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Comment Re:Nielsen Wants You to Think They Are Still Relev (Score 2) 184

Exactly right, Netflix does not reveal it, and why should they? And HBO knows exactly how many people are watching their shows through HBO Go. The content owners of the so-called Over-The-Top distribution of video programming have a granular and Nielsen-free handle on those numbers.

Comment Nielsen Wants You to Think They Are Still Relevant (Score 3, Interesting) 184

The fact of the matter is that they have been struggling for years to keep pace with the barrage of new video consumption choices Americans have. They still don't have a handle on it. And there are many in the broadcast/cable industry who uphold they never really had a good grasp (Those diaries! seriously...?) of who was watching what. Their customers are the broadcasters, not, say YouTube channels or Twitch feeds, so they will always have that bias...

Comment Re:Muslim or Christian Evangelical ? (Score 3, Funny) 161

>>Westboro Baptist Church

Oh, please! Get a better boogeyman, would you, huh? If you "wouldn't be surprised" then you really don't know much about Westboro's theology, and if you would equate the "threat" from Westboro with the very real existential threat of radical Islam, then you don't know much about Islamic theology, either.

But it's the internet, so please, express your opinion. Everyone is a Winner, after all...

Comment Re:Who is Trent Reznor? (Score 1) 428

So you're ten years old AND your mother won't let you use any search engines?

I am sure it is rough for you now, kid, but believe me when I say "It gets better." When you are a little older and your mom let's you use Google you won't believe how easy things will become! In the meantime, here, have a peppermint...

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

>>How many abortion clinics/doctors have been bombed and yes, shot up, in the past decade?

Yeah, how about that? Here's a tidy summary from the Times.

As you can see, the writer had to throw in Canadian violence just to pad out his article.

But here's the thing: There is no Christian sect in America with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church that sanctions violence. My knowledge is not exhaustive so please correct me if I am wrong. And every time that violence "in Christ's name" is committed, official spokesmen from every denomination you can name make a point of condemning it.

You have to see that it is different when violence is committed "in Allah's name," or you are simply not paying attention/only willing to see what you want to see. Sure, the Book of Ezekiel says some crazy violent things, but, again, every Christian denomination acknowledges those passages have been superseded by Christ's gospel of love in the New Testament. Try and get the Imans of any Muslim sect to likewise formally renounce the calls to egregious violence in the Q'ran; try to get the Sharia courts to renounce the penalties for the huddud offences, as stipulated in the Q'ran. Lemme know how that works out for you.

If you really want to do some good, if you really want to save some lives, work towards a Muslim Reformation. Christianity has progressed since the Middle Ages, Islam has not, and it is killing us.

Comment Re:Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1, Funny) 1718

I'm wide awake, son, thanks for asking.

You're presenting me with a list of tweets from cowardly little sociopaths making brave noises to impress their friends sitting across from them at their high school lunch table. Looks like Slashdot on any given Wednesday.

This discussion is not about Internet Tough Guys and Online Bullies making fun of the unicorns in your Safe Space, it's about Institutionalized Violence! Entire nations whose court systems still believe that cutting off the hands of thieves and stoning adulterers is valid justice!

We're talking about bullets, you're showing us tweets. Try to keep up...

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