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Comment A serious question from an outsider (Score 1) 139

I haven't used Windows for over a decade, now, running a strictly Linux household, so I'm in no position to judge the relative merits of different versions of Windows. I understand that some people have to use Windows 10 at work, because their company mandates it, or in a home office because they need to use software that insists on it. However, what, if anything, is so great about Windows 10 that would make you prefer it over any other version of Windows if you're able to decide for yourself which version to install?

Comment Re:VirtualBox (Score 4, Informative) 88

Using multiple VMs with different distros won't help a bit here, because when you come right down to it, they're all using the same hardware, and that's what this is exploiting. Now, if you had multiple graphics cards and let different distros use different cards, that might throw them off.

Comment Re:Did Europe just ban sex bots? (Score 1) 173

No, Asimov never set out to prove that his three laws are worthless. He did, however, write many stories showing under the right circumstances those laws could interact in unexpected ways causing problems that only a human could solve. One of the best examples is the story Runaround, where a robot is confused by a conflict between the Second and Third Laws, and is only brought back under control by use of the First Law to override the other two.

Comment One possible solution to the problem. (Score 1) 305

You can probably reduce the stress in the workers monitoring the porn by giving them two extra breaks to work off some of the physical tension their work leads to and a private fapping room so that other workers don't have to watch them. It probably won't help much with those watching the violent videos, but then again, we all know about people who get turned on by that.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 285

I wasn't trying to suggest that the damage was, or was likely to get as bad as those battlefields. I just wanted to remind people that the damage adds up over time and gave the most extreme example I knew of. I've been at Ground Zero in Nagasaki, and it's safer there than in the Zone Rouge because the radiation level has dropped so much over the years.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 5, Interesting) 285

The Army knows from history just how badly the environment can be devastated by combat, or in this case by being used as a training range. Small parts of northern France have been sealed off since the end of WWI as the Zone Rouge both because of the huge quantity of unexploded ordinance and the amount of other toxic materials in the ground, and it may take up to 700 more years before some parts become safe to use. In fact, there are two small pieces of ground where soil samples are up to 17% arsenic, and 99% of all plants that sprout there die. They're trying to find a way to prevent creating more dead zones by using practice ammo that's not made of toxic materials, and I think that's a Good Thing.

Comment Data metering and caps (Score 1) 70

There's a lot of people out there on a metered connection, or who have to pay extra if their downloads exceed a specified cap. I can't imagine a plan like that having enough bandwidth per month to cover a 53 GB download without extra cost. What I'd like to know is, who's getting stuck with the bill? Are the customers going to have to fork out or is Playground Games going to Do The Right Thing and cover the expense?

Comment Re:80% of those complaints are Windows. Linux solv (Score 1) 449

Too much work to get anything done, too much of a learning curve, too many habits to change, or what? I've been using it for years for newsletters and flyers, and if there are problems with it, I'd be glad to pass them on to the devs. After all, it's still a work in progress, and they can always use constructive feedback.

Comment Re:80% of those complaints are Windows. Linux solv (Score 2) 449

However, there's zero alternative to Acrobat.

I take it, then, that you've never looked at Scribus a cross-platform, FOSS page layout program that's being used by professionals to create newsletters, periodicals and books. And, if you're having trouble with it, there's an active and helpful mailing list full of people ready to advise you. Check it out; you might just be surprised by how good it is.

Comment Re:Make updating easier (Score 1) 181're asked the insulting question, "What issue were you trying to resolve by updating the firmware?"

I spent over seven years doing tech support for an ISP. We didn't have to worry about firmware upgrades, because that was something to be discussed with the OEM, not us. However, if I did, that question would have been routine, because our first step would have to be to restore the status quo ante, and if you were having trouble before, I might have to take it into account in rolling things back. Being told that there wasn't anything wrong before would actually make my job easier because whatever instruction set (or cheat sheet) I'd be using would have been written by somebody who assumed that the device was working correctly before and I wouldn't have to make any adjustments to the procedure.

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