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Comment Re:Still limited to 16GB of RAM.... (Score 2) 142

It has a headphone jack.

Literally the only good announcement here is that they didn't remove the one thing they stripped from their other flagship device. What a frigging joke. It's good now that I can't connect my phone to my laptop without an adaptor, can't connect my laptop headphones to my phone without an adaptor, and best of all both adaptors are different so I get to pay twice as much for the privilege of nothing being inter-connectable all brought to you by a company who used to have inter-connectivity of their products be a number one selling feature.

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 5, Insightful) 257

You live in a nice quiet condo tower, and then suddenly it's 24x7 party next door because the unit is being rented on Airbnb.

All your airbnb's turn into a 24/7 party? What they hell are you guys doing? Most of the time I see AirBnb's empty during the day and having several passed out tourists snoring in beds at night. I challenge your assertion that the place suddenly turns into a party room.

Comment Re:They need to fix backup, and other things (Score 3, Interesting) 40

For example, currently there's no way to migrate your chat history between iphone and android without paying $25 for a third party app (that doesn't always work).

Plus the interface is getting very old and is need of a major redesign.

What is this? Demand for change for changes sake and features that no one except for maybe 5 people world wide would use?

Comment Re:Only one question? (Score 1) 263

Most folks had their doors open, but it was expected that if you needed to focus, have a loud discussion, or talk on a phone conference you would close your office door.

I work in an open floor plan, but our cube farm has enough sense to provide "quiet rooms" basically single desks and a telephone + internet connection for those times where you either really need to concentrate or really need to tear someone a new one over the phone. It works quite well.

The risk of the typical office layout (IMO) is not people slacking off, but rather people isolating themselves from discussion.

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