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Comment Re:Not a Spaceship (Score 1) 103

I have said it before: the ring is a massive Reality Distortion Field Generator.

Apple needs it more than ever, now that Jobs has been dead for five years.

Actually, you're wrong... on both counts. You see, it's actually a giant Stargate so that Jobs can return from his last super secret project, to build the iShip which is in fact a spaceship. Word is the controls are flat panels and there are zero buttons. There have been some issues with the controls exploding if the ship is damaged but that's the users fault for flying it wrong.

Comment Re:written in Go (Score 1) 57

You grossly underestimate the ability of decent programmers to switch from language to language.

I don't question the ability of programmers to pick up a languages, I question their will to do so. Unless they are paid to do so or interested in the language, they will have little reason to bother with a new project that's not written in their language of choice. I'm a programmer myself which is why I mentioned it.

Comment written in Go (Score 2) 57

It seems interesting but admittedly I stopped looking into it when I learned that it is written in Go. The problem is less with the language and more about the fact that it will radically reduce the number of people that will work on it, especially long term. I don't know what the future is but I think Go will go the way of Ruby: a language du jour.

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