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Comment Re:Short-term numbers versus long-term (Score 1) 73

Why would you assume "a bad computer program with a dozen eyes is likely to be better than a bag of meat with only two"?

Because it's deterministic. Because it's mass upgradable. It may not be physically better right this moment, but it is conceptually and philosophically far better than the situation we have now.

Comment Re:Good idea, bad name (Score 1) 73

I have an idea. Why not inform the customers that their view of what an autopilot does is completely wrong. People will liken it to a plane, ask them if they would be happy flying in a plane without a pilot, and then point them at their car.

People are applying unrealistic expectations based on incorrect preconceptions because they don't understand a technology with the same name. Help them understand, don't just change the name.

Comment Re:Been happening for weeks now (Score 1) 158

I have no idea what it is that you are trying to say, but it sounds like a load of bad excuses.

What I'm trying to say is that there is zero legally compliant ways that you have an Android phone with an after market ROM that in any way behaves like other Android phones. Unless you have none of the Google apps including the play store, and as such are also missing core components of the modern OS like the ability to have an up to date version of WebView.

Google doesn't get an open source because of people's inability to actually release an Android phone that acts like every other Android phone without adding loads of binary junk and breaching Google's terms and conditions.

It gets a fail. It has gotten that fail since Jellybean was released and the terms of its release put the entire ROM market in a legal grey zone.

Comment Re: Agrument in favor of modularity (Score 1) 86

Hardly possible. I'd rather buy cheap Chinese aftermarket batteries that are real crap, and switch them every few months

Or buy a Sony phone which will have these hard limits programmed in to extend battery life. But hey if you want to go with multiple Chinese you may as well just use a cigarette lighter. It's cheaper and the fire will be just as big.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 253

Yes you would, because as soon as the technology exists to exploit asteroidal materials, any rise in market price of your product will cause other asteroids to be mined.

Way to miss the point and be wrong at the same time. Go ask NASA to borrow one of their rockets and see how you go. There's this thing called R&D that goes into developing a new source of materials and a concept known as the first mover advantage which when combined with high R&D costs grants a natural monopoly. My guess is that if we brought down this asteroid BHP Billiton won't have another down within a year. ... or ten.

Comment Re:Alarming vs problematic (Score 1) 188

Or are you alarmed every time something fails

No I'm alarmed when a failure rate is high. Such as when a several several hundred million dollar satellites suffer component failures only a few short years into their mission.

"Alarm" equates to panic.

No. Alarm equates to response. Just like I get an alarm when a sector relocation count on my HDD increases, or the alarm I have set right now to tell me that I need to go check the oven to see if dinner is ready.

It is not a waste of time to attempt to set people straight when they use a term inappropriately.

You're welcome.

Comment Re:The death spiral is continuing. (Score 1) 142

What the Windows 10 debacle has shown is that the old stuff is good enough that the only way they can push the new stuff to a reasonable fraction of their users is to essentially force it on them, for free.

That doesn't make them any less relevant. If they just up and disappeared who will patch the many thousands of holes that remain in the system? If anything Microsoft is more relevant than ever, and the entire world should be paying attention to them around about the time that Windows 7 reaches end of life. The way they approach that problem will have more affect on the world than anything Apple or other "flavour of the modern mobile world" could do.

Comment Re:How do I block this? (Score 3, Informative) 158

That is my only question. How do I block this? I see a dire need for a subscription service that stays on top of blocking all the shit that MS seems to think that they can infest our computers with.

Settings > System > Notifications and Actions > "Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows" to Off

You can send me $5/month to my Paypal account linked to my Slashdot Email if it makes the experience more fulfilling for you.

Comment Re:Been happening for weeks now (Score 1) 158

Yeah I give Microsoft a pass because my computer can run hack together all sorts of software and settings to make it bearable. That's what you were saying right?

Because comparing an after market ROM to Android is like comparing Apples to Androids, unless that is you're breaking the terms of use of the Play Store and relying on people hacking together APKs to get your phone to act like a real Android phone.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 208

Enforced via industry standard/average salaries for the region

Thanks for the loophole. Let the best paid people get brought down a bit thus bringing the industry average down.

My proposal- in order to get an H1b you must run an ad for 3 months on the Dept of Immigration site with your requirements.

Must have exactly 20 months experience with Windows 10. Fortunately in 3 months time we'll get plenty of capable H1B applicants to fill this condition that the US applicants weren't capable of.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 2) 253

A one carat diamond may be worth $10,000, but if there were suddenly a trillion of them, they would be worth next to nothing, and people would use them as gravel in their driveways.

It's funny you should mention that. Suppose that if there was a trillion of them, and suppose they were controlled by one monopoly who could regulate the supply say by hording cut diamonds and trickling them out into the economy. You'd actually be in a very similar position to where we are today.

Diamonds are not rare, we can manufacture them quite easily without imperfection. A 1ct diamond can be made for under $2500 The value comes from the fact that people want the single biggest one, all natural dug out of the ground, and perfect in every way. Where do you find diamonds like that? Horded in De Beers safes, and when they announced a transition to end that 80 year long practice of price manipulation it was accompanied by a marketing campaign that just made your recognise that crappy little 1ct diamond for the crappy little 1ct diamond it is, not worthy of your fiance's love.

Diamond as a material is quite abundant and costs $40/ct. I have a toolbox full of products that contain collectively over 1ct of diamond, but industrial uses aren't manipulated by marketing or supply side market distortion.

Now if I had an asteroid in my back yard worth $10 quadrillion, do you think I'll just sell it on the open market at once?

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