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Comment Re:So what's the issue? (Score 1) 112

The old testament is not a valid historical document. Also, it takes quite a bit of motivated reasoning to think that we are anywhere near pushing maximum human lifespans to 1000 or even 200. Not going to happen. Everyone reading this now will be dead and gone in no less than 115 years. Get over it. To return to the topic, though, the limit should be realistic for purposes of fraud detection. You wouldn't want families going on collecting great-great-grandma's pension long after she is dead. As others have pointed out, it is a design flaw that there is no way of handling edge cases with manual oversight, though.

Comment Re:I was recruited for a dev position and felt bia (Score 1) 283

I got declined for a job. I had a friend who worked there and told me why I was declined. I was completely off base about what I thought was going on. He said it was just one guy who was completely against me since I had given a really bad answer to a technical question he asked. The guy didn't show it at all and he it didn't even register that he had such a huge grudge against me.

That reminds me of a company that I used to work for. The company had been acquired, and everyone was being laid off. We were all given the contents of our personnel files, and in mine was the physical copy of the resume that I had submitted when I originally applied. There was something written at the top in pen, but crossed out fairly thoroughly. Not thoroughly enough, though, because I could still make it out: "Karla doesn't like". Karla was someone that I knew from college who was also one of the people at the hiring interview. Fortunately, it didn't seem to matter that she didn't like me.

Comment Re:Immediately turn phone off (Score 1) 432

Yes, feature phones can explode.

Many smart phones can have a much stronger password to unlock than a four digit pin. Of course one has to balance convenience with security when considering how strong a password to use for their device, but that is ultimately up to the user.

It would be a nice feature for TouchID to distinguish between your thumb rolled a little to the left vs a little to the right; simply link one gesture to unlock the phone and the other to duress mode.

Comment Wait, what? (Score 2) 299

I was skimming the summery and about halfway through I was thinking they were talking about some device that they plug your thumb drive into and it detects weather it contains porn or not, which is dubious enough; but then I suddenly realized that it was a literal dog named URL (in all caps) and suddenly I couldn't decide which of those two things is stupider.

I'm sure the dog is happy, it doesn't know that its job is total bullshit. Ignorance truly is bliss.

Comment Fascinating (Score 1) 193

It is fascinating to me that people seem to be advocating that YouTube should force its customers, which are the advertisers; to pay to have their ads placed on videos which the advertisers perceive as a bad juxtaposition with their ads. Do you really think that Pepsi wants to have their product associated with a video titled "Leaked Video of SJW LOSING IT Blows Up In Her Face"?

Look, it's simple. YouTube content creators are not entitled to monetization through YouTube's advertising system. They can still post their videos for free and YouTube will pay for all the bandwidth for serving their video. They are also free to monetize their videos in other ways. Patreon is probably a good fit for video creators with large fan bases and controversial content. They can also still find their own sponsors, but I object to the idea that sponsors should be forced to be associated with any and all videos on YouTube regardless of content.

Here are a couple of videos on the topic that give some context:
Eli the Computer Guy
The Young Turks

Eli points out one problem, though, which is that YouTube makes it hard for people to find out what the rules actually are. It would be nice if they could be make things more transparent.

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