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Top Ten Coolest Laptop Cases 172

coverlim writes "The finishing touch for any uber geek is a cool laptop bag, even if that means duct tape. For some rather more fetching, stylish choices, check out productdose's Top Ten Coolest Laptop Cases . Im particularly keen on the haliburton for moonlighting at CTU, or the Knomo Frinton for hanging out. Im betting slashdotters will prefer the on with solar panels?"
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Top Ten Coolest Laptop Cases

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  • Crumpler (Score:5, Informative)

    by ExE122 ( 954104 ) * on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:28PM (#15067633) Homepage Journal
    Not bad, but the coolest bags I've seen (I don't actually own any) are the Crumpler bags []. I'm surprised they didn't get a nod. Their site is also pretty funny. Clay kitten shooting and the like. I think some of the posts below the article mention them (RTFPBTA?).

    Now that I've promoted it on Slashdot, I'll sit back and watch my stocks soar!

    "Man Bites Dog
    Then Bites Self"

    • Medium Design Group [] has some really cool bags, too.

    • Boblbee (Score:2, Informative)

      by Kulilin ( 170982 )
      I thought they would mention Boblbee's [] hardshell backpacks. They are incredibly tough and have an interesting design, both in the technical and the looks departments.
    • I was interested in buying a Crumpler when i recently got my new Dell lappy. The only problem was it was a widescreen model and didn't know whether they would be suitable. In retrospect i guess i could've purchased an ibook bag or something, but in the end i got a rather stylish Quiksilver bag for £15 and customised it myself with the aid of some tippex and a few coloured marker pens.

      It's so stylish i use it for my college papers and project folder more than for carrying the laptop itself. Many of my

    • Re:Crumpler (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Jetekus ( 909605 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @01:41PM (#15068495)
      If by "funny" you mean "impossible to navigate due to random icons and no labels", then yes, I agree.
      • The "impossible to navigate due to random icons and no labels" design technique is informally referred to as mystery meat navigation [] (presumably in analogy to an unlabelled tin of meat). I used to have semi-mystery meat icons on my homepage too until I realised that it looked like poop.
    • They do very nice bags indeed, and they get extra points for having a bag called the Budgie Smuggler [].
    • Function is the coolest feature, IMHO. I prefer a bag that carries what you need and nobody can tell if there's a laptop inside. Especially for airports. Let the guy who's "dressed for success" be the mark and just get on your flight with no muss or fuss.

      Samsonite makes some nice backpacks [] like that. I've bought three Samsonite backpacks in the last three years:

      one for me (linked) that my fiance "borrowed"
      one to replace the first (which turned out to be ideal for just carrying the laptop but too small f
      • I'm with you - I carry my laptop in a Samsonite bag as well. It's safe, secure, and I don't have to worry about thieves knowing I have a laptop... Targus bags are just too damned obvious...
  • by liliafan ( 454080 ) * on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:28PM (#15067643) Homepage
    I find my walmart plastic bag to be perfectly suitable to carry around my old crappy dell :p On second thoughts perhaps I should transfer it to trashbag :)

    • I'd take a Walmart bag any day over the "fine" veneer craftsmanship of Peter Kinne.
      • My laptop bag is the standard black fare-
        If I want something cooler I will make it myself (90% because I am cheap, 10% because I enjoy making stuff)
        The coolest "bag" on there in my opinion is the halliburton, but for almost $400, I would just buy a small stainless briefcase or suitcase (maybe even used) (thanks to the internet, finding a funny size suitcase/briefcase is fairly easy) and then hit up the craft/hobby store and get foam padding. Heck, I might even buy a cheap laptop bag from walmart, and cut
        • I wanted something that didn't say "HEY, I'M AN EXPENSIVE LAPTOP COMPUTER, STEAL ME !"

          So I bought a Danish school bag [] at the local amy surplus. I got a sleeve for the laptop, which all fits in the bag. Then I grunged it up with some paint and iron-on patches to make it look like nothing nobody would want to steal. For extra padding, I can put my towel in it.

          About the only thing less likely to get stolen would be a diaper bag with Barney all over it.

          • Based on the assumption that your average crack-addled goblin will steal anything that's not nailed down, I achieve the same effect by carrying a gun, studying American Kenpo, and not letting my laptop bag out of my reach in public places.
  • Try a Crumpler bag []. They're not only extremely well built and comfortable, but extremely stylish as well.

