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The Internet

Submission + - Comcast Weans Hogs Off Their Packet Teat

eldavojohn writes: "The telecommunications giant Comcast has severed its services to internet hogs who use more bandwidth than others. From the article, "Carreiro said he received a message from a Comcast Security Assurance representative in December, who warned him that he was hogging too much of the company's bandwidth and needed to cut down. When Carreiro contacted customer service about the call, they had no idea what he was talking about and suggested it was a prank phone call. Unconvinced, Carreiro contacted Comcast several more times, but was again told there was no problem. A month later, he woke up to a dead Internet connection. Customer service directed him to the Security Assurance division, which Carreiro said informed him he would now be without service for one year." This is quite alarming to me, considering that I am forced into using a particular ISP based on some deal my neighborhood made many years before I moved here."

Pthreads vs Win32 threads 385

An anonymous reader writes "It's interesting when different people have different opinions. While I was searching for something on Intel's website, I came across an article on why Windows threads are better than Posix threads. Curiously, I also came across this article on why Posix Pthreads are better that Win32 threads. The thing is, both of these articles are written by the same author!

So who is right (metaphorically speaking?), or what has changed since the first article was written?"

Rosetta Probe Reveals Martian Cloud Systems 26

MattSparkes writes "The ESA's Rosetta probe swooped around Mars on Sunday, completing a key manoeuvre in its 10-year mission to land on a distant comet. The 3-tonne probe came within 155 miles of the planet's surface, and took some incredible images that reveal cloud systems on the planet. "At this time of the Martian year, a large fraction of Mars' atmosphere is evaporating from the southern polar cap and will migrate to the northern polar cap during nothern winter. Over most of the Martian disk one can see large cloud systems.""

Submission + - Release for the recovery of deleted photos

mmyrtle writes: "In order to Recover deleted photos from your memory card can be almost impossible. Now you will be able to download a software to your computer and restore deleted photos easily. DeleteFIX for Photo will let you see what can be recovered in the free version. That way you will not have to buy the product if for some reason after reviewing the pictures you decide you don't want them.

DeleteFIX for Photo will recover photos from Usb, compact flash, memory and digital camera cards as well as your hard disc.

This software does not require any technical skills. You can recover deleted pictures from digital cameras, memory cards or any other media easily with a few clicks of the mouse. Deleted files and photo files are retrieved to your computer so you can organize them directly after restoring them. The software includes a money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results of the product. Overall a very usefull Software program."

Submission + - The end of net privacy in Brazil

DieNadel writes: The Brazilian senate is considering a bill that will make it a crime to join a chat, blog or download from the Internet without fulling identifying oneself first.
If approved, it will be a crime, punishable with up to 4 years of jail time, to disseminate virus or trojans, unauthorizedly access data banks or networks and send e-mail, join chat, write a blog or download content anonymously.
Privacy groups and Internet Providers are very concerned, and are trying to lobby against the bill, but it seems they won't have much success on it.

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