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Segway Riders Get High on Mount Washington 369

TacticalJack writes "Rob Owen, a retired clown, and two other riders surged up Mount Washington at 12.5 mph, the AP reports. It took the Segway riders two and half hours to complete the 7.6 mile endurance test. The team used six batteries, fought off 50 mph winds and battled bitter cold to reach the 6,288-foot mountain summit. All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?"
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Segway Riders Get High on Mount Washington

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  • *gasps* (Score:5, Funny)

    by Exiler ( 589908 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:44PM (#6842111)
    He asked why. On a segway article. I'm at a loss for words.

    What happened to the standard geek, 'How?'
    • Re:*gasps* (Score:5, Insightful)

      by bersl2 ( 689221 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:52PM (#6842164) Journal
      All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?

      Remember, this is the same crowd that will build antennae out of Pringles cans and will try to put Linux on every conceivable device with a microprocessor. We're geeks; it's because we can, and we'll do it with geek style while we're at it.
      • Re:*gasps* (Score:5, Interesting)

        by CurlyG ( 8268 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:56PM (#6842187)
        Well yeah, it's a cute toy, but the Segway just seems like such a pointless, expensive, inefficient and above all inelegant solution to something that wasn't a problem in the first place... to me that makes it profoundly un-geeky.
        • Re:*gasps* (Score:5, Funny)

          by euxneks ( 516538 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:05PM (#6842229)
          Yes, to you or I, walking is no big problem. But we're not talking about the _average_ computer user geek here are we? =P

          Imagine a huge guy who stays on his computer for days on end.. Or even the malnourished walking stick variety. Is he going to want to actually walk around when he can get some computerized device to do it for him?

          I didn't think so either. =D
          • These are machines that can provide a small amount of fun and ease for most people, and a LOT of extra function and ease for a small segment of the population. For most, a hike up a mountain is a lot of good exercise. For me, it's impossible. So my two cents says that field tests like this are incredibly important to people in that minority. Like me. I watch for stuff like this.

            I have a wheelchair. I can walk just fine- for distances of a mile and a half or less. Any more and my joints can't take it, the inflammation gets too bad and i'm out of commission. So i can get through my workday, but i have the wheelchair for group adventures where it's more fun if i can keep up. Great for museums, but more difficult outside, especially on hills. My arms aren't any better than my legs, so it needs to be pushed, rather than wheeled by me. It works out great, we all take turns, and while i can't push anyone in it, everybody gets a chance to ride and that way i can walk for a little of it and still be part of the adventure. For them it's novel and fun; for me, it's my chance to take part in these excursions. Without it, i'd miss out on a lot.

            A segway would be a great thing to have, but before i spend that kind of money on it, i need to know how it does in real-world operation, with real-world surroundings like dirt and tree branches and so on. So i watch for things like this. It's not a wheelchair and it's not a walker and it's not a little red wagon to be pulled in- it's a scooter that you don't have to propel on your own. Believe me, the energy it saves will be put to use elsewhere. I would love to be able to keep up on a hike!!!

        • Re:*gasps* (Score:3, Insightful)

          by MegaFur ( 79453 )
          Actually, I think segways do have a point or a certain niche in which they would be useful. Unfortunately for the manufacturers, this niche is way too small to support a product so expensive. (I don't think they'd be very good for mountain trails)

          I mean, sure it would be nice to take the car down to the downtown area, find a parking space *somewhere*, then just segway around to wherever you need to be, but... problems:

          1) Almost no one has a segway so there aren't any special parking accomodations set up
    • Or the /. geek: "Does it run Linux?"
  • Answer? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by sokk ( 691010 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:47PM (#6842129)
    "All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?" Because then they wouldn't have hit the press.
    • by Jeff DeMaagd ( 2015 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:15PM (#6842284) Homepage Journal
      I wonder if they were trying to harken to the roots of the US interstate system (although I think Germany's Autobahn predates it).

      I recall a small expedition done by the military to show that an truck caravan can be used to cross the continent. Everyone thought it was stupid because, well, anyone who is anyone carried their freight by rail. Eventually some people realized that the interstate highway system could be used.

      But, even in light of this, I would rather hike all the way up that mountain than ride one of those dorkmobiles.

      Here is a fun article:
      http://www.washtimes.com/upi-breaking/20 030810-081 911-2985r.htm

      I quote:
      "Anybody who rides around on a Segway is a mewling pantywaist passive-aggressive dork with arrested-development issues who probably saves his e-mail in tidy little folders organized with happy-face icons.