    They're fashionable to the point that non-geeks use them for regular bags. Shit website though [].

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm not sure uber geeks have the *coolest* laptop bags...

    My operating systems professor often wore black with a brown belt/shoes.

  • by martin ( 1336 ) <maxsec@gmai[ ]om ['l.c' in gap]> on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:33PM (#15067698) Journal
    darn, there was me thinking I'd actually be able to get a laptop on my lap again - these things are HOT!

    A well at least I'll look nice even with a burn on my lap ;-)
  • by internewt ( 640704 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:38PM (#15067755) Journal
    ....unless you want to be mugged!
  • by MECC ( 8478 ) * on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:38PM (#15067758)
    For when I buy a laptop without an operating system, so I can deflect bullets from MS 'security auditors'.

  • foofpod (Score:5, Informative)

    by demon411 ( 827680 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:39PM (#15067765)
    got my gf a foofbag (aka foofpod) case []. They have some cool designs, use nice material, and are hand made. she's gotten lots of compliments on the case ;0 they've gotten good reviews, made in australia
    • Wow! This foof site is awesome! I really love their stuff! I can't thank you enough for sharing! :) Not all bags have to have the "uber geek" stamp on it. ;) Some can look cool. Most geeks I know have ZERO fashion sense. ;) hehe
  • by spooky_nerd ( 646914 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:40PM (#15067784)
    I put a padded shell inside a slightly battered back pack. The shell does a great job of protecting the backpack. I can take the shell out when I'm using the backpack for something else. And, it doesn't look like there's anything valuable in the backpack. I've heard stories of people smashing car windows and grabbing shoulder bags, because they look like they probably have a laptop inside them. My bag looks like it's used by a student to carry text books.
    • Too bad with textbook prices these days they're almost as valuable as a laptop. :(

      Good point though, I do the same thing, $15 neoprene sleve in my backback and my lappy is safe.
    • The other reply is exactly right. Take it from a college student: people are just as likely to steal a backpack as a laptop now. You can make $500 easily selling books to a campus bookstore. At my school, you hear about a lot more book thefts than laptop thefts.

      Also, I'm curious: where did you get the neoprene sleeve? I honestly could use something like that with my laptop.
    • Timberland makes backpacks with a laptop pouch built in. Its not really heavily padded but I love it. If your laptop is sitting on your back that is about the safest place you are going to find to carry it and the weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders, not pulling to one side.

      Yes a backpack isn't entirely going to discourage thieves but its about the best you are going to do for inconspicuous. A shoulder bag screams out expensive laptop and is going to invite a mugger or someone to try to snatch
    • The shell does a great job of protecting the backpack.

      How good a job does it do of protecting the laptop?
  • Too Pricey! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by 955301 ( 209856 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:45PM (#15067836) Journal
    Personally, I bought a case similiar to the haliburton from Office Depot for $100 then packed the other $282.50 around the computer for protection and $.50 coffees.

    I subscribe to two financial rules: 1)Don't spend the seed money. 2) It's all seed money.

    Buy a cheaper case, find a simple padding solution and go save an entire african family for a year with the rest of the money.
    • Re:Too Pricey! (Score:1, Flamebait)

      Personally, I bought a case similiar to the haliburton from Office Depot for $100 then packed the other $282.50 around the computer for protection and $.50 coffees.

      I subscribe to two financial rules: 1)Don't spend the seed money. 2) It's all seed money.

      Buy a cheaper case, find a simple padding solution and go save an entire african family for a year with the rest of the money.

      I can imagine your righteous indignation schtick ends up being a BIG BUNCH of fun every time someone orders an extra hit of ma
      • Hear Hear. Nothing worse than a bad case of smug. How is the Halliburton bag in terms of going through TSA at airports? Do they just assume that you're a g-man and wave you through? I'd like to get one, but I'm a frequent flier, and I suspect they'd bust by balls everytime I'd go through.
        • No problem 99% of the time. I was asked to open it years ago while going through LAX and then also Kansai and Narita. Ever since then, I just open it up and let them scan it open.
        • The TSA doesn't trat the Halliburton any differently from any other piece of luggage: if they don't like the way you look, you get strip-searched, regardless of what you're carrying.
      • First of all, that was pretty impressive.

