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Comment I Looked at System76 (Score 4, Interesting) 122

...when I sent my daughter off to college last Fall. Figured it might be nice for her to have someone beside Dear Ol' Dad to call if she had some complicated Linux problems (she can handle the simple and medium problems). Then I saw how much they were charging! Could not justify the expense, even with whatever phonecall time it might save me. Bought a Lenovo and had her roll her own OS into it. She, and my wallet, are both way better for it...

Comment Re:This guy (Score 1) 251

You're right. Instead of putting his name in the press release, Elon should reference the idea as having come from Pakit Cherniabiyia, the lead developer at the third-party firm overseas who is handling Tesla's AI research. That's sure to result in lots more press interviews and investments. Good thinking...!

Comment Re:Mining (Score 2) 283

I am.

But you're apparently not familiar with basic Christian theology. See, the Old Testament is only part of the Christian bible as it provides the prologue on what is a millennials-long story arc. Mosaic Law (which over-wrote the Code of Hammurabi etc.) is itself over-written by Christ's "Mosaic Anti-theses:" "Love your neighbor as yourself," "Do unto others..." "Let he without sin cast the first stone," etc. No Christian sect (again, outside the 40 people in the Westboro Baptist Church) follow OT writings as canon when they are specifically over-written by NT writings. That's sort of the whole focus of Christianity.

You Leviticus-citing anti-Christian Internet "theologians" are even more pathetic than the Internet "tough guys."

Comment Re:Mining (Score 2) 283

It's actually Sharia law -- Islam -- with the edicts that require gays to be stoned to death. The Westboro Baptist Church (membership: 40, per Wikipedia) is the only Christian sect that I know of that "wants to kill" homosexuals.

For the complete set of stats re which barbaric and medieval Islamic laws are still practiced today and where, see this link. Hopefully you are open to being educated and are not just a woefully ignorant bigot.

Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 1) 333

Really? That young blonde girl getting pepper-sprayed in the Berkeley footage was a neo-Nazi? The owner of the Starbucks that had its windows smashed... he was a neo-Nazi too?? Man o man, California must be crawling with neo-Nazis! Who knew?

And Bundy was a cattle rancher who believed the government was taking his land. It was a legal property dispute, not an ideological debate. Most importantly, neither Bundy nor anyone who took up his cause hurt anyone or destroyed anything! You're just proving my point with that citation, son. Thanks for playing...

Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 1) 333

>>Harboring a culture of hatred, letting it be acceptable to let those kinds of ideas flourish, ones in which someone wants to kill people (entire races of people, in fact), is not acceptable

See, and I call that Abortion Culture, and there are millions like me, but if I walked up onto the platform during the Abortion March a few weeks back and expressed my opinion by punching creepy old Madonna, I'd have been arrested. As would be proper. Because this is a nation of laws, and we do not end one form of barbarism by resorting to another.

Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 2, Insightful) 333

>>Free Speech only means the government can't (or legally shouldn't) censor you. It does not mean that if you speak Nazi-like remarks that you won't get a fist thrown at you.

Correct. But about a dozen other laws will get you tossed into jail if you throw a fist at me because you disagree with what I am saying. Not to mention all the fire-starting, window-smashing and random property damage.

Now that I think about it... geez... why is everyone on the Left so violent? Left-wing thought has *owned* college campuses for the last 40-50 years. Are you guys really so fragile and insecure that one guy giving voice to a different point of view throws you into a tailspin? If y'all are trying to move past that "snowflake" stereotype, pepper-spraying people with whom you disagree is really the wrong approach...

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