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Comment It is not political, not even particularly human (Score 1) 258

You can reproduce the same symptoms with any animal. In fact it is a universal life force. You can see the same thing on Animal Planet. The mammalian politics is a natural "evolution". A man's cortex is there merely to serve the cravings of the brain stem.

The deniers are just antagonists in a turf war. Climate change threatens their "territory" and authority. They are exhibiting a perfectly natural reaction. It's no different than the rivalry between the CIA and the NSA.

Comment Re:A troll is ALWAYS under some other rock (Score 1) 25

Your attempts to offend and make up things I never said fall flat. I'm not spewing out any bullshit. The GOP does not hate Clinton, "officially" or otherwise. You just choose to believe that their political showmanship is for real because it fits your media driven narrative. Hence, like our host, you live in denial, and project.

Comment Re:A troll is ALWAYS under some other rock (Score 1) 25

I have other ways to seek serendipitous stimulation.

Yes, you like to pretend they participate in your sexual fantasies, you little perv. This is why you like when I show up instead of subscribing and filtering.

I will grant your supremacy in actual trolling, even if you are rather banal and extremely puerile, I still bow to you. But you should learn how to be a happy trol. You'll attract many more flies to your steaming heap.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 382

No, I just won't address your fantasies, but I do like to read them. They are very educational.

So: which nominees will have a more likely chance of being seated, because of your vote?

One or the other, but it won't be because of my vote. That is the reality you are afraid to acknowledge.

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