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Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 43

Human progress exploded in those last few centuries.

That's only true if you measure "progress" by leisure time. It would be nice if that time was spent nurturing the spirit that emerges during one's lifetime, but instead we built Vegas. We give abundance a bad name and simply become wasteful and destructive. Reducing challenge atrophies the brain. I wish I could remember where I read that contentment is a bad thing, but I am beginning to agree with that assessment. That is what gives us the likes of Trump and Clinton (I dread the thought of what comes next in eight years).

Comment Re:Au contraire (Score 1) 7

Well, too bad, there are people who don't want you fucking things up for them during their lifetime either. So, pffft!

It's my duty to treat people well in this life..

You definitely have a weird way of showing it...

What a crybaby!

Comment Trump is a wildly successful con man (Score 1) 7

People will vote for him because of his demeanor. He has little or nothing else to offer, except broken contracts and bankruptcy. He probably doesn't even have a billion dollars. His bank account is smaller than his hands (dick).

Establishment Republicans ought to just merge with the D party

They did that back in the 60s. Before you were born.

It seems that you are getting awfully upset about this. Your gag is becoming more intense. The truth only serves to anger you, so lash away, go nuts! It's fun to watch and getting more so. Thanks for alleviating our boredom. You really should share with genpop.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 43

Eh, so you moved the decimal. How can I not put down your silly gag? Did all your skin burn off? There is no "goodbye", only "until later".

p.s. Your relationship change thingy there only confirms that you don't like hearing the truth. So tune out. It does not matter in the grand scheme. I am just countering your shtick in the same fashion you present it to the viewing audience. Think of it as 'noise cancelling'.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 43

Yeah, I got it a long time ago. Wealth/power is localized down to the family/community. It's a pretty good setup, but it can still lead to witch hunts and persecution against those who are different, or of a small minority. The family unit was at the heart of German propaganda leading them into war. It appeals to the most basic of instincts.

Growth and cronyism beyond the locality is natural and inevitable. Plus you can end up with the Hatfields and McCoys. Sometimes the irresistible force becomes necessary to keep the peace. Then that force inevitably acquires a life of its own where there's nothing with the power to stop it, except maybe, a universal appeal to the supernatural, which depends on a certain level of ignorance to keep people in line, and then the church leadership has all the power, which leads to secular revolt.

It's turtles all the way down. There will be no peace until respect is universal, which pretty much means, anarchism, no desire to dominate, rules without rulers, which really does appear to go against nature, but it is necessary to become human.

The differences are more than obvious, but don't tell B D. His expression of willful ignorance is a spectacle in itself :-)

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