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Comment Not surprising (Score 2) 219

Considering they are in the game of information warfare, I'm not surprised they are excluding Asians. Regardless of what's being said, the US and China are in an information war and the two countries that steal the most information are the US and China. I'm betting the Asians they did hire are Japanese or South Korean.
I don't blame them for discriminating and I wouldn't blame a Chinese company doing the same thing for excluding US allies from their list of potential hires.

Comment Re:Everything Trump does is bad (Score 4, Informative) 87

Why is it that, in the media, everything Trump does is "bad".

A) Demagoguery and name calling are generally frowned upon by society.
B) Trump has a tendency to mislead and sometimes tell boldface lies.
C) Newspapers almost exclusively focus on things people think are bad. Much of what Trump has said is extremely negative and offensive to many.

It seems like everything he does has a negative editorial comment nowadays.

Are Clintons actions editorialized as well? I haven't seen any good examples.

Turn on Fox News, they have been harping on Hillary Clinton for at least the past four years.

Comment control (Score 1) 151

Plex Cloud also means you lose control of your stuff. They will sell information on what you store/view in a heartbeat. It will also make you more dependant on an internet connection, so when your connection goes down, you are SOL. Oh and just wait until it says your files were deleted because of copyright infringement. Lapse on a payment and they'll outright delete your entire collection.

Invest in a large SSD and put it in a NAS that can accept multiple drives. If you run out of room, buy another large SSD and plug it in. Unlike HDDs, when SSDs fail, they are still readable, so RAID isn't actually a requirement. Do this and you won't have any of these issues with the cloud.

Comment Son of a bitch! (Score 2) 40

The nerve of this infernal program is so obscene it must be untenable! It captioned my dick pic as "YAUPFAN (Yet Another Unimpressive Penis From A Narcissist)"! Kudos for having it create it's own acronyms but I won't stand for a machine generated insult and neither should you! Though if you have a standing desk, it's cool, I totally get it. ;)

Comment nothing to do with the environment (Score 1) 83

What's happened is that Amazon has come to realize that there is little point in continually pay someone for power when you can just get your own. This is simply a cost cutting measure to grow their AWS profit margin and ensure they can compete with competitive pricing. It's also good PR which they can use as ammunition for marketing. Amazon execs don't give a fuck about the environment, it's all about the money.

Comment you shot yourself in the back (Score 1) 196

"At the least, this effort is intended to sow doubt about the security of our election and may well be intended to influence the outcomes,"

The only thing I've seen is the truth be exposed. If you didn't make underhanded deals that needed to be exposed, there wouldn't be a problem. As for security, it's shit, it's absolute shit and the people who created this mess need to have spotlights shone on them until their fraud is exposed and they are jailed.

Comment not the point (Score 4, Interesting) 133

The industry is very aware that if they provided better alternatives that piracy would be drastically less. However, their interest is not in stopping people from pirating, it's to maximize the amount of money they can make. They know that keeping prices inflated will ultimately earn them more money from the people that do by it than if the lowered the price and almost everyone obtained music legally. Complaining about pirates also gives them a specious reason to lobby for all sorts of bullshit laws they don't need and people don't want, all in the pursuit of higher profits.

They know the evil they do and they do it gladly because the only thing they love is money.

Comment Re:Like lie detectors, doesn't work with psychopat (Score 2) 91

Psychopaths are the most "talented" actors, as they can switch empathy on and off, as required.

This is incorrect. Persons with Antisocial Personality Disorder (aka psychopaths aka sociopaths) have a diminished capacity for empathy or in the most extreme cases, no capacity for empathy at all. This is not something they can control, so cannot "switch empathy on and off". The reason for this is not fully understood but if it's like schizoaffective disorders, it may be treatable.

Comment added sugar to our foods is causing obesity (Score 0) 210

You don't need a diet with a fancy name, more willpower or agonizing exercise to lose weight. The basic problem is that sugar is chemically addictive and it's being added to all of our foods. You are constantly in withdraw (strung out) which reduces the amount of energy you have and thus get less exercise. The sugar industry has been suppressing science for half a century and they have finally gone too far because the general population is dying from sugar induced illnesses.

FYI: the reason people lose weight by abstaining from eating foods that are carbohydrates is because it's hard to add sugar to meat and vegetables but it's very easy to add it to carbohydrates.

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