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Comment Re:So.... Yik Yakked? (Score 1) 71

It distracted kids in schools and got used for bullying etc. It also got picked up by people who wanted to talk to kids in schools, which is not good either. Yik Yak blocked the app at schools in the U.S....

"As for how the blocks will affect Yik Yak’s user growth, the company isn’t concerned, saying that the app is still doing “very well” at colleges and the publicly cited user numbers have been grossly under-reported."

I would guess the kids who used it and were blocked, graduated as kids who forgot it existed.

Comment Re:I needed something simple and (Score 1) 284

An interesting keyboard hack came up for the T430 :

The T420 (which I'm using heavily as a lab machine (16G RAM, 512G SSD, 1TB HDD, + empty ultrabay) has a CPU which runs a bit hot and has poor battery life. The T430 changed the keyboard layout, but better CPU, the T440 has an insanely bad touchpad design with no physical buttons. This meant for a while if you wanted a reasonable touchpad and keyboard on a Thinkpad, you had to look backwards to the T420.

Compared to other manufacturers though, the T440 and T450 at least have home/end/ins/del/pgup/pgdn and prtsc reachable without fn-key combinations, Why they put prtsc next to ctl is beyond me though, but at least they stopped screwing with the design for a while, refined the T430 design instead (grouping function keys by 4s etc.) and they didn't follow the Apple to put the power button next to backspace. the T460 threw out the ins key... I think for an oversized delete and oversized escape next to all their already undersized function keys. "Improvements". Maybe they'll fix it in the T470...

Comment Re:Asus UX305CA (Score 4, Interesting) 284

Running the kernel is no problem.

Having working sound, volume controls, 3d support, wifi, touchpad w. multi-touch, Bluetooth, suspend, hibernate (and resume), etc, etc. is another matter.

For me, having a keyboard which doesn't mix up Fn and Ctrl (with no abilty to remap), or disposes of home/end/pgup/pgdn in favour of putting prtscr next to Ctrl, or forward/back buttons over the arrow keys, keeps function keys as function keys and possibly has a mouse with three buttons... these are the difference between an crappy Linux laptop and an ok Linux laptop.

Give it 8h battery life (genuine 8h, not pretend 8h), upgradable RAM, upgradable storage, and a high resolution display with good viewing angles, HDMI out (or similar)... then we're talkign a great Linux laptop.

This might only be the XPS13 or circa 2011 Thinkpads.

Comment Opensteetmaps, Apple Maps, Google Maps (Score 1) 44

I'm in a major North American city and Google maps has almost no data on the construction in town. Some of it weeks after it began.

I also don't trust Google maps for traffic. They seem to mark a route "Red" as heavy traffic faster than Apple maps, to the point that I ignore their statements on traffic density... the roads are usually not as bad as they say they are.

Apple maps are quicker to read, faster to load, give me better traffic. OpenStreetmap gives me better detail on streets, walking paths, geography and cycling paths. Google maps are better than all of these at finding addresses, and nobody has anything better than Google Streetview.

We can't forget that Apple is making money, and a lot of money, selling phones. You're paying for that mapping sofware. Google is an advertising company, they make money selling your location and other information about you. The privacy reasons keep my feet out of Google as much as possible, but the alternatives have advantages.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 4, Insightful) 693

No, I'm only commenting on the counter-culture draw to anti-environmentalism.

I agree, scepticism is important for science. If you deny AGW claims and you're a scientist, you're in a very small minority. That doesn't mean you're not a good scientist. You will be scrutinized more carefully, but that's not a bad thing.

There's decades of more nuanced materials on AGW. These documentaries or docudramas are not scientific papers, and they're not where most geeks get their info.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 1) 693

"a fallacious and unscientific idea that man is solely responsible for climate change."

"I thought you would be smarter than that. I was wrong."

The idea that man is soley responsible for climate change is absolutely a fallacious and unscientific idea. You're the only one talking about it.

What's interesting here, is that there's a willful and direct stupidity. I mean, the post infers something ludicrous from something that wasn't said, then attacks that argument. It's a straw man, followed up with an ad hominem.

"people with IDs as low as yours sounding like the morons who blame society for all of man's ills"

There's another ad hominem, with a vague and nebulous claim of something which wasn't said.

There's no sense, logic or even evidence of basic reading comprehension behind this anonymous post.

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 5, Insightful) 693

Climate change denial seems to be a generational thing.

When I was growing up, environmentalism meant conservationism. Mowing your lawn and not littering were ways to particpate.

Then people started talking about acid rain, eutrophication of the great lakes and the ozone layer. It was counter-culture, clearly against the industry establishment. Youth supported these initiatives for awareness and change. Those that didn't, weren't an organized opposition. Industries reduced sulpherous emisions, successfully addressing the dead lakes and dead trees from acid rain. Sulphates in soaps were controlled, bringing back Lake Erie from being a stew of algae. Chloroflorcarbons were controlled to address the ozone layer.

Then came the next generation. Global warming became a more serious issue, atmospheric carbon dioxide being observed as the cause. It wasn't as localized as the other issues, and not as easy to address as the ozone issues. Environmentalism was mainstream. Suddenly being anti-environmentalist was the "alternative". "open your eyes" was the call to action "big environment money" was the real cause. Supporting environmentalism was supporting the mainstream government.

The environmental movement was successful because it achieved results on a global scale. Not because it's part of a big moneyed establishment conspiracy. It's embarrassing to be on a site with so many of these anti-environmental twits.

Sometimes I think the only way to get them on-board is to make environmentalism look like some alternative viewpoint being suppressed by a self-serving government conspiracy. Like starting stories that the government is taxing hard-working people, subsidizing oil and gas to increase atmospheric carbon so that real-estate speculators can get a windfall return on investments in the Ozarks.

Beating these people over the head with mainstream movies? it only supports the "big environment" theory.

Comment Re:Isn't that the point? (Score 5, Insightful) 37

I put Google as the worst. They started as a search engine and making revenue from advertising. Which isn't so bad.

They expanded into email, which seemed a reasonable way to get more advertising revenue.

Then they bought online media through Youtube, which was great for their strength in content delivery, and provided more vehicles for ad revenue.

But somewhere they stopped saying "don't be evil" and now they link your accounts in all the services they acquire, track your dns lookups, your searches, your phonecalls, your contacts, your webpages (through fonts), your map searches, your every location through traffic, they converted your email address into a social media profile which they track as ruthlessly and lucratively as Facebook ever did... They even photograph your home, document your wifi access points etc, etc.

At least Facebook never pretended to be anything other than an ad-based social media company.

Comment The cyber is so big (Score 1) 380

"And you know cyber is becoming so big today. It’s becoming something that number of years ago, short number of years ago, wasn’t even a word. And now the cyber is so big, and you know look at what they’re doing with the internet. How they’re taking recruiting people through the internet. And part of it is the psychology because so many people think they’re winning. And you know, there’s a whole big thing. Even today, psychology — where CNN came out with a big poll. Their big poll came out today that Trump is winning. It’s good psychology, you know. It’s good psychology. I know that for a fact because people that didn’t call me yesterday, they’re calling me today. So that’s the way life works right?"

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