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Comment Check AND ETF transfer? (Score 1) 180

I don't understand. Why would anyone expect both a check *AND* an ETF transfer? That would be paying twice. Granted, Comcast should have simply told him at the start that his account was being credited. This story isn't about Comcast screwing a guy over, it's about Comcast customer service reps being to stupid to know what's going on, and too stupid to be able to FIGURE OUT what's going on.

Comment Please Explain (Score 1) 454

It's not self evident to me that providing installers for certain open-source projects is a "bad thing". Even if it were, surely it would be optional, and surely someone interested in using the code would have the option of downloading a binary installer vs the raw source tree. So why is the presence of this seemingly useful feature causing people to host their projects elsewhere and threatening Sourceforge's reputation? What am I missing?

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 591

The phrase "only a theory" suggests that you think there is something beyond that. "Theory" is as good as it gets. (No, "theory" does not get promoted to "law". They're completely different animals.) To say it's "only a theory" is like acknowledging that SCOTUS ruled the Individual Mandate constitutional,but qualifying that statement by pointing out that "it's only the Supreme Court".

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