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Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 2) 70

The list is a whos-who of the most reliable sources of information on security.

That's part of the problem. Real security people don't expose themselves to the public, much less talk to the press.

These people here just serve big business and have every reason to whitewash the report.
Nice bit of propaganda there:
*a defensible user-interface trade-off* The threat is remote, quite limited in scope, applicability (requiring a server or phone number compromise) and stealthiness (users who have the setting enabled still see a warning; "even if after the fact). The fact that warnings exist means that such attacks would almost certainly be quickly detected by security-aware users.... Telling people to switch away from WhatsApp is very concretely endangering people... (??!)
Say whaaa? A little dramatic and self serving, no?

The problem that it exists.

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