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Comment Re:Difficult to Define a "Good" Teacher (Score 1) 1322

How is that we hear so many stories of Asian immigrants coming to this country with nothing, or next to nothing and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, often with less than most native-born people who linger in stagnant poverty over generations.

The asian immigrants have one thing going for them; hope. People here in the vicious cycle of poverty have often given up on themselves, and are actually in a position where they feel hopeless.

The native family likely has a drug abuse problem, maybe a alcoholic father or a mother addicted to gambling. You can succeed in life if you have the drive and determination to do so, but these kids from these fucked up homes come out fucked up too, and the cycle continues.

For the state to defeat poverty, it takes investment, time, and determination. You can blame the individual, but you should also blame their circumstances.

Comment Re:Labor Economics (Score 1) 1322

, they call students who simply can't learn the way they teach, lazy.

Let's dissect this for a moment.

If we're talking grade school, my wife finds that with most kids who lag behind it's the parents lack of involvement that's the problem. Teachers want to fail the kids who don't perform; my wife had six kids on her class who didn't do a lick of homework. When she called the parents in to discuss they never showed. Why should the school care when the parents don't? Education, IMO starts in the home. A teacher in grade school can't fail a kid; it's too hard and it's not worth the effort. The parent needs to decide to hold their kid back.

In high school, welcome to life. You're in a class of 30. When you move into university you'll be in a class of 150. The world doesn't bend for you, you bend for the world. Tough shit. That, unfortunately is life, and isn't the teacher's fault, it's the student's. Teaching style be damned.

Comment Re:Anti ACLU (Score 1) 979

There was two comments in the post = a point about chanting islamic chants and a second point about C4.

Why are the two even related? The Unibomber was America. You're not using Christian Chants as your rhetoric, you're using Islamic chants.

So yeah, I take exception to your example because you're using the use of fear mongering and Muslims when religious radicals exist in all walks of life. I never heard people talking this way about Waco, Texas.

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