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Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 168

For everyone else, it's a different story.

They have a funny way of showing it, choosing the worst of the bunch. Each side trying to fuck the other. You'd better hope that 50/50 congress to keep the lid on until you get your shit together.

Man, I just love how the people most responsible for this mess, come at me for it, and get all pissed because I won't play their little game and go on their guilt trip.

Comment Re:#NextTrumpBook from Twitter (Score 1) 225

Yeah, funny as hell, huh? I was wondering what that noise was... I think it will clear up in about a week or so..

Ever read Arthur C Clarke's Rama series?

Not yet, will do. He is one of my favorites. Speaking of that, there was kind of a comic book version of "Islands in the Sky". It was a series that lasted like two months. Of all places, they were given away in our Catholic grade school. Some of the stuff in there was actually considered by NASA.

Comment Re:#NextTrumpBook from Twitter (Score 1) 225

Yeah, but those "deathbed" confessions are pretty common throughout the business. Nobody ever takes action while they have the power. They only talk about it after retirement, when it's easy to say anything you want..

But at least he gave the civil rights movement some real teeth, with real guns, but still without having to fire a shot. Just flashing them started the ball rolling. Don't tell the democrats though. They still think that LBJ started the "revolution".

Did you leave the faucet running? I hear a noise...

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

Doctrine of Infallibility

You're gonna drown me in paperwork here...

It's always been very strange to me that the laity in the pews notices the last, and pays no attention to the other two.

The laity is only as human as the pope :-) And the priest will face some resentment when expressing the truth on the subject. Humans, they want the absolution without without the penance, and they want it yesterday. It's a shame to think that the laity in the pews are as phony as a politician. They only go to church out a sense of obligation, not really voluntarily, and hence learn little. It's all about closing a deal after the Mass is finished. What percentage do you think are true believers?

Comment Re:The best way to beat Trump... (Score 1) 225

once you decide to discriminate against one group in the name of freedom, it becomes far easier to discriminate against *any* group in the name of freedom.

Alright, then once you decide it's okay to kill anyone *after* they are born, all bets are off. Even the church knows how to play the game when money is at stake (short follow up). Either you are pro life or you're not. We can call it a person upon first breath. That simplifies matters a lot. Until then you cannot/shall not overrule the pregnant woman. All rights belong to her.

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