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Comment Immutable Servers (Score 2) 265

If these are as critical services as you say, I would assume you have some sort of redundancy, at least a 2nd server somewhere. If so, treat each as "throw away", build out what you need on the alternative server, swing DNS and be done. Rinse and repeat for the next 'upgrade'. Then do your work in the middle of the day. See Immutable Servers: http://martinfowler.com/bliki/...

Comment total war (Score 1) 212

in Hollywood we get to enjoy the perceived benefits of total war, where we throw every weapon possible at the enemy without regard for making a lasting peace. i'm sure if razed Afghanistan with every weapon in our arsenal, we would have 'won' years ago, though people might be upset with the crater we left behind.

Comment who's on first (Score 5, Funny) 989

Costello: What’s the name of the new iPad?
Abbott: The new iPad.
Costello: Yes, the name of the new iPad?
Abbott: The new iPad.
Costello: Yes, the device just released today by Apple.
Abbott: The new iPad.
Costello: I know! What’s the name of the new iPad?
Abbott: The new iPad.

"Tube Map" Created For the Milky Way 142

astroengine writes "Assuming you had an interstellar spaceship, how would you navigate around the galaxy? For starters, you'd probably need a map. But there's billions of stars out there — how complex would that map need to be? Actually, Samuel Arbesman, a research fellow from Harvard, has come up with a fun solution. He created the 'Milky Way Transit Authority (MWTA),' a simple transit system in the style of the iconic London Underground 'Tube Map.' (Travel Tip: Don't spend too much time loitering around the station at Carina, there's some demolition work underway.)"

Comment problems with complexity (Score 4, Interesting) 1146

F-22 raptor - 1.7 million lines of code
F-35 joint strike fighter - 5.7 million
Boeing 787 - 6.5 million
Premium class automobile - ~ 100 million

IEEE Spectrum: "How hard should it be to stop a runaway luxury car?" http://spectrum.ieee.org/blog/computing/it/riskfactor/how-hard-should-it-be-to-stop-a-runaway-car

IEEE Spectrum: "This car runs on code" http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/green-tech/advanced-cars/this-car-runs-on-code

Comment 4PCB - highly recommended! (and American) (Score 1) 262

http://4pcb.com/ great manufacturer located in Denver. They have great deals, willing to work with you at all levels of production (prototypes vs. actual production releases). If you are new to design they are very helpful and willing to test your designs before printing, to warn of any mistakes you may have.

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