      I already feel better."


      "One thing that makes me very very happy about the current political debate is that most lawmakers agree that Segways should require a helmet. Since an actual motorcycle helmet would conflict with the eco-friendly coolness of the Segway experience, they're tending toward some kind of modified bicycle helmet that looks like one of those strap-on leather jobbies worn by the Fighting Horsemen of Notre Dame. Put a computer programmer in a tieless linen suit on a Segway with a leather football helmet on his head, and he looks like a fetishist on his way to the sex dungeon."
  • by hangareighteen ( 31788 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:47PM (#6842133) Homepage
    It begs the question: Why mention that he's a retired clown?
  • I had to ride my segway to school uphill in the snow without TIRES! gosh darn young wippersnappers - no respect at all!
    • I had to ride my segway to school uphill in the snow without TIRES! gosh darn young
      wippersnappers - no respect at all!

      uphill! uphill! you were lucky to have a hill.
      When I was a lad, I had to carry my segway 5 miles up a shear cliff while it hailed golf
      ball-size ice. You were lucky to have a hill!
  • by LadyLucky ( 546115 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:48PM (#6842136) Homepage
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • huh? Somebody school me please.
    • Stopping to swap out batteries, lunch breaks? Rest. Pissing. Falling over. Flat tires?

      That brings up another two interesting questions. Can Segways get flats? And did they need special 'mud-like' tires for these things?
      • That brings up another two interesting questions. Can Segways get flats? And did they need special 'mud-like' tires for these things?

        First, I'm not sure if they can get flats. Second, I think you misunderstand about Mt Washington. I've hiked it before and it's quite some climb, but it has an auto road going up it with a gift shop at the top. I'm assuming that they used the road, so didn't need special tires. I just pitty the cars that may have been stuck behind them (it's a small road).
      • by localghost ( 659616 ) <dleblanc@gmail.com> on Monday September 01, 2003 @12:07AM (#6842517)
        7.6 miles at 12.5 MPH would take ~37 minutes. Are you suggesting they spent 4 times as much time lunching, resting, pissing, and falling over as they did riding?

        And another thing, what would they possibly need rest from? All that strenuous leaning forward?
  • 6 batteries? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:49PM (#6842140)
    hrrrm. i wonder if they had to carry their batteries... because, we _all_ have 6 specialty batteries lying around just incase the first 5 die.
  • by Arae ( 658158 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:50PM (#6842144)
    ... People with too much money AND time.
  • Six batteries? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by msobkow ( 48369 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:50PM (#6842152) Homepage Journal

    Wouldn't carrying six battery packs on a Segway be even more absurd than as trying to carry a couple five-gallon gas cans on a motorcycle?

    What's next -- a shoebox on rollerblades as a "trailer"?

    • Re:Six batteries? (Score:2, Interesting)

      by r00zky ( 622648 )
      The difference being that the Segway eats 6 battery packs in 7.6mi and the motorcycle can walk that with the gas inside a Zippo.
      Segway: useless tech for senseless people.
    • Re:Six batteries? (Score:2, Insightful)

      by tessaiga ( 697968 )

      Also, at some point, wouldn't the increased capacity of carrying more and more big heavy batteries be offset by the fact that you need more power to haul all that weight uphill?

      I suspect that they had someone/thing else pacing them carrying the extras.

    • Empty batteries do not get much lighter, much unlike a gas can. I wondered if they left the empties behind for someone else to carry, or did they take them with them. Does this have regenerative braking? Did they recharge on the way back down?
    • <just kidding>Maybe the Segway uses 2 AAs every half an hour. So bringing the batteries around wouldn't be too heavy. Look how much power it can give to a Gameboy advance. I wouldn't be surprised. ;)</just kidding>
  • Simple Math (Score:3, Insightful)

    by saider ( 177166 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:51PM (#6842158)
    7.6 mi / 2.5 hr = 3.04 mi/hr.

    The way the article is written, they make it sound like it breezed up the mountian.

    Still, 3 miles per hour is a pretty brisk pace for mountian climbing.
  • Astroturf? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by SunPin ( 596554 ) <slashspam@c[ ]rista.com ['ybe' in gap]> on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:53PM (#6842169) Homepage
    Any chance that this was engineered by a marketing firm? Will we see it in Mountain Dew commercials?
    • "The Segway belongs to Heritage New Hampshire, a tourist attraction in Bartlett. The drivers were employees."

      http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/a p/ segway_mountain
    • Will we see it in Mountain Dew commercials?

