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Comment Re:Good Engineering Tesla (Score 1) 526

You mean put it in the back, where if you get rear-ended, it's in the line of fire?

At least at the bottom there's less risk of a massive impact, and it lowers the car's center of gravity.

"RELEARN a BUNCH of shit that GM, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and all the rest learned a long time ago" - no thanks. Good opportunity to get around legacy hardware designed under circumstances that are often no longer relevant.

Comment one word ... (Score 5, Insightful) 298

... Selection.

Amazon beats any bookstore at finding older books.
Brick and mortar stores are all about displaying 20 copies of the latest shit best-seller, sitting side by side, on the front shelves. No thanks.

Comment Why this is bad (Score 1) 159

Wars don't end because either (or both) of the sides are tired of committing atrocities.
Wars end because either (or both) of the sides can't sustain its own casualties.
See Iraq. See Vietnam.

Robot soldiers mean that atrocities can take place with no human toll, no witnesses.
No battle fatigue.

Robots will do to war what Facebook did to idle chat...
(How about that?)

Comment Are you kidding? (Score 1, Troll) 361

If was to cost even $10, what would the download rate be?

Try anything that's currently free on the internet, add a small charge, and watch the DL rate plummet.

OO is only acceptable since it is free. If someone was making money off of it, then they'd be expectations for things a bug fixes and support and in no time it will cost $150, and get a bad rap in comparison with some other free product.

Comment You think that's bad? (Score 2) 182

I heard some lawmakers in the United States are actively claiming that the world was created 6000 years ago by an old man with a beard, who later went on to bed a Jewish girl and spawn an offspring which ended up being nailed to a tree. Also, talking snakes, burning bushes, and splitting seas. no kidding!

Comment Re:In Olde English units (Score 5, Informative) 269

Pressure vessels get increasingly difficult to build as their size grows.

When a 150 PSI compressor tank goes (and they do, even though they are made out of steel, a lot thicker than a soda pop can) they take away the room with them.

This pressure vessel is probably miles on a side, and the walls don't have good tensile strength - it's just gravity that's holding it down.

In short converting it to Olde English units doesn't help.

Comment Re:Who knew... (Score 1) 237

Well part of it might be that by the time the Tampa Bay Fire Department finally got there, the metal was so hot that it was not enough to put out the fire, they also needed to cool the metal to below the ignition point of the fuel.

I can't believe there are so many rockets flying around simultaneously in KSC that they couldn't have a fire crew on site.

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