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Comment Apple & "Green" Macbooks (Score 1) 165

Apple calls their new unibody Macbooks "the greenest Macbook ever". That might be true relatively speaking.

But what Apple don't tell you is that they routinely ship units backwards and forwards across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to prioritise for US demand.

For example, a New Zealand Apple retailer told my associate that Apple will often recall all NZ stock back to the USA if they run low on stock there. So this means the "green" Macbook you buy in, say, New York City may have flown across the Pacific at least once, maybe even twice or more. I wonder if new stock in NZ comes from California or somewhere in South-East Asia?

It's interesting because Apple make the point that their smaller packaging requires less aircraft space and therefore less aviation fuel - but if they send these things backwards and forwards around the planet, what good is that really?

The annoying thing for New Zealand customers is that the entire country can suddenly run out of stock even though the demand is there but nobody has been able to buy one.

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