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Submission + - I finally caught them in the act! 5

fustakrakich writes: Slashdot is deleting comments!

I am asking you if you find this acceptable. To me it isn't. Indelible comments is Slashdot's only advantage it has over other what are now simple news aggregators. Deletions will mean the end of any of that. Better that the place shuts down completely. Please help save Slashdot. Don't let your comments be deleted. Please. Without Slashdot, there is no internet.

Submission + - The Jefferson Muzzles Award

fustakrakich writes: An epidemic of anti-speech activity swept across the campuses of American colleges and universities in 2015 and shows little sign of abating in 2016. Not long ago, these same institutions were at the vanguard of First Amendment issues; students demanded—then made powerful use of—expanded speech rights on campus, and administrators held academic freedom sacrosanct... Students who once protested to have their voices heard now seek to silence those they disagree with or find threatening. Meanwhile, university administrators appear locked in a competition to determine which school will take the toughest stand against offensive, unpopular, and hurtful speech. First Amendment principles have given way to identity politics, trigger warnings, and so-called “safe spaces,” and the Free Speech Movement has, at many colleges, become the Anti-Speech Movement....Since 1992, the Thomas Jefferson Center has awarded Jefferson Muzzles to those individuals and institutions responsible for the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to free speech during the preceding year.
We've watched the democrats and republicans reverse roles from the 60s to the present. I guess it's only natural for everyone else to follow the same foot steps.

Submission + - Uber app took him over

fustakrakich writes: According to a police report, Jason Dalton told authorities, "it feels like it is coming from the phone itself" and he didn't know how to describe that. He also described something "like an artificial presence,"... Police said in the report that Dalton said "he is not a killer and he knows that he has killed." Dalton added it's "scary" because he "isn't sure how much he had or had not done," and was afraid "that maybe he could've killed his family,"
Uber needs to fix this, and fast!

Submission + - Swimming in Sewage

fustakrakich writes: The waters being used for the Olympic venues in Rio are polluted beyond belief. The only solution probably being passed around by the politicians is to prohibit further testing.

Submission + - "Happy Birthday is in Public Domain

fustakrakich writes: For now...

Now we have get Warner/Chappell to give all those millions in royalties they collected back... Good luck with that!

Submission + - We can make diamonds out of thin air

fustakrakich writes: And, as a plus, remove the excess carbon dioxide

Solar Thermal Electrochemical Photo (STEP) Carbon capture Process is a method to capture and remove atmospheric carbon dioxide, using both the visible part of sunlight and the thermal energy of the sunlight... STEP process can be used to maximize the use of sun’s energy to form staple chemicals such as iron, bleach, aluminum, etc., and remove, convert and use carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas to form energetic carbon rich materials and hydrogen. This process also reduces the need to cool solar cells/panels, as the deleterious heat generated from the solar cells is directed to the electrolysis reaction chamber and is also used as a secondary source of energy in the chemical conversion process. Using the STEP process Dr. Licht’s laboratory has also achieved CO2-free production of Iron from iron ore.

Submission + - You thought NSA bulk data collection was dead?

fustakrakich writes: Guess again!
US officials confirmed to the Guardian that in the coming days they will ask a secret surveillance court to revive the program – deemed illegal by a federal appeals court – all in the name of “transitioning” the domestic surveillance effort to the telephone companies that generate the so-called “call detail records” the government seeks to access. The unconventional and unexpected legal circumstance depends on a section of the USA Freedom Act, which Obama signed into law on Tuesday, that provides a six-month grace period to prepare the surveillance and legal bureaucracies for a world in which the National Security Agency is no longer the repository of bulk US phone metadata. During that time, the act’s ban on bulk collection will not yet take effect.

Submission + - The outrage has fizzled

fustakrakich writes: The Greek government is once again caving to the bankers demands. Such a shame. Their leaders do just like ours, braking every promise they make. Let's hope the people rise up again, and this time mean it.

Submission + - SPAM: There's a big problem

fustakrakich writes: Why don't we have the identities of the Germanwings cockpit crew? What will their names reveal that somebody doesn't want revealed? It's bogus. We should not allow this kind of secrecy, ever.

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