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Comment Re:They have a 100% accurate translation? (Score 1) 97

Quick and fast are easier to discriminate than "fast" and "fat".

Consider the following iterative algorithm...

"That is a fast car" - is translated to
That is a fat car *Context filter - strict vs slang - replace fat with phat*
*Context filter - apply ghetto style - replace "That" with "Dat"*
*Context filter - apply ghetto style - replace "is" with "be"*
*Context filter - apply ghetto style - replace "a" with "one"*
That be one phat car.

Comment Re:BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! (Score 1) 259

We'll probably see medical jargon appearing in our software now.

"Windows has detected a malignant usb program. The prognosis is that you have a 85% chance that your personal data will be on a Russian server in 10 minutes. Immediate curative treatment in the form of Knowledge Base #A345-BB321 is required. Press Yes to accept the DNR and proceed with the treatment."

Note that there will be no "Cancel" option.

Comment Re:They should have done what North Carolina did. (Score 1) 421

The only role federal government can play here legally is to put out the wild fires using helicopters and airplanes.

As a Floridian, I don't want my tax money to pay for firefighting in the west. I think the western states should be able to take care of that on their own. Why does the federal government need to get involved? Just let nature take its course.

Comment Re:I think they messed up their dates (Score 2) 31

If you look at the universe as having one frame of reference (which it doesn't) then you would simply add the 6MY to the 5MY to mean that the stars formed 11MY ago.

Astronomers refer to events as happening relative to when we observe them, so 5MY ago, those stars' first light would have reached Earth.

Physics 101

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