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Submission + - Intel Releases Information on Penryn, Nehalem

Justin Wheeler writes: "Intel has been slowly trickling information on their new Penryn cores (the next release after Merom/Conroe), as well as their upcoming Nehalem cores. From the articles: "At a press meeting today, Intel's Pat Gelsinger also made a number of high-level disclosures about the successor to Penryn, the 45nm Nehalem core. Unlike Penryn, which is a shrink/derivative of Core 2 Duo (Merom), Nehalem is architected from the ground up for 45nm. This is a major new design, and Gelsinger revealed some truly tantalizing details about it. Nehalem has its roots in the four-issue Core 2 Duo architecture, but the direction that it will take Intel is apparent in Gelsinger's insistence that, "we view Nehalem as the first true dynamically scalable microarchitecture." What Gelsinger means by this is that Nehalem is not only designed to take Intel up to eight cores on a single die, but those cores are meant to be mixed and matched with varied amounts of cache and different features in order to produce processors that are tailored to specific market segments.""

Boeing Working on Fuel Cell Aircraft 163

"Boeing is working with development partners on a fuel cell-based small aircraft. It seems like a logical use of the technology. Now if they can come up with a quiet, personal-sized VTOL craft a la Paul Moller's Skycar (which is anything but quiet), we'll really have something." From the article "A Boeing research director was quoted as saying, "While Boeing does not envision that fuel cells will provide primary power for future commercial passenger airplanes, demonstrations like this help pave the way for potentially using this technology in small manned and unmanned air vehicles."

Submission + - Linux preinstalled Dell available soon

feranick writes: According to DesktopLinux Dell will soon release desktops and laptops with Linux preinstalled. According to the article:

"The new systems, Lord added, will be true pre-installed Linux systems — and not just a PC with a blank hard drive and a bootable CD or DVD. Software support is likely to come from the community, however, rather than from Dell. Lord added, however, that hardware support on the Dell Linux systems is likely to be the same as it offers on its Windows-powered systems."

"While the Austin, Texas-based computer company was unwilling to go on record as to which distributions it will support, comments from Dell officials indicated that it is likely to offer support for multiple distributions."

"Matt Domsch, Dell's Linux software architect, did go into more detail on how Dell will be approaching the problem of Linux device drivers. First, given a choice in the matter, Dell will support free software drivers over proprietary drivers every time. For device types where a choice exists between a component with a non-Free driver and one with Free driver availability, in our Linux offering we'll opt to bundle the component with the Free driver."

Submission + - Things to do to get ready for PhD program?

man_false writes: What can I do to get myself ready to go back to school for a PhD CompSci?

I made my way to Computer Science through an unconventional path. I started out studying Marine Science and finished up with a dual major in Natural Sciences and Latin American Studies in 1990. In 2004, after a variety of jobs that increasingly required computer skills, I completed an M.S. in Software Engineering. As a consequence of this convoluted path, I believe that I am weak in some computer science-related subjects.

I retire from the U.S. Army next year and plan to apply to a PhD Computer Science program. Over the next year I hope to accomplish three things:
1. Get as ready as possible for the return to school.
2. Refresh (and possibly learn for the first time) the subjects I need to master to be successful.
3. Show the school a level of effort and interest that will bolster my application (and hopefully compensate for any weakness).

In case it matters, I am very interested in sensor networks, wireless communications and the security of these networks. Embedded systems fascinate me. Where studies permit, I hope to focus on this world.

New Horizons Photographs Earth Sized Storm 31

Matthew Sparkes writes "The New Horizons spacecraft has taken the closest ever photos of Jupiter's Little Red Spot, which is actually a storm the size of Earth which has been raging since 2005. New Horizons targeted the storm when it passed Jupiter to gain speed for its journey to Pluto. The source of the red hue remains an open question. Some scientists believe hurricane-like winds lift material from beneath Jupiter's cloud-tops up to an altitude where radiation from the Sun can chemically alter it, producing the red colour. Scientists have estimated that winds in the storm were whipping around the atmosphere at 180 metres per second."

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