        Anyway, in the tightass's defense, a $100 knock-off may be appropriate. After all, most of us think of our nice pullover when you mention Patagonia, not our last business trip.

        I personally used the freebie bags from a couple of Microsoft TechEd's for a while (sit down, somebody else paid for me to go). They worked well enough for me and were the right price. My wife still uses one off-and-on for her laptop. Of course, I probably wouldn't have taken either of them
      • Sometimes it's considered being frugal, but when you make it out like spending an extra couple hundred bucks for a case that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY to protect an invest of perhaps a couple THOUSAND dollars, you just end up sounding like a TIGHTASS.

        Being a tightass, you wouldn't want to spend "a couple THOUSAND dollars" on a laptop. An older used IBM Thinkpad will do just fine (T23 for $360). I spent $40 on my laptop bag and it protects my laptop quite well. No need to go spend money on a fancy bag that
      • This isn't nickels and dimes you literary bed bug. This is almost a 3x1 ratio on the same product line where both cases are well built! But now I know what fool will by a lifetime warranty on a $100 briefcase for 280 bucks when the comparable item is MADE OF ALUMINUM and padded as well. It isn't aluminum foil - get a warranty on the computer instead.

        But as long as your criticizing me by endowing what I typed with egotystical emotion ( .shtml []), I'd like to con
    • I've been toting around the Haliburton for quite a while, and it's worth every penny. Not only does it get the job done (being lighter even than many leather and fabric cases I've used), but nothing sez "Here comes the Pro from Dover" quite like tossing that gunmetal bad boy up on to a table in a conference room filled with new clients and snapping 'er open. Tough to gauge, of course, but in the long run it may even have put more money back in my pocket than it took out in the first case.

      Whassa matter, do
      • I guess I just need to take a picture of the $100 jobbie I was talking about. It's stamped aluminum, not the pieced together garbage you can find for $30. It fits my 17" notebook, and I have carried it back and forth to client's offices for years with great success.

        And I get the same effect you mentioned when breaking it out. Nobody will let me leave it in their meeting room and step out for fear of it exploding or something.

    • Just found another one of these at Office Depot - they are on clearance right now for $75. It's a Samsonite SA-940088. This case is big enough for a 17" widescreen notebook and sturdy enough to take the occasional wall or desk corner.

      I almost bought a second one, just because. The only complaint I have is the strap - it didn't last long. But the case itself makes me confident enough to tote my main system around in.

      Happy Shopping! Save your money!
  • booq (Score:4, Informative)

    by darkitecture ( 627408 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:47PM (#15067851)
    I always thought Booq made some fantastic laptop bags and accessories. Although it's predominantly aimed at Mac owners, the bags are obviously suited to other models as well. I have a Toshiba Portege which just loves the Booq bag it calls a cozy home.

    Check them out at []

    • I got a Booq bag for a trip, and I wound up sending it back. They look great and all, but in the end there just wasn't enough room in it for much more than the laptop and PS brick. (I guess that's why they sell so many accessories that attach to the shoulder strap.) Sure, that should be all you need, but it was a hella big bag for the bit of space it gave you. And the sleeve that came with it wasn't very well padded. So I sent my $100+ bag back and hied myself down to $OFFICESUPPLYSTORE and picked up a
  • by Billosaur ( 927319 ) * <wgrother.optonline@net> on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:54PM (#15067929) Journal
    The FedEx box, seams carefully reinforced with duct tape, which includes a bubble wrap lining to protect your laptop from even the most rude of shocks.
  • to see a top ten of mental cases on slashdot some day.
  • by who what why ( 320330 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:59PM (#15067988)
    I have a Voltaic solar-panel bag. It definitely gets a lot of attention. People often ask me (usually on the way out of a room/office/store) what the solar panels are for. I'm not sure how useful the solar panels are though - I live in New York and got the bag as a xmas present so it hasn't really seen much sunshine yet!

    I use it to charge my PDA, mp3 player and crappy cell phone which runs out of batteries after an hour because it can't get a signal in Manhattan. So far I've been plugging the bag in at the office, then using the built in batteries to charge the gadgets in emergencies.

    Basically, it's a nice idea, and a good conversation piece, but it's not really all that useful (well, it does a great job of carrying my laptop and papers around at least!)

