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Comment Re:People vote with their guts. (Score 1) 8

He's already super-rich. He's seventy fucking years old.

So are Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, but they still go on stage to perform. The man loves the lights and cameras, he's certainly not doing anything "different" with his life. He made a TV show. He very successfully turned "Election 2016" into a Trump Productions LLC pageant, and it's a smash hit all over the world. But even more fun to watch is the panic attack the democrats (voters, not the party) are suffering, especially over the third party vote. It only reveals their own weakness and insecurity.

Comment Re:People vote with their guts. (Score 1) 8

Hillary is not the "true believer", her fans are are. She merely exploits the sentiment. Same goes for Trump, but "trickle down" and the Clinton/Wall Street bubble of the 90s are what kept him rich, so for sure he's not against it. He will do very well with another Clinton victory. Trump himself, he looks at the ratings and says, *Mission accomplished! Pay up muthafuckas!* What a masterful job he did.

Alinsky is so superficial and secondary and academic. Edward Bernays is the guy to look up when describing these phenomenon. It is content neutral, cuts straight to the chase.

Comment Re:People vote with their guts. (Score 1) 8

Very astute comment! You have them both nailed.

Hillary sounded phony.

That's because she is. There's nothing "lefty" about her. She still has to work the "bernie" people a bit to keep them from drifting. Trump is clearly for "trickle down economics". She has to pretend to be against it, until after the election...

a chauvinist or a fake

Yeah, what does that say about the 98% that will vote for one or the other?

I just read the transcript. It will have no effect on the vote. Both played their parts very well. His word salad was top notch.

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