      Um, this is about as "extreme" as playing bridge with the Ladies Auxillary. Now, tattooed chicks and Sugar-Ray-esque guys riding Segways on a half-pipe -- I wouldn't put it past 'em.
    • The people running operations at Mt Washington were probably just as interested in the publicity as the Segway folks -- I wouldn't be at all surprised if the idea started on their side, not on DEKA's.

      "Picture it, the world famous New Hampshire invention climing the side of New Hampshire's most famous landmark."

      Somehow I don't think that would have been a difficult sell...

  • Segway hacking? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by RajivSLK ( 398494 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:54PM (#6842173)
    If a segway can go 12.5mph up a 12-18% grade then it must have enough power to go considerably faster that it's advertised 12.5 mph top speed on flat ground.

    How long until people start hacking their segways to achieve maximum speed?
  • When he could have just jumped in the van that was following him? For that matter, why even go up the damn mountain in the first place?

    That said, motorbikes are 'cool' and I ride one and would rather that over a damn segway anyday. :)
  • Short grammar lesson (Score:3, Informative)

    by meowsqueak ( 599208 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:55PM (#6842183)
    There is a time when one may be pedantic and in some cases it can be quite interesting:

    What 'begs the question' [2blowhards.com] really means [worksafe].

    You can mod me 'flamebait' or 'troll' if you like but consider this - I'm just trying to enhance and improve your grammar-life, with no money down!

  • It is amazing. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by pr0ntab ( 632466 ) <pr0ntab@DEBIANgmail.com minus distro> on Sunday August 31, 2003 @10:57PM (#6842191) Journal
    It is amazing how difficult it is to form an intelligent response to this article.

    I can understand slashdot's collective interest in all things Segway, but I think at this point there's probably nothing more that can be said about the subject.

    I see this as a parallel to a prophetic article in which the Hurd is used to power the next Furby, thus sounding the death knell for both technologies.

    Furby = nearly dead retired clown, and Segway = The Hurd, in case you didn't get my analogy.

    It's an interesting technology looking for a market that doesn't exist. People in densely packed cities are doing just fine with inexpensive bikes. Americans like their cars. The Segway is the butt of a lot of unfunny jokes, and publicity stunts like this.

    I predict that someone below this post will undoubtedly compare this to George Bush's run-in with the Segway, claiming he is less intelligent than a clown, and less fit to run the country.

    Go at it slashdot. You'll only find +1 Funny posts here.
    • Guerrilla marketing (Score:5, Interesting)

      by MillionthMonkey ( 240664 ) on Monday September 01, 2003 @12:01AM (#6842494)
      It is amazing how difficult it is to form an intelligent response to this article.

      Well what can you say about it? If this were merely a case of entertainment posing as a news story, that would be one thing. But this is advertising, pretending to be entertainment posing as a news story. It's not even infotainment, it's advertainment.

      So far all the Segway stories I've seen on Slashdot (aside from the San Francisco sidewalk controversy) have had the character of guerrilla marketing. "Hey, we got to play with a Segway for a week, here are some movies of us having fun with it!" Other products appear on Slashdot this way, but usually only when their users have made strange or noteworthy modifications that the designers never intended. Like creating a case for it made of Legos, or incorporating it as a part in a rail gun, or running a free operating system on it.

      This thing has been on the market for years now. At this point we should only be seeing Segway stories when people do similar things to Segways. If someone modified a Segway by installing a feeding tube, so that the rider could suck a high calorie substance like gravy through the tube while simultaneously avoiding exercise, that would be a cool Segway story. Another newsworthy modification might be converting the Segway from electric to diesel. Using the product normally, in the manner that was intended by the manufacturer, is simply not worth our attention. (Dressing up like a butler while you do it is cute, but hardly changes this.)

      I think stories that are essentially guerrilla marketing, or that are about guerrilla marketing, should have their own icon. I'm picturing a gorilla on a Segway.

  • Rob Owen, a retired clown, and two other riders surged up Mount Washington at 12.5 mph, the AP reports.

    Did all three of them ride the same scooter? Can a clown who rides up a mountain with two other guys on an underpowered scooter in very unpleasant weather really be called "retired"? Or is this his "coming out of retirement" show?

