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Comment Re:Why can't they put a simple FET in there (Score 1) 111

Lenovo Thinkpad's have expensive batteries that allow for fine-grained control of these charging ranges. It can maintain it automatically, or you can set custom thresholds. i.e charge if below x%, stop charging at y%. This allows you to do things like commute back and forth from work without the constant 99% -> 100% charge cycle. Otherwise you lose a bit of charge on your commute and plugin at work/home inducing another cycle.

Comment Re:Yippie. (Score 2, Insightful) 95

Seriously? I'd say it's useful for 90% of what Google Earth is used for commercially, i.e surveying. Trees are just as significant as buildings when it comes to mapping the land.

Just because it's not useful for you to map your trip to Bob's house doesn't mean it's not useful for others.

Comment Re:Low-res game font (Score 1) 280

You do realise the font uses sub-pixel rendering? A pixel is made of 3 (or more?) sub-pixels on LCD displays. Which sub-pixels are lit depends on the colour of the overall pixel.
Cleartype uses the same concept.

So each pixel in the font is of a particular colour depending on what sub-pixels should be lit. Effectively the font actually uses less than 1 pixel for some features of a character.

Comment Re:I don't think this will compete directly with i (Score 1) 246

There are a lot of people that just use their computer for facebook and generally using the web, especially people looking in this price range. The kind of people that need to write documents on the subway would not be using this. I see it as more the 'laptop for the kids/casual use' which is probably 90% of what laptops are used for in the home. I myself have an expensive laptop which I just use for browsing the web and a desktop PC for doing work. In hindsight I would have been far better off getting the cheapest smallest netbook that could run a web browser.

Comment truecrypt (Score 1) 449

Using a computer with encryption is different from *knowingly* using encryption. i.e visiting a https web site using SSL is a bit different to keeping a black book of crimes in a hidden TrueCrypt volume.

I think it's fair enough, given the clause of "knowingly".

Comment Re:where have the high res laptop screens gone (Score 1) 1140

99% consumers care about two things with regards to monitors; inches and cost.

They don't understand resolution. To them, a 15" running at 1280x800 is "bigger and better, yet magically costs less" than a 13" running at 1440x900 which for some reason costs more.

Look at the HTC Desire and HTC Desire "HD". The "HD" version is exactly the same resolution, but just a bigger form factor. So HTC add on a "HD" because of the bigger screen. Sure enough, people are all over it because of the "high definition large screen". When in reality, it has less DPI.

IMHO, monitors should be required to advertise the DPI prominently. That way, "regular people" can compare the cost to the DPI and get a better understanding of what they're paying for, or not paying for.

Comment Re:Forget mouse trackers... (Score 1) 169

Yes, valid points. However I like this idea for the purposes of password recovery.

Use a high strength regular password, and have your browser save it. However, when you lose it, or need to login from somewhere else, the ability to recover/reset a lost/difficult to remember password is useful when the password hint is something a bit stronger than 'What's your favourite colour?'.

Comment Re:Asking The Undecided? (Score 1) 328

The uncommitted have the opportunity to choose the best option without baggage of prior commitment.

When you are talking about 'long term future' I don't think it is wise to poll people that have committed to a platform previously, you are better off polling people that are betting on the future.

Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 135

It's nothing like SQL sanitation, unless you are using pre tags. But that doesn't allow embedded links or formatting.

Escaping HTML is very difficult, especially when you massage the output a bit (i.e hash tags and http links). There is also unicode, %20 and &amp style notation, "double escaping" etc.

Comment misled (Score 5, Insightful) 363

This guy did not need the handout, the poster was more or less a joke/notice to let the many people that do know him they should come to his party. The very fact he knows so many people was the reason for the notice, it was the most practical way to notify the large number of people he knows.

If the guy was a "lonely old man with no friends left", do you think he would book out a town hall to hold his party?


"He has 7 children, many grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. In his younger years he was a foster parent to dozens of foster children."

I can't help but think these donations and effort could have been directed to people more in need.

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