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Comment Who cares? -- Former slack user here (Score 4, Interesting) 179

I used to love Slackware. Timely releases, no dependency hell, and very simple package management.

There was never a problem with their package management...simple tgz files with an install script onsite, and there were multiple tiny 3rd party utils to manage versions and uninstalls. It really was great for being able to have a minimal system, know exactly what was on it, and just be able to understand it perfectly.

A couple of years ago, this changed. It was now not only recommended to do a full install, but support was not required UNLESS people did a full install, at least by most of the community.

This is frustrating. Slackware started out as being the most unix like Linux. Something it has clearly abandoned...when installing mplayer REQUIRES installing Samba, just in case you need to play a file across an SMB share.

They are not targeting the same audience, and instead are targeting the audience of distros like Ubuntu...except they won't ever win. I don't know what niche they serve anymore, aside from brand loyalists.

Arch seemed like a good replacement, but it is bleeding edge only. So, I've gone to the BSD side. I would love for Slackware to do a course correction, but that seems unlikely.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 665

It gets harder and harder for me to understand why so many people stay on Microsoft operating systems.

That's cause you are an irrational zealot. You try to spread FUD about compatibility issues and Windows in general.

Take a Linux executable from 10 years ago from any distro any see how well it runs on a current release of Ubuntu. Now do the same with a Windows 95 executable. I bet only one of them will run correctly.

I'm going to be accused of being a shill or something, but it's amazing t me to see people on Slashdot spreading FUD, no matter the topic. For shame.

Comment Sigh. She is NOT an engineer. (Score 1, Insightful) 370

That term is reserved for those who have accountability for what they create and in most of the civilized world have gone through a certification process.

What she is, is a software developer. Part of that process is design and testing, but that alone does not make her an engineer.

Fuck all these people who think otherwise and dilute the word because they want to have a way to place themselves from their peers, because they can't do it with their work.

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