    Good thing it's not April 1st, or else I never would have believed this. :)
  • by Lord_Dweomer ( 648696 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:01PM (#6842209) Homepage
    "Segway Riders Get High on Mount Washington"

    Personally, I think a slightly more literal interpretation of this headline would be a lot more hilarious/interesting than the real story.

    Stoned Segway Rider: "Whoah man....like, I lean and it moves and I don't fall over.....I wish I could do that on my own....."

  • Hey, if they're not going to redesign cities around the Segway, maybe now they'll redesign mountains around them...
  • All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?"

    Or, here's an insane thought, why not just hike it? Even part of it?

    When hiking, you can stop and smell the flowers. When Segwaying, you can stop and change your batteries.
  • by ttyp0 ( 33384 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:05PM (#6842233) Homepage
    Is anyone else confused by the fact that it took them 2 1/2 hours to go 7.6 miles at a speed of 12.5 mph? With those numbers it works out to be 36 minutes... okay, i'm a dork.

    Anti SCO T-Shirts [anti-tshirts.com] donates to the Open Source Now Fund.

  • In relation to an earlier query, this artical [velonews.com] points out it was the auto road.

    Of course, a bicycle got up in in under an hour--40% the Segway time. And to think that one day, I might be on a multi-use path, having to shout at these morons to yeild right-of-way!

  • by B747SP ( 179471 ) <slashdot@selfabusedelephant.com> on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:07PM (#6842239)
    Oh yeah, Segway, that's the other now dead fad that was missing from yesterday's Dotcom Era Fads [slashdot.org] story on Slashdot :-)
  • Meanwhile ... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by DogIsMyCoprocessor ( 642655 ) <.dogismycoprocessor. .at. .yahoo.com.> on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:08PM (#6842243) Homepage
    the fastest time running up Mount Washington is 58 minutes 20 1/2 seconds -

    Mount Washington Records [gsrs.com]

    The only thing more pathetic than a clown is a clown riding up Mount Washington on a Segway.

  • We had aa retired clown as a teacher in middle school, and pound for pound he was probably the strongest guy there (we had an ex U.S. football player, he was definitely the strongest). If you go to a circus and watch what the clowns do, they are often very athletic. Still it is kind of a strange stunt they did.
  • Why not use a bicycle?

    What is "endurance" about doing this on a Segway?

    Or am I just missing something here?
  • i scale these altitudes and more, everyday, no biggie,
    but then again, i do live in Colorado
  • by smash ( 1351 )
    All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?"
    Because motorbikes are actually *cool*.


    • Why not buy a motorbike you ask? Well, here's why:

      Dick's pain and effort won't go without reward. In addition to the obvious glory and inevitable fame associated with riding a scooter, Dick and his two companions will receive a bumper sticker.

      The bumper sticker makes Dick's pain all worthwhile =D
  • How did they get the extra batteries up there?

    Exercise: if you had to do this with nothing but Segways to carry the batteries, how many would you need?

  • by Guppy06 ( 410832 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:19PM (#6842304)
    "All of which begs the question, why not buy a motorbike?"

    No, it begs the question "What the heck is this doing on the front page?" I can see how the Segway was at one point an interesting piece of technology when it first came out, but that was a long time ago. It's less "technology" and more "silly fad." I would sooner expect an article about who is going to win such-and-such "reality TV" show than this on Slashdot. What next, world's larget pet rock collection?

    Heck, if anything the Segway is a shining example on exactly why the bottom fell out of the 90's IT economy. And the fact that mention of it still makes headlines in Slashdot demonstrates that people in the 21st century are still just as gullible and short-sighted as they were ten years ago.
  • by SuperBanana ( 662181 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:21PM (#6842311)

    Slightly off topic, but this might be of interest to readers tonight, so what the hell!

    This reminded me of the Mt. Washington Auto Road Race. To be a little more on-topic, one year they had a Geo Metro electric car 'do' the race- it looked really funny, because both driver and 'navigator' were required to wear helmets since it was a sanctioned race. Unlike some of the 600hp cars, the starter didn't exactly have to jump out of the way with them).

    The hillclimb is the US's oldest motorsport event, believe it or not- however, it's also one of the most troubling. Despite attracting a healthy crowd every year, Audi pulled sponsorship after Frank Sprongl(driving an Audi S2 rally car) stopped winning, despite numerous VW and Audi entries.

