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Comment Over-integrated software sucks. (Score 1) 51

When your software integration prevents your software from being used in conjunction with a variety of other platforms, you drastically reduce the number of users and in turn the number of developers that will work on it. As you integrate software more and more, you exponentially decrease the number of developers interested in making tools to make operation of your software easier. I'm not saying that making a system that works with everything will attract more developers but I am saying that making an overly integrated system will drive away many developers.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 245

When you have no authority, you are in no position to tell anyone what to do. Management and HR are the ones with the authority.

Are you that much of a coward that simply saying "Dude, not cool" when you hear a co-worker say something sexist is too much for you?

Do you honestly believe that's all it take to curb that type of behavior? If you do then you do not understand the fundamental underpinnings of the issue. All of that aside, it's still management and HR's job to do something about the individual, not mine.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 245

The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

When you have no authority, you are in no position to tell anyone what to do. Management and HR are the ones with the authority.

you should have got used to that way back in school...

That's exactly the type of argument a sexist might make to justify their inappropriate behavior.

Comment *facepalm* (Score 3, Interesting) 93

You know, if anyone was going to ditch Windows because of secret backdoors, I figured it would have been the Chinese government. Besides, isn't Linux the ideal model for communism? I know they are communists in name only but you would figure they would at least try to keep up the appearance of objecting to capitalism.

Comment Nope. (Score 4, Insightful) 35

It seems AMC has a fundamental misunderstanding of why millennials get streaming services. Few are getting it to supplement their cable and many are getting it to replace their cable TV subscription. Also, $5 to $7 per month is quite excessive if you look at what you get for your money on Netflix.
More than likely, they are going to start hire scumbags to harass people for downloading their shows which means people like me will just stop watching their programs altogether. They're going to actually do significantly more damage to their audience (which ultimately decreases the popularity of their programs among paying viewers) than they'll be getting in return for a paltry few subscribers.

Small short-term gains and large long term losses. That seems to be how corporations operate nowadays.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 245

Please stop putting a "sexism in tech" story on the front page.

It's a major problem in technology that really needs to be addressed if this country is going to be competitive in the future.

I would like to point out that sexism in Southeast Asia is significantly higher than in the US. Sexism has nothing to do with why jobs are being outsourced.

It's unfortunate that it's so inflammatory, but it needs to be addressed.

I believe it's become inflammatory because men keep being told that it's their fault when another man is sexist. I do not tolerate sexist behavior and being told it's my fault is very frustrating because the reality is that it's an HR and management failure.

Comment How to destroy it: (Score 2) 239

If you wish to cause the current system of DRM to implode it's actually really easy, you just need to know how to play by their rules. All you need to do is simulate the CDM plugin environment of Microsoft's Edge browser and package it as a single program that can write the output to an unprotected file. It doesn't even have to output an optimized video file, a raw capture will do. They will be contractually obligated to stop using CDMs because they can no longer meet the standard of the "robustness rules".

With any other browser, it would mean only that specific browser would be unable to use CDMs but Microsoft isn't about to be left out of the game they helped fix.

Comment Not happening. (Score 1) 171

I fully support this idea and I can tell you that their are a handful of multi-billion dollar companies that would rather see the nation go back to using slow-ass DSL before it sees a competitive landscape. They honestly don't care about providing a service, the only thing they care about is that they be the ones to profit from it no matter what the cost to the consumer. As such, you can be assured, the people they bought will kill this bill quite quickly or put in enough legal landmines that only they can makes use of such pipes.

Comment They lost me at 3.0 (Score 1) 114

I preferred Gnome 2.x to KDE but when Gnome 3.0 came out, I jumped ship because they took a usable desktop and redesigned it for tablets and then tried to push it to desktop users. I chose something more lightweight and isn't ensnared in Systemd: LXQt. I use Linux so I don't have to put up with people's bullshit, not so I have to put up with the bullshit of different people.

I see no reason why anyone should use Gnome anymore.

Comment What about hydrogen fuel cells? (Score 1) 87

I don't know the answer to this, so please be gentle. What about using hydrogen fuel cells for airplanes? The big problem with hydrogen fuel cells is that they require energy to breakdown water and different tubes for refueling. On the upside, it's high density chemical energy and you could safely jettison all of it before a crash which would save lives since (to my knowledge) the majority of fatalities in (survivable) plane crashes are from smoke inhalation from burning jet fuel.

Since power can be derived from Sol and they would be changing equipment anyway, why not use hydrogen fuel cells?

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