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Comment things to look for in a survey (Score 1) 38

The document comes after a Kelly Blue Book survey that found that 62% of drivers think "connected cars will be hacked," and that 42% say they "want cars to be more connected."

the real concern should be the percentage of people that despite thinking "connected cars will be hacked," still "want cars to be more connected," and then laughed maniacally. ;)

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

So a pedestrian in dark clothes, at night, not hearing an electric car, and jaywalking by stepping out from between vehicles means the driver drives like "a moronic asshat."

you do know that electric cars are almost silent, especially at low speeds, right? you might as well blame the driver for not hearing the pedestrian walking.

Comment he's got a point (Score 2) 85

More recently, the FBI’s own investigation into the September 11 attacks found that “[o]n September 11, 2001, the Bureau’s information technology was inadequate to support its counterterrorism mission”, noting further that “[t]he FBI’s legacy investigative information system, the Automated Case Support (ACS), was not very effective in identifying information or supporting investigations”.

kinda bad when even you are on record as saying the system sucks.

Comment Re:This is why you can't use solar/wind for base l (Score 1) 269

Ask any child of five. And they could have told you this was going to be a problem. <-- WRONG

i asked my niece (age six) and she gave me a blank stare before asking what a "solmer pantle" was.

But hey, let's just shut down all non-renewables! Because we can get by without them! <-- CORRECT

we can get by without them but only if we replace them with something else.

This is why we need something like modern nuclear for base load power. Build enough to cover base load with future demand in mind. <-- WRONG

while nuclear is a good option, it's quite expensive and requires a decade to get up and running. a much better option would be to expand to having solar panel fields and actually store the energy in large battery warehouses.

And if there's any power in excess of demand, use it to convert carbon dioxide into methanol. Which can then be stored or burned for fuel. <-- BAD IDEA

one step forward and two step back?

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Net Neutrality (Score 1) 59

This was not an agreement between Tmobile and Nintendo (or peering systems) to prioritize data.
This was not Tmobile accelerating or throttling data.
This was not Tmobile affecting the transfer of data at all.

They will give you access to certain destinations that they decided but if you want to go anywhere else, they restrict your connection to 0 bps... unless you give them more money. That is unfair competition for my app which uses huge amounts of data too and therefore a violation of network neutrality.

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