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Comment Re: good for them (Score 1) 639

For Facebook, in the case we have been discussing, it's simple: Stop using the word "trending." The Black Lives Matter stories were *not* trending, as it turns out, but the FB editors thought they should be, so included them. Words mean something. "Trending" means something. When you omit the biggest news stories of the weekend (that CPAC thing), and you prop up stories that few people online are discussing, and call it "trending," you are lying. As far as I'm concerned, if FB just prefaces its news as Twitter does its "Moments," i.e., with no implication that the stories are impartially driven by an algorithm measuring Internet "buzz," I'm fine with it. They can be as left- or right- leaning as they want to be, it's their servers and their business. Just don't put urine in a carton with an Orange Tree on the front, sell it in the juice aisle, and expect me not to get pissed when I discover its... piss.

Comment Re: good for them (Score 1) 639

I agree with everything you just wrote. The only point now is that you are being a little disingenuous when you write that if "it's a big enough problem, that creates an opportunity for a different social network to gain traction." The average Mom&Pop who lives their life on FB doesn't go there for the world news, they go there for pictures of cats and first Communions. An opposing or more balanced news outlet shouldn't have to build an entire social network to reach people in that space. Facebook should at least make it clear that the news stories are curated, and not imply that they are organically trending. If a cola contains cocaine or poison, the bottler is obligated to mention that on the label because the populace has a right to know what they are putting in our bodies. Our *minds* should be given the same consideration.

Comment Re: good for them (Score 1) 639

You're confused. The premise of this whole discussion is about "news curators" deleting perfectly valid "right wing" news stories, and artificially inflating stories about "left wing" topics such as Black Lives Matter, in order to control and spin a narrative in "trending news" feeds that were assumed to be neutral and algorithm-driven. You're the one bringing the notion of "hate speech" into the discussion -- unless you believe the curators regarded wire stories about Mitt Romney and CPAC to be hate speech. (Which, given that the curators are said to be 20-somethings hailing from northeastern Ivy League schools, I guess is not too far of a stretch...)

Comment Re:good for them (Score 3, Informative) 639

>>You're just old and confused by people not wanting to give a podium to nakedly racist sexist assholes.

Ageism. Not quite as trendy as "racism" and "sexism," as it's inherently a disease of the fashionably young. But you're an ageist.

>>we don't need to give them a space to talk

Yeah, son, actually you kinda do. And that space is called "everywhere in the U.S." You're just young, and confusing the rights you think you *should* have with the rights outlined in the Constitution that you actually, legally, *do* have.

Comment Re:Cheap nuclear (Score 1) 206

Indian Point is in my backyard. I live about ten minutes north of Buchanan. I have no problem with Indian Point.

What I and my neighbors DO have a problem with are the Ponytails and other chuckleheads who are bused up here regularly from NYC to protest and make noise and pretend to the media that they are "outraged locals." I've taken the time to speak to a few of them, and invariably they have no understanding regarding the plant's operation or nuclear energy v. fossil fuel issues in general outside of a few easily refuted talking points their handlers supply to them. It is all theater.

Comment Re:Too many close calls (Score 0) 349

Read a book.

And if only the urban tech centers -- NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago -- were spared, it would be a month, maybe a month and a half before the civil unrest between the haves and the have-nots in these places boiled over into such violent anarchy people would be wishing they had been taken in the nuke strikes.

So much for all lattes and free wi-fi...

Comment Re:Why Limit This Contrived Gimmick to Just SF? (Score 1) 180

Amazon's "recommendations" are based upon purchases you have already made, so it will suggest more Chicano-Lesbian-Telepath books to you if it you have purchased some in the past -- and presumably steer you away from any of the Roger Ramjets. To suggest that an AI can and should properly select what is "best" or "classic" across the entire genre, regardless of someone's stated personal preferences, is a whole different matter.

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