them into my top of the line smartphone complete with it's video output and it will just work. The fundamentals of it are unchanged.

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