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Comment Re:Why the Hell didn't Let's Encrypt register it?! (Score 1) 120

Well, for one, they don't have to to be the owner of it. In the US, it's first to use, not first to register.

I don't think so. Back in the '80s I did tech support for a small startup (long gone by now) marketing specialized software to law firms. The owner of the firm was a lawyer and he trademarked the program's name after doing a proper trademark search. About a year after we started selling, we got a Cease and Desist letter from somebody who'd been marketing a completely different, unrelated program under the same name for about ten years, but never trademarked the name. My boss replied, pointing out that they'd never bothered to trademark the name and he had, meaning that he owned the name and they didn't. He also told them that he'd allow them to continue using the name as long as they stopped bothering him and made sure that their customers knew that this was a different program. We never heard from them again.

Comment I have to wonder (Score 1) 231

Considering all of the money that Sony's paid out to lawyers over the years fighting this plus the amount they'll end up paying out to the customers if they're going to end up worse off than they would have if they'd settled before this even came to trial. Maybe, if the total costs of the case are high enough, Sony's stockholders may decide to vote out the current management on the grounds of their failing to protect the company's assets. One can only hope.

Comment Re:Slytherin (Score 1) 109

Maybe, maybe not. But Hillary certainly should be. Not because of her politics but because more than anything else, she's driven by ambition, and a lust for power and that's what Slytherin is all about. To quote the Sorting Hat from when it's examining Harry, " Slytherins will do anything to get their way."

Comment Re:Spamford Wallace (Score 3, Insightful) 56

If you want to get rid of most telemarketing, put all of your phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. Then, make a habit of reporting violations so that the feds have the evidence they need to enforce the law. This won't stop all of it, but it will keep away the more honest companies and give you a way to fight back against scammers.

Comment Re:Why are such criminals not "banned from the web (Score 2) 56

And how, exactly, is restricted computer access going to prevent him from going right back to his old tricks? Not only has he proven time and time again that he has no intention of stopping, he doesn't even need to be in the same room as a computer because all he's doing is paying other people to send out spam for him. No, the only thing that might work is sending some of his employees to prison because they're just as guilty as he is.

Comment Re:What's to stop people sending fake pictures? (Score 1) 118

And there are some people who just don't care who sees them naked. If that weren't the case, there'd be no pornography industry. This really doesn't sound like a good business model.

True. And I'm sure that there are people who wouldn't mind having random strangers looking at their naked body as long as there's no way to identify them, but would be horribly embarrassed if anybody they knew saw the pictures, or they were showing their ID so that people could find out who they were and possibly harass them.

Comment Re:23/24 improved. Number 24 died. (Score 1) 74

My sister was diagnosed with MS over fifteen years ago, so I know more about it than most people need to. When you have an episode, various functions degrade, such as vision and so-on. When you go into remission, some, but not all of the functions return, meaning that you're on a gradual downward slope. Judging from what was written, not all of the patients who experienced a stop in the progression got any function back.

Comment Re:Mobile Responsive Page = Fine (Score 1) 278

In many populated areas all is needed is WiFi to get 50m accuracy of your location. If there's no WiFi, a guess will be made, sometimes the guess isn't far off, sometimes it is.

At home, on my desktop, I have a wired connection to my router and out by ADSL. Location sharing is generally several miles off because that's where the DSLAM is. If I'm using my laptop at home, the WiFi is connected to my own router, which again, goes out the phone lines. The only time I'm likely to get more accurate location data from WiFi is when I'm on the road and using my phone. Of course, if I'm looking for a nearby gas station, a few miles isn't going to make much of a difference.

Comment Re:the USA should do it too (Score 1) 367

...i just pull out my drivers license and enter my licence number...

You mean you haven't memorized it yet? I memorized mine over forty years ago and still remember it. I wish I could say the same for my cell phone number, but then, the only time I need to know it is when I give it out to somebody and pretty much everybody who might need it already has it.

Comment Re:Mobile Responsive Page = Fine (Score 1) 278

If you go to their website, you still have to go to the right city. This may involve getting to the right county first (I live in Ventura County in California but I often need this in Los Angeles, or Orange County.) or even the right state, depending on how far you're going. With the mobile app, you bring it up, tell it to find gas prices for you and get a list of what's local, with prices. Much faster, much easier and no worries about getting wrong info because of a typo.

Comment Re:Mobile Responsive Page = Fine (Score 1) 278

Why would anyone install an app which does not offer anything above the web site?

Convenience. Let me give you an example. There's a site I have bookmarked on both my desktop and my laptop that tells me the best gas prices near where I live. If I'm on the road, I can tell the site where I am and it will get me the best local prices, but I have to do that every time I need it, and I can't use it in the car. I also have their mobile app on my phone. If I'm low on gas, I can pull over, bring the app up and it will use my GPS to find the nearest stations and they're prices, or I can hand my phone to a passenger and let them use the app. Most of the time, it's just as simple to use the website because it already defaults to prices where I live, but there are times that that's not practical and using the app is.

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