    The final straw for Audi, sponsorship-wise, was most likely the guy in the Legend car(motorcycle engine, 4 wheels, micro-sized chassis) who went off, clipped a rock, and was pulled from his car by a 16 year old cornerworker, right before the car burst into flames from a severed fuel line(the engine compartment was severed from the car by the rock). Long ago Audi had stopped their factory rally teams after a slew of deaths in the Group B category in various rallies; Piesch, now head of Volkswagon Audi Grouppe, declared at the time that he "never wanted to see rings stamped on a spectator's chest". Audi of America management were probably sneaking the Mt. Washington race under the radar of the parent company, but all that changed with the big crash(the kid even got a medal from the Governor).

    Another factor is that Audi now considers rallying a been-there-done-that(Audi dominated rallying in the early 80's with the first Quattro Coupes and Sport Quattros), no-longer-cool kinda deal; their customer base just doesn't care, or so they think; guys who drive A8's don't like hanging out in the rain watching cars go by throwing rocks into their faces; they like sitting in a hospitality tent in cool comfort. So that's why Audi threw themselves into LeMans and ALMS(American LeMans Series), along with the Speedvision(er, SPEED Channel) SpeedGT(S4's, last year) and ProGT(RS6's, this year) races.

    Mt. Washington management has given a variety of excuses for not continuing the race; first it was Audi, because they couldn't find another sponsor(rumor was they were looking for 1 million- an ABSURD amount of sponsorship money; it may be the oldest motorsports events, but it's also one of the lowest profile). Then it was because the road needed resurfacing(although honestly, having driven it myself three times as well, it WAS getting really bad). Then it was because the lodge, which had absolutely nothing to do with the race, burned to the ground and was 'behind schedule' on being rebuilt, or some such nonsense.

    There are rumors going around that the race will continue next year. The local region of the Audi Club of America might attend(as it has for many, many years- we were the yahoos with all the Audis parked to the left of the starting area). Depending upon how solid the Audi+VW marques are represented, I'll be there- our little sub-event is a great family affair and I've always enjoyed myself; it's pretty gosh darn cheap, and getting there and back is half the fun(there are some GREAT roads in the area). Spectators can do whatever floats their boat- you can go up to any of several points on the mountain via van to watch the races(warning- you're limited as to when you can get back down!), you can hike the mountain(not for the inexperienced), you can watch from the start line and see trap speeds etc...and you can also watch from a nice point that's just a few minute's hike and gives you about 20 second's view per car.

    The basic idea, if you're wondering, is simply to get up the mountain as absolutely fast as possible. Frank Sprongl was a regular winner, but his S2 is no longer competitive against some of the cars that started showing up- Jerry Driscoll(sp?) kept building meaner+meaner purpose-built tube-frame cars with insane engines in 'em until he started winning, despite not having all wheel drive(which is a MAJOR advantage, to the point that it's a seperate class in any sanctioned rally).

    • LeMans? Racing?

      I own a 92 LeMans HB, that POS couldn't win a race against a metro (but it's cheap on gas, so I drive it anyway), especially a rally (more to do with my shocks being shot to hell)
      • LeMans? Racing? I own a 92 LeMans HB, that POS couldn't win a race against a metro.

        Yeah, Pontiac has a habit for naming cars which are complete pieces of shit after famous races; it's an insult of the deepest kind to some truly great events, since Pontiac, for the last couple of decades, wouldn't have known perfomance if it bit them on the ass(everything after the mid-60's GTO was just downhill, sorry). I know you're making a joke :-), but for those who are interested:

  • Did they get bumper stickers that say This Segway climbed Mt. Washington?

  • Segway / DEKA Research [dekaresearch.com] is a New Hampshire company.

    Mount Washington [mountwashington.org] is the highest point in New Hampshire (or New England for that matter, but not -- as is commonly believed around here -- the highest point on the US east coast: that title goes to North Carolina's Mount Mitchell [unc.edu]).

    As a popular landmark & attraction, Mount Washington has great appeal in New England. The "This car climbed Mt. Washington!" [whitelands.com] bumper stickers are ubiquitous, and driving up the mountain's wind-swept road [mt-washington.com] in the family minivan or station wagon has been a rite of passage for generations of New Englanders.

    That is why they had to drive Segways up the mountain. This is a New England transportation invention, but that just wouldn't be complete without the obligatory drive up Mount Washington.

    The real question is whether or not the Segways they took up the mountain have any space for the bumper sticker :-)

  • Hey, guess what? The Register article that TacticalJack took this from, says exactly the same thing, in the same words; and TacticalJack apparently used the words as if he said it.

