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Comment Re:Competition with old/used Surfaces (Score 1) 136

Don't buy it. No not "I don't buy it" but "don't buy it!"

Surface Sales are down currently? I wonder if that's because everyone's expecting the Surface Pro 5 to come out shortly and the still almost as much as it launched for Surface Pro 4 to drop in price as a result.

If my Pro 3 breaks right now I won't replace it with a 4.

Comment Re:The Surface line is about Apple (Score 1) 136

Couldn't be farther from the truth.

The Surface line is about showing off Windows 10 as a one-size-fits-all OS. That won't change. MS's desire to move to the portable market won't change. They needed a device to try and be a perfect mid-way device between a tablet and an laptop.

Somebody in Microsoft is freaking out over that I'm sure.

Sure. Someone shortsighted and too stupid to be part of the company. The Surface Pro 4 is 2 years old, and there's an expectation that they will announce a refresh in a few days in New York. As a happy owner of the Surface it has been on my do NOT recommend list since the start of the year for that very reason. Just like the Nintendo Wii was off my recommended list since the start of the year too.

Another quarter or two like that and their senior management will kill the line

Like what? Lower sales that equate to simple money in the bank because the R&D and advertising costs have already been recouped? Tell me, that goose which laid the golden eggs, how did it taste? Did you smoke it or bake it in the oven?

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 136

Experience is dominated by the way you use a device. If you use the device predominantly like a laptop and can't see what else to do with it then it (and all the clones) are not suitable.

Personally I use mine more with a pen and finger than a mouse pointer but my use case is basically something like a large Samsung Note which runs a desktop OS that I can use if I need to.

Most of my notes are handwritten, i draw in my downtime, my work requires approving and signing a lot of PDF documents which shouldn't cause entire forests to get felled due to my company's stupid insistence to not use digital signatures, when I surf the net I typically do so via a few bookmarks so no typing there, and when someone asks me a stupid question I can flip the thing back into it's laptop form factor and pull up CAD software without walking back to my desk or carrying yet another device around.

If you're replacing a laptop, do NOT get a Surface.
If you're replacing an iPad, do NOT get a Surface.

If you're sick of carrying around both devices then you may have a use case.

Comment Re:A refresh isn't going to fix what's wrong. (Score 1) 136

The Sales Figures seemed to combine the ENTIRE "Surface" brand of Products.

Yeah. The Surface and those rarely sold books and the almost non-existant Surface desktop itself.

I'll stay right where I am, on the plane of reality thankyou very much. But hey since Apple is outstripping MS sales and has been for all these years there's no way Microsoft would release another such device because making money is not enough when someone else has higher sales and dumber fans right?

And you don't even know the difference between an iPad and an iPad pro. You really are just a fake.

Comment Re:What it does and why it's (partially) useful (Score 2) 130

It would seem like it but: a) this doesn't need to be applied at a filesystem level and b) it isn't encumbered by licensing issues, a dead project, or an experimental filesystem, in respective order.

Okay so it is actually experimental, but not be filesystem wide it is also much simpler and able to contain failures.

Comment Re:A refresh isn't going to fix what's wrong. (Score 1) 136

It just means that everybody who really wanted one already has one

I know several people who showed interest in them and I've advised them to hold off or wait until holiday discounts (of which there have been none this year). The Surface Pro 4 is effectively 3 year old hardware at brand new prices and a new model is due to be released shortly. You'd be mad to buy one now.

A lot of the industry is expecting an announcement of a new model in 3 days at MicrosoftEDU.

Comment Re:A refresh isn't going to fix what's wrong. (Score 1) 136

A refresh isn't going to fix what's wrong with the Surface.

Sure it is. If mine breaks right now I'm not going to go and buy another given that the next one is anticipated to be released in a few months. Are you telling me you'd be okay paying silly amounts of money (the Surface Pro line hasn't gone through a discount in a long time) for 3 year old hardware which is beaten in performance by all the competition and then call the concept broken? That's absurd.

It may surprise you to know that sales for everything tend to drop right before the next version is released. Either that or everything you know is a broken concept.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 136

Nobody I've ever known has owned one

Hi, Pleased to meet you.

Of course, because it's a craptastic piece of shite that costs too much

There's a lot of clone devices out there. Funny enough when you match the specs up they cost just as much, except half the time they end up having quite a few dealbreakers in the process. e.g. the HP Spectre X2, frigging horrible keyboard and touchpad, horrible sound, battery life is miserable considering it has the same size battery, but one killer feature it does have is an LTE modem.

I've never seen one used in a business setting in the wild

My wife has taught at 2 schools which use them, one for just staff, the other for staff and students. It is the main PC used by most of the Queensland government, the docking station for it is actually quite awesome in this regard because it gives users an instant second monitor. We just bought 15000 units after a 1 year trial (I'm currently in the chemical industry).

Oh, I'm sure they're out there, just like are probably people still clinging to their Zunes

Microsoft is making billions in revenue on the Surface line. Yes they are definitely out there. Maybe you should look a bit more. Unlike Apple users we don't actively go around and flaunt them. Okay I may have on occasion done so, and when I did I was met with "oh yeah I got one of those" though I like my blue one better than my colleagues purple one. Why do I have one? Well it was shown to me by someone else.

But hey if it is such a spectacular failure than surely no one would try to copy it right? Surely. We wouldn't see HP or Dell release clones. Nor would Apple consider creating an iPad with pen support. Nah. Zune style failure. Yessirreee.

Anyway at least now you have met someone who has one (Surface Pro 3).

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