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Comment Pagers are still around (Score 1) 584

Pager coverage is actually pretty damn good. Come to think about it, I had less issues with pager coverage than cell coverage even though it was obvious they broadcast pages cross a given region, a few states or cross the nation wide network. Service was pretty damned reasonable, about $8/month or so IIRC, about the same as unlimited texts on t-mobile.

Why did I ditch it? Well the pager networks got bought out by other people, changed hands, and they no longer offered some of the handy dandy services they once did, which would include web->page and or e-mail->page without adding a ton of formating data. As in, one could attach a pager to a page reader via TTL serial and issue commands remotely. Mucking with the system resulted in too many garbage characters, and I could either revamp the system or go with something internet based.

But pagers still have their use. Coverage is still pretty damn good.


Submission + - Lakota independence (

zakezuke writes: "A group called Lakota Freedom Delegation has declared all treaties with the United States void and announced their independence. Russell Means and Phyllis Young informed the US State Department they claim sovereign nation status as seen in this press release. The proposed borders can be seen on this map which include parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Will this bold move actually result in a new nation or just an attempt to gain media attention? Are we looking at another Wounded Knee Incident? Either way, wow!"

United States

Submission + - What Color is Your Steak? writes: "Author Jim Hightower just released a humorous piece: What Color Is Your Steak? about the FDA's approval of carbon monoxide gassing of meat to make it more red (a practice outlawed in the EU). According to FDA filings, U.S. retailers failed to capture at least one billion dollars of revenue annually from fresh beef sales, due to product discoloration."

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