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Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 1) 475

You go right ahead convincing yourself that Trump is as pure as the driven snow and Clinton is the devil incarnate*. It's a sure sign of precisely how well your critical faculties are working.

* I remain astounded by the fact that we are in 2016 and there are actual human beings who believe it is literally true that Clinton is the devil incarnate.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 379

Look, sometimes the chain of causality is lengthy and inconclusive, and sometimes it's short and obvious unless you're being wilfully blind. Examples of the latter include shouting fire in a crowded theatre, shouting "kill him" to a friend who's aiming a gun at another person's head, etc. And in many legal jurisdictions, it includes shouting "death to the Jews" or what have you -- hate speech.

And of course, this article isn't about a government seeking to restrain speech. It's about a cartoonist using a symbol he created in the way he wants to, against a backdrop of people using it in ways he doesn't approve of. So I can't really see what the problem is here. In fact, I can't see how those who purport to defend free speech in the absolutist way you have done would have a problem with him using the symbol any damn way he wants to.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 379

Thank god for Slashdotters with brains. I remember when the mark of a nerd was they read decent hard SF books by people like Robert Heinlein. They started with the juvies and learned about the importance of freedom of speech, and of association, and the difference between what people choose to do and what governments do. They learned nuance and thought about governance as well as learning science. I miss all that.

Comment Re:Maintain your standard! (Score 1) 475

I made no such concession. But then it's pretty clear that reading comprehension is just one of the many, many challenges you have to deal with, day to day. A really awful ability to make wisecracks would be another ("shit"y?? did you really think that was good enough to put out there in public? it's a lamentable effort, although I'm not sure you're that big on lamenting)

Anyhoo, you enjoy your special snowflake world in which right wing voices are cruelly suppressed, and the Donald gets no favourable coverage like interviewers affably ruffling his hair and the MSM includes the NY Times but excludes the NY Post etc etc. Nursing grievances that don't exist is certainly a skill you like to practise, in common with the Trumpmeister and indeed your beloved Anne, and I can only hope it scratches some kind of psychological itch for you.

Comment Re:Maintain your standard! (Score 1) 475

If you listen carefully, you can hear the world's tiniest violin playing a song of sympathy for you.

You complained about TV, press and the radio. So I showed you a list of conservative media outlets which included many newspapers and radio stations. I didn't attempt to show there were even numbers; I pointed out that the typical American has many choices of outlet if they wish to listen to conservative news and opinion. And the bestiest news of all for you is that Fox News, that lone doughty fighter for the Right on TV, has many more viewers than its nearest cable news rival:

So don't worry, neither you nor anyone else who wants right wing perspectives is going to have any trouble hearing them any time soon.

Hey, I tell you what, I've just had a brilliant idea!! Instead of moaning about there not being enough right wing TV stations, why don't you go ahead and get together with all your very best friends, and set one up? You could pour all your energies into that, and we can all get behind you and give you a really big cheer for your services to the First Amendment. Your mom will be so proud. We all will.

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 1) 475

Not a lot in terms of Trump? Wow, you are really firmly in the bubble, aren't you?

To refresh your memory, over the course of 40 years, corruption allegations against Trump have ranged from "mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings, and from racial discrimination to alleged marital rape"

But but but MSM, terrible conspiracy against poor ickle defenceless Donald, etc etc. I know you won't believe any part of it. That's part of the hilariousness of it all.

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