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Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 436

> Seeing that there's no longer a militia needed to repair foreign invaders, the 2nd no longer has justification.

I think you meant repel and that was not the intent. I know you have some warped and incorrect assumption about why there is a second amendment but there are plenty of supplementary materials produced describing how and why the drafters came up with the amendments. might lead you to some facts. must have been a crackpot in your eyes, despite the fact that he lived in the society that resulted in the laws you now interpret incorrectly.

Comment Re:Ellison is a terrorist (Score 3, Insightful) 156

> who has singlehandedly done more damage to the software world

That title is reserved by Bill Gates. WTF has Larry done to software? Nothing. I mean they took the baby MS steps of creating a walled garden of substandard software and letting their once decent product line fester and slowly moulder. Positioning to do it again is not any worse. Oracle fails to even come close to setting poor standards, wiping out standards, wiping out companies, creatior locking down hardware that MS achieved. What a warped perspective to imagine Oracle has affected the software profession (much less industry).

Comment Re:Huge Risk and Inconsistent Technology Assumptio (Score 1) 231

You've made an assumption that our species will be able to develop the technology prior to an ELE.
There's lots of risk, but it's risky to NOT do it, if you think our ecology should propogate.
Paradoxically, I think humanity is great, but our ecology is not with high-energy requirements and relatively short adaptation cycles leading to a lot of missed genetic advantages and junk encoding in the DNA.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 3, Interesting) 231

> Because one of the fundamental questions of biology / philosophy and science fiction (have I left anybody else out?) is whether or not we're unique little snowflakes

That has nothing to do with the question asked. It PRESUPPOSED that life is already there, if you bother to re-read it.
The question is about the existence of our role in guiding (our or other species) evolution, which is silly and borderline religious.
Earth life cannot know or act on what the optimal configuration for life is going to be, so we have no choice but to continue and expanding is part of our known successful strategy for our form of life.
Might as well say "stop having babies now" because it might make us more difficult for some other (morally) superior form of life to convert or remove humanity.

Yes, you might lose some advantage that studying and conquering an alien ecosystem might afford, but so what? That act has a different cost that's practically, much much higher. All of the non-apocalyptic concerns (like spinning a planet out of it's orbit) raised by destroying other ecosystems on other worlds are fundamentally counterproductive for our form of life...which I keep saying because any interplanetary colonization will necessitate or result in variation on our species, but will also include a nontrivial biome. This includes worlds in our solar system, which are not more or less ours than any other stellar body.

Comment Do you own your identity is the question? (Score 4, Interesting) 67

Currently, that appears to depend on where you live and the laws of that land.

If a fingerprint is recorded as a pattern, can you own that pattern? The answer is no. Practically and legally in the US.
Then an alternate pattern (approximation) will be used and so on...

What about your DNA sequence? What about your hair after a haircut? The answer is no over a long enough time period. Nothing about you will be deemed to be owned by you until the state has ruled it so and then the state ignores that ruling anyway in the interest of convenience or justice or whatever reason dejour until the concept fades. Get used to it, make your money where you can in the meantime, copyright your fingerprints.

Comment Re:Are you just a complete moron? (Score 4, Insightful) 316

> The stations on cable TV were always existing TV stations like WGN or TBS.

Hilarious. There were originally very few cable channels and generally you needed specialty hardware to even access them since everyone way on over-the-air transmitted by hardline or stuck with rabbit ears. WGN...TBS....those didn't exist alongside the Z-channel (1980s representing). What you mean by cable is a product of the last few decades where almost all signal is now carried by cable. The premium involved in that is now considered, incorrectly, part of the cost of transmission. The fact that it's not over-the-air should give you pause. It's now carried by cable, whereas cable was originally an extra premium cost for specific channels surprise, had no commercials and pushed that (

You're too young to know what you are talking about, since some of us were actually alive decades before the internet. Asking to prove the sky is blue, is transparently juvenile and ineffective at making a point (maybe it isn't blue?).

> You are a complete idiot. If I am wrong, cite some proof for your extremely stupid assertion.

This is about history, not some nebulous deductive assertion. It's very clear you aren't smart enough to make a basic observation without exploding into part and parcel nonsequitors....probably insults people throw at you, with proper context. Please let your guardian review your posts, in the future.

Comment It doesn't sound nutty at all. (Score 2) 114

> "It sounds nutty but Facebook has a rock solid First Amendment right to filter out all Trump news -- if it wanted to."

It only sounds nutty if you're willfully ignorant (which is understandable given the status of US education).
The vast majority of Americans mis-translate some notion of freedom of expression to mean the right to be heard by anyone or that if a product is big enough, it magically becomes some form of common carrier....oh nevermind.

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