  • Mine of choice: Vyper XL []

    Simple; just something to hold and protect the unit. Somtimes, that's all I carry. If I need pockets for cables, charger, batteries, etc., then I use a briefcase that does NOT advertise "HEY, THERE'S A LAPTOP AND RELATED EXPESIVE STUFF IN HERE!!"

  • I'm looking for a real stealth type of backpack/holster case.

    Something that just carries the notebook and not much else. Kind of like those neoprene "slipcases." But I'm looking for one that straps to my back and can be worn under a jacket or coat and would do a pretty good job of hiding the fact that I was carrying a notebook with me at all.

    Of course this would only be useful for an ultra-thin notebook, the kind that only ways a couple of pounds and has a screen 13" or less.

    Anyone know where I can find s
    • You could try the ScottEvest []
      It can hold just about anything and you can even get solor panels for your back to recharge.

      But there is this little disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

      * Although most laptops will fit in the back pocket of your SeV, we don't recommend using it in lieu of a laptop bag. Sitting on your laptop is not comfortable nor good for your laptop. But it will surely work for short distances and especially for some of today's lightweight sublaptops.

  • The wooden case is excellent! My choice for overall best case.

    (also perfect for the wooden executive)
  • at least one of the Axio bags... []

  • I have been using a Targus backback for about 7 years and it has held up to alot of travel and wear. I can make that run from Terminal K to Terminal H at O'Hare and still get a Starbucks on the way. I am looking for something a bit slimmer though so that I am not fighting on airplanes for space. I have finally gotten to the point that I don't need to carry all that extra crap with me that I used to.
  • by wwphx ( 225607 )
    I don't like messenger bags, they require either a hand to be occupied or a shoulder to be disproportionately burdened. I use a Camelbak Alpine backpack. It will hold my laptop, charger, two USB cables for my Palm and my digital voice recorder, plus books for one class. I can squeeze in my Eos Digital Rebel if need be, and it'll still hold two 1-liter bottles of water. It is now carrying its second laptop and I see no problem with it lasting indefinitely.

    And when I'm at a convention or something, the la
  • I've carried a gunmetal gray Zero Halliburton Z5 computer briefcase for 5 years now. It looks like it's been thorugh hell (because it has), but still does the job. It goes wherever I travel.
  • by Looke ( 260398 )

    Im betting slashdotters will prefer the on with solar panels?

    Right ... Leaving all my gadgets in the heat of the sun doesn't sound quite cool to me.

  • My current laptop case for travel weighs 25lbs fully loaded with all my "stuff". I want something functional, well padded and with pockets that are easy to get into and out of without opening the whole thing up. With that much weight, if it doesn't roll, it isn't worth squat.

    500k air miles and 4 years later, I'm finally wearing out the bag that was the predecessor to the Travelpro Wall Street.

    My replacement? Probably a Briggs & Riley [] because of the unconditional lifetime guarantee, but at $350, it's
  • The title misled me into thinking of a computer case, as in what the laptop looks like - not what to put the laptop in.

    I hope I'm not the only one who thought wrong.
    • You aren't.
      The article isn't decpetive, it's just that slashdotters are so used to seeing articles on cool case mods that when we hear case we assume it's a mod or DOJ or SCO.
  • of my own lappy [] case [].
  • Backpack in winter, when I want to have my hands in nice toasty gloves.

    Summertime, though, I prefer the briefcase. I think it looks better. 991005000 []

    The Fender Tweed briefcase. With a nice, hand-made padded case for my laptop, made out of crushed red velvet.

    • The Fender Tweed briefcase. With a nice, hand-made padded case for my laptop, made out of crushed red velvet.

      The coolest thing about that is that you can open up the case and sit down in a train station or on a sidewalk and hack for spare change.

  • The writing on the back looks military in nature, reading: "Tactical Field Gear, standard issue, Level 4 Restricted".

    I wonder how smooth your trip through an airport would be with one of these slung over your shoulder.
  • I dunno, but I would prefer to see at least one backpack. Also at least two of the bags seemed to look like bags you get with your laptop.
  • waterfield designs []... Enough said...
  • For ages I've been trying to find a laptop sleeve with backpack straps. Does something like this even exist? Basically, I want the most minimal of padding, which one would get from a sleeve, with no extra pockets or bulges with backpack straps that allow it to stick close to my back and won't let the laptop move around as I bike to work. Any suggestions?
  • Desire is the source of all suffering.
    The Takumi Shimamura wooden case [] is causing me extreme pain.
  • Heys ePac (Score:3, Informative)

    by iamnotaclown ( 169747 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @01:37PM (#15068449)
    The Crumpler bags mentioned somewhere above are very nice, but way overpriced for what is essentially a backpack with a padded compartment.

