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Comment misleading (Score 1) 462

The issue is that in California they have to sell a certain portion of their fleet with zero and low emissions. He is saying that in order to convince people to buy the zero or low emission vehicles in adequate proportion, they have had to subsidize the price by $14,000. He does not expect that they will "sell too many" â" they picked this price because it's the number they expect will sell exactly the right amount.

Comment 2nd SOMALGET country leaked by contractor resume (Score 1) 241

The 2nd SOMALGET country was first leaked by defense contractor resume. Hinted at, in any case. Defense Contractors put all the illegal shit they do in their resumes to get more jobs doing those things.

Christopher Soghoian's tweet on the subject.

Erica A's resume

Erica A spent December 2012 to October 2013 in Afghanistan, is an expert in "Somalget Retro GUI" and is available for hire immediately.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 133

It's not carpooling. These are cars and drivers that would not be on the road without the service.

It may not purely increase congestion - the riders might otherwise use a car of their own. But it's basically a taxi with 10x better service (in function, not just attitude), slightly lower prices, and total dependence on GIS for knowledge of local geography.

There are a variety of reasons to regulate taxis, but the original one was that otherwise, taxi drivers would run a ton of scams. This isn't a problem with Lyft, specifically. Now we have additional concerns about traffic congestion and ecological impact. I don't know whether that is a problem with Lyft, but it's not crazy to suggest regulation.

Comment Re:Disappointing for a new connector (Score 2) 392

With its limited pin count, it's not a surprise that the Lightning connector does not have the bandwidth to transfer uncompressed video.

I totally disagree. Coax and Ethernet get you plenty of bandwidth on fewer pins. When Apple announced this thing, I was delighted that they must have some kind of brilliant plan for using these very few pins in a flexible, high quality, eventually low-cost manner. If their plan for flexibility was just "send a system image over USB, then connect via USB to that thing once it boots" then I am surprised and disappointed.

Costs may come down as we approach computing ubiquity, but this puts a ceiling on quality and that seems like a poor plan. We might want our iPads to drive 4K displays. Probably not next year, but in 8 years, sure.

I'm sure there are real, physical limitations that I don't understand that make this required, but I'm still disappointed.

Comment Log confirms one of the NYT complaints (Score 1) 841

Although this evidence does seem to show that the NYT reporter is a liar, one of the most alarming issues was the overnight loss of charge. Broder claimed that his car went from 90 miles range to 25 miles range overnight for no reason.

When I parked the car, its computer said I had 90 miles of range, twice the 46 miles back to Milford. It was a different story at 8:30 the next morning. The thermometer read 10 degrees and the display showed 25 miles of remaining range — the electrical equivalent of someone having siphoned off more than two-thirds of the fuel that was in the tank when I parked.

You can see what looks like exactly this issue in the charts between Milford and Norwich.

Comment Not tablet users, no. (Score 1) 297

They should have released office applications for iOS at 2x the price of their iWork equivalents. Then they should have moved all that into the metro style, and released basically the same metro designs for Windows 8.

That might have cost them more than it produced in revenue, but now the result is that millions of people have been delightedly using their iPads for a couple years, and they're doing ok without MS Office. Even enterprise users. And MS still doesn't have an announced plan to bring Office to Metro (Windows 8 Style, whatever).

Including Office in Windows 8 RT might attract a lot of people to the platform. But it might also be the only way they can get Office deployed on a lot of tablets. Like, great, but also technically shovelware. I'd love to say that Microsoft has their work cut out for them, but that implies that they are working on the right things now. Dunno. I hope it works.

Comment Re:I don't give a Zuck! (Score 1) 290

Uh... You aren't contradicting his valid point. He didn't say HTML5 was failed. He said it was a mistake to do HTML5 to the exclusion of other client platforms. How can you disagree with that? He's running a giant software company - they can support a few platforms. They will have different merits.

I wish HTML5 fans hadn't convinced the world it was the 2nd coming of Christ. My favorite web apps worked great with HTML4. Now every web page tries to run enough JavaScript to lift itself into orbit.

Comment Advertisers agree to honor DNT (Score 1, Interesting) 383

Advertisers agree to honor DNT only from browsers that display the setting behind a door labelled "beware leopard".

It's bullshit anyway - any standard based on advertisers behaving ethically is a nonstarter. Apple's default no-third-party cookies seems worthwhile, if circumventable. Why not do more of that? If there are Moz people working on the DNT standard, I feel like they are being suckered.

If it's google's display advertising business you're concerned with, I don't really understand your concerns. If it's any of the many less scrupulous parties that you are concerned with, they're just going to ignore DNT.

Comment I wish he had resigned. (Score 1) 915

Wikileaks used to be stronger for his leadership. Now he's accused of being a rapist, and the accusations aren't going away. If he secures his freedom without facing these allegations, Wikileaks will never be respected again.

Assange claims he can't face these allegations because he will be extradited to the U.S. and I expect that is correct. That either means that they beat him, or that he really is a rapist. So what if we gave him the benefit of the doubt? He has still been beaten. The question is whether beating Assange also means they have beaten Wikileaks.

Openleaks sounded like a total pile of crap when it first launched. I hope that there are other capable people that share the core values of Wikileaks. Every day until Assange hands over leadership and control to those people, Wikileaks is further diminished.

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