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Comment Investment advice (Score 1) 9

Well, if you had previously been riding the amazing wave of stupidity that increased snapchat's earnings but were happy to enjoy the rise in your investments....well now would probably be a good time to pull out and sell. Worthless crap probably isn't going to keep going up, especially with this guy putting in 100% of his effort.

Comment wtf (Score 2) 729

Dude, a guy from motherboard named website that finds screwing in (actually very reasonably sized) motherboard screws into a case is too hard? Where do they find these worthless lib-arts degree losers to write articles for them?

Comment What about throttling? (Score 1) 145

So Netflix has equipment inside the Comcast network and works fine, but as of a few weeks ago my connection is completely useless for regular non-text based use. I don't come anywhere near even the 300Gig transfer. What is up with that? I've complained but nothing happens.
I can't stream Linux Action show from Jupiter Broadcasting.
I can't stream (I find geek and sundry, kerbals, and others as excellent background noise similar to talk radio...but not enraging like talk radio)
I can't even stream youtube reliably.

This is tested across three different linux machines, two windows machines, two phones, and various other devices attached to TVs.

I get better bandwidth with 1 bar of 4g on my phone than I do with the land line that I pay stupid amounts of money for.

Comment I wager... (Score 1) 742

That someday the world governments will fall just like in the science fiction future novels. One day the world will be ruled by corporations. Those corporations will then have to have large armies to protect themselves from the masses they control. Things like this is why.

Comment Or just cancel. (Score 1) 125

I just canceled my subscription. Had it since 2006. When I called to complain that my Wii, my Roku, and my computers were having addition to them not having a Linux client...they told me to contact my ISP so that they could 'speed it up'. I have a commercial line...and every other streaming service in full HD works just fine. They refused to open up a ticket to have it looked into, so I cancelled.

I give zero @#'s about their problems.

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