    I grabbed a Heys ePac [] for my new MacBook Pro and love it. Almost as snazzy as a Crumpler, but for a fraction of the price.

  • I've been using a little slip by WaterField Designs [] for about a year now. It's one of their Sleeve Cases [] for my 15" PowerBook. My brother has been using one for his Titanium PowerBook for years now and it has held up great (as has mine). It's just the right size for the laptop, easy to get the laptop in and out. It's padded to it adds some protection (I tend to put it in my backpack) and keeps scratches away. It has a pocket on the back that can hold paper or something too which has come in quite handy.


  • The coolest laptop bag is the one that doesn't look like a typical laptop bag, and is thus less a target for theft. My wife's looks somewhat like a large diaper bag; that can certainly keep thieves at bay.
  • I've got a Tom Binh brain cell []

    Its a minimalist messenger affair, and a crumpler new school hymn for when I need to bring more than the bare essentials - 6&prodType=Bag&catId=5 []

    Its just a sleeve, it fits in my messenger bag and my backpack... The thing about most bags is that they are jus bags, these two have a hard plastic shell along with the foam - real support and protection. The only real pr
  • This [] is my laptop case. It keeps my laptop snug and padded while it's in my backpack, or when I'm toting it from place to place.

    It's small, distinctive, stylish, and does exactly, and only what it's intended to do. Carries my laptop and the power cord.

    What's even nicer is that apart from the shape, nobody would ever guess it's a laptop sleeve.

    And apart from that, the people who run the company are amazing people. Shortly after I ordered mine, I got mine, I got an email from the company informing me that
  • by aafiske ( 243836 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @02:26PM (#15069001)
    Or are their tastes a little backwards?

    I mean, the Haliburton case looks like something that's filled with toy-tools for your 6 year old nephew. And the Oakley? Mad max? Nothing says post-apocalyptic to me than 'Oakley'. And the 'level 4 restricted'? I see we have moved on from the 6 year olds to the 14 year old marketing category.

    Finally... the number one spot. A case that looks like a reject from a 70s design company. Who would walk around like that? Can you picture someone on the street carrying one of those? Exactly what suit or outfit would one be wearing to match a cedar briefcase? As much as I love wood-paneled station wagons, I never wanted to _look_ like one.

    Don't get me wrong, the padded-grey-yawn that most laptop cases could do with a lot of improvement. But these aren't it.

    • Personally, I would just get one of the first-generation "fruity" iBooks and put a fluffy toilet seat cover on it. It even comes with its own carry handle! I know I've never broken a toilet by dropping it, have you?

      Actually, a case made of Duplo or Lego blocks would be cool. Or Lincoln logs.
  • It's all about STM [] laptop bags, in particular, the Alley [] model. You can buy them for reasonable prices in the US from Radtech []. They cost $45, and fit my MacBook Pro 15.5" lappy perfectly. These are definitely the most stylish bags I was able to find after an hour's worth of googling... You don't have to look like a tool just to carry your favorite tool with you...
  • My dad is religious about his Tumi laptop case. It's not particularly cool, and it's a bit overpriced, but boy is it extremely functional. Every zipper feels right, it's very durable, and it isn't too bulky. What converted me was how nicely the handles have worn. ases_non_wheeled/category_search/small_expandable_ computer_brief/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=57 315 []

    They have better looking designs, and I hate to admit I trust their brand: []
  • by pillohead ( 553676 ) <dirtywetback@hotmai l . com> on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @02:43PM (#15069160) Journal
    First of all this is based on the knowledge I obtained while selling luggage about 7-8 years ago, so as per usual YMMV. Back in those days Brenthaven made the best bags to offer drop protection to your laptop. The owner or president or whatever Harvey Stone would come into our shop and demonstrate by dropping his bag with his laptop in it and then pulling it out and booting it up to show there was no damage. If the cases are too expensive, then check out the laptop sleeves, they have decent 20 dollar jobbys that will really work. I got a hundred dollar []laptop glove for my bro in the army back in 2000 and he still has it. They're made with great materials up in Bellingham Washington and their warranty is phenomenal. They used to be fanatical about customer service, I bet they still are.

