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Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 1) 38

But what is a lie?

In the case of recalled stories, it's adding or withholding information in a way that will mislead the other party into believing something that is not representative of your perception of the situation.

Summaries so short that I more or less have to reinvent the scenario in order to get my point or question out and paid attention to.
Lying isn't black and white. You have to interpret how much and what information a person is looking for.

It seems like you are incapable of discerning what information is truly relevant to a story because I have never had to "reinvent the scenario" regardless of the story. Alternatively, it's entirely possible your stories are simply not of interest to others.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 46

... and if he knew anything about the hardware he would also know it gets just us subtle, and in fact a lot of hardware has microcode, which is of course software, but encapsulated in a hardware interface.

I think you mean firmware. microcode is different because it actually changes the behavior of the IC in a similar fashion to an FPGA. microcode is used by very few ICs.

Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 200

Realistically, we're not talking autonomous mining robot, we're talking remote controlled mining equipment. Sort of like what we use on Earth, but with a longer delay between command and response.

I hope you are joking or I've misunderstood something because there is a 15 minute delay between Earth and Mars.

Comment Poor headline. (Score 1) 70

Amazon May Handle 30% Of All US Retail Sales

Implication: Amazon might handle 30% of all US retail sales but they might not because we don't know.

Proper headline:

Amazon Handles 20% To 30% Of All US Retail Sales

Implication: Amazon definitely handles somewhere between 20% and 30% of all US retail sales

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