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Comment Cases, not electronics (Score 1) 42

I RTFA and the source article and I didn't see anything to indicate they would be designing their own electronics. Instead, it seems like they will be building their own computer cases. Frankly, computer cases are far less important than the electronics that reside inside them. Having the CAD files to customize is nice but when their is a backdoor in every new x86 chip, it's kinda like putting on sunblock to protect your skin from the sun as you stare down a civilization ending 10000 meter tsunami wave.

Comment short-term solution. (Score 0) 147

In the future, when the world discovers the planet will be fubar'd in a year, these kind of short-term solutions will be on the table because they can be implemented quickly and can be used as a stopgap measure until we actually start fixing the planet. In the meantime, we need to actually be investing in actually fixing our atmosphere.

Frankly, I think this is an economic opportunity if only our governments would get onboard with the idea that if you pollute or your product pollutes then you should have the legal responsibility to clean it up. If this came to pass then an entire industry dedicated to removing pollution from the atmosphere would arise. You don't have to believe that it's destroying the planet, you just have to pay to clean up your mess or on the flip side, profit from cleaning up someone else's mess.

You wanted to make jobs? This would make jobs.

Comment Re:Obama's war on coal is a success! (Score 1) 187

However Trump has promised to bring those coal mining jobs back and make Wales great again!

You misheard Trump because what he said was he was going to, "make whaling great again". It fits in perfectly with his eco-destruction agenda and he wants to give miners the job of extracting all the valuable gems that encrusted on every whale belly which he learned from watching a very serious documentary... animated by Disney.

Comment Not a permanent solution. (Score 5, Insightful) 77

The problem with this solution is that the companies are not getting the negative finacial feedback (punishment) that they need to correct their behavior.

I've said it before but it's worth repeating.

IoT vendors will only secure their devices after it starts costing them money or are legally required to do so.

The best option is to high jack the IoT devices to DDoS their makers because it creates a direct feedback loop. The more insecure devices they sell, the more it will cost them to host their company's website(s). For extra points, only target their parent company. ;)

Comment Wrong focus. (Score 3, Insightful) 49

Everyone involved is completely ignoring the fact that the companies involved were not properly secured. It doesn't take a "superhacker" to get past shitty security and we shouldn't be protecting companies with shitty security. Sure, punish the hacker but you need to also punish the executives that decided security shouldn't be the highest priority. When you put profit comes before security, you are asking, nay, begging to get hacked and that's exactly what happened here.

Comment But are they cooperating? (Score 1) 122

What matters the most here is if the multiple universities begin to cooperate in their creation of textbooks. If they decide "I can't work with them" or "We should have our own!" then you are going to see the effort quickly stagnate because the effort required to make and revise these books is no small thing and each university will not have the expertise needed to create the books for every subject in the depth that is expected.

Comment ONLY because of haters! ;_; (Score 1) 224

It would have been Mir but you open source people are just soooo anti-social! Mark said you anti-social people just hate and mainstream because you are haters who love to hate and then he cried because you killed Mir with your hate. Nevermind the technical discussions about the merits of each display manager, WHY WOULD YOU MAKE MARK CRY?! ;)

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