    Also I have an older Halliburton 5" case and by itself that thing weighs a pretty good amount. If I throw in my latitude c800 with a 15" screen with both batteries and charger it's ridiculously heavy. The Halliburtons look cool but if you have to do any walking further than from your car to the client then forget it. They're damned impressive in interviews, that first impression with that bad boy and you'll be sure they won't forget you.
  • by Dr. Brad ( 19034 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2006 @02:56PM (#15069321)
    Have a look at what the hard-core road warriors carry -- the folks with airline status that lets them get on the plane first. You'll see one briefcase/backpack brand more than any other: Tumi []. Yeah, they're expensive -- $150-600 and they never discount 'em, but they're guaranteed for life.

    It will take killer abuse, protect the contents, and stay good looking doing it. I've destroyed TravelPro stuff without ever checking it. My Tumi just gets that happy 50-mission look.

    They also have ones that are more suitable for the civilized gender [].

    The best part is that it comes witht the little talked-about Tumi SpaceWarp(TM) technology. Somehow these suckers are smaller on the outside and larger on the inside than anything else I've used. I can't believe they don't mention this in the brochures.

    Take care,
  • With everybody making suggestions, anybody know of a good case for the Inspiron 9300? 17" WUXGA screen... I'm a big guy and have zero problems hauling it around (I regularly carry a stack of books with me that easily outweighs any laptop), but I've found few cases that fit the beast. Preferably something I can toss a couple folders and/or four composition/sketch books into.

    Evan "Bonus if it is waterpoof"

    • Backpacks for 17" machines are hard to come by.

      That said, I just bought a Targus XL and it's VERY nice.
      • For what it's worth, I've been though most of the links in this discussion, and the best I've found so far for nice cases that support very large laptops is Booq Bags. This link [] goes right to the cases that fit the 9300.


  • This list misses a crucial function: some of us work and want to look professional. These would all be fun to show to friends, and I'm sure some college kids would love taking their laptop to a LAN party in a wooden case. But at work, where being technically-oriented already causes you to be disregarded by management, you need to look and act professional.

    I personally love my briefbag []. Its a bit costly, but if I'm going to use something every day, I prefer it to be nice.
  • I wanted something I could use to carry my laptop to work, and use as a daypack when travelling, or shopping - so I got this: UCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442280621&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder _id=2534374302699713&bmUID=1144269078394 []

    Serves me very well, and it stealthy too - sure does not look like a laptop case!
  • These bags all seem extremely "College Student Cool" in both form and function, none of them meet my personal needs and desires.

    My needs for a laptop bag were simple when I went shopping; (a) Must be resilient, (b) must be weatherproof, (c) must provide reasonable storage for things other than my laptop (papers, pens, power supply, cordless mouse) and (d) be unobtrusive when worn.

    Although my final choice of the []Axio Tekno backpack was not cheap, it has met all of the above requiremen
  • Why spend a ton of cash on a Zero Halliburton. Vanguard has a bunch of cases you can typically find for around $40-$60.

    I have a small case [] for my Vaio SR7K and a large case [] for my Thinkpad T43.

    The smaller case would fit in most backpacks just fine. The larger case is a problem because of the dimensions, 13"x18"x3". The Oakley backpack looks promising but the $150 price tag is a lot.

    Then again, spending about $200 to protect and carry a $2,000 laptop is a good deal in my book.
  • It scratches *really* easy.

    When I got my TiBook in 2002 I got one of these cases in the "gunmetal" color. Come on, we've always wanted the movies they're always carrying guns. Or money. Or drugs. Or some combination thereof.

    I picked up one from a discount place in Union Square, so I didn't pay full price, and I started using it. It's nowhere near as functional as, say, a Timbuk2 bag. You can't cram as much crap in. But it looks damn cool. And it does provide great protection.

    Shorly after I
  • by bmo ( 77928 )
    The highest rated one was the Japanese wooden attache' case?

    Why not get one made in the US with custom carving? []

    Now, that's art.

  • Just in case you want a custom-made model, here are some links to do-it-yourself instructions for selfmade laptop and notebook bags and backpacks []. Currently only three HOWTOs but I am confident there will be more soon.

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