    Check it out for yourself here [theregister.co.uk].

  • by Jagasian ( 129329 ) on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:41PM (#6842409)
    Is Slashdot getting paid for these Segway articles? I mean, really, this was the most overhyped toy EVER! Not only that, but Slashdot has been guitly of posting blatent plugs for this overpriced scooter. Astroturfing if lame. Slashdot backed asrtoturf is even worse.
  • The whole Segway on the mountain bit was amusing. But it's just plain alarming to see not just /., but also _The Register_ make a crudly common English usage error. The phrase "begs the question" DOES NOT mean "demands to be asked." Instead...well, this is such a common error it's easy to research. But quoting from http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~brians/errors/begs.html [wsu.edu]:

    An argument that improperly assumes as true the very point the speaker is trying to argue for is said in formal logic to "beg the question.

  • by jpmkm ( 160526 )
    The really cool part is that they were able to get all 3 segway owners together to do this.
  • Rob Owen, a retired clown, and two other riders surged up Mount Washington at 12.5 mph, the AP reports. It took the Segway riders two and half hours to complete the 7.6 mile endurance test.

    7.6 miles in 2.5 hours. Average speed: 3 mph. Speed of a human walking: 4 mph.

    It remains unclear as to why Owen dressed up like a butler for the epic ride up Mount Washington.

    Why do clowns do anything?

  • by berniecase ( 20853 ) * on Sunday August 31, 2003 @11:58PM (#6842486) Homepage Journal
    It was actually quite intriguing to see it in person. This old guy was crossing the street in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. My friend commented "is that legal?"

    The old guy made it across the street in a jiffy and was a block and a half away by the time the light turned green. From the looks, if an older person can master a Segway, then they shouldn't have as big a need for a car, particularly in urban areas. Perhaps it'd be safer for them to have a Segway (so long as they're not falling off it and breaking a hip)?
  • they were 3 people.
    their combined speed was 12.5 MPH.
    Hence about 4.2MPH each.

    2.5 hours, but at least 5*10=50 minutes changing batteries, so 1.6 hours

    so 4.2MPH * 1.6Hrs = 6.7 miles.

    So why 7.6 miles? someone switched the digits!

  • by Siergen ( 607001 ) on Monday September 01, 2003 @12:31AM (#6842606)
    I think that the Segway has some interesting technology, but I also think that it is still "a solution looking for a problem". For the same weight in batteries, a simple foldable inline scooter [sharperimage.com] could go much further at lower cost. The extra energy expenditure for balance gyros /motors is simply not needed to move ordinary people around on level surfaces...
  • Don't look now, but "to beg the question" does not at all mean "to invite/ask for/provoke a question." Rather, it means to base a conclusion on the foundation that what is being discussed must be true, although such truth has not been established. In other words, circular logic. Put another way, you beg the question when you assume the truth of whatever it is you're trying to prove.

    "Bet the question" is an English translation from the Latin "petitio principii." Look it up.

    Am I terribly disappointed th
  • Did anyone else read the headline and think that a bunch of segway riders smoked a fat one on top of a mountain?

    That said, a segway is *perfect* for your average pot-head. I mean think about it. When the munchies sets in you can hop on your segway for a short cruise to the 7-11. It's a gentle ride. Also it's fast enough that you don't get distracted and forget why you hopped on in the first place, but slow enough that you don't get too bored.

  • You know the major market for these contraptions are going to be the 'mildly overweight' that can't seem to do anything without whinning and complaining. You know the ones, they are the people that sandwich you in the grocery store isle and don't even notice that their kids are screaming bloody murder and throw a candybar in their mouth to satiate themselves(I have a theory that they are crunching and therefore cannot hear their little neglected brats).

    Honestly, you know michael jackson is going to buy a

  • $5,000... (Score:4, Funny)

    by DavittJPotter ( 160113 ) on Monday September 01, 2003 @02:46AM (#6843031) Homepage Journal
    Wow. For $5,000 you could buy:

    38 pairs of fairly nice (~$130) hiking boots

    a decent used car and the tank of gas


    A nice used motorcycle that can go way faster than 12.5 mph! [cycletrader.com]

    Nope, don't know the guy, just getting an example... :)

  • by Channard ( 693317 ) on Monday September 01, 2003 @03:30AM (#6843126) Journal
    The world's first Segway tractor pull. Possibly. Though I can't help but feel that any Segway could be decimated by even the weediest competitor off Robot Wars.

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