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Journal's Journal: Friends and Foes 3

As I've reach the 200 friends limit on slashdot, I decided to keep track of certain friends (confirmed) or to queue new ones in case a friend is disapointing me and frees a slot. This is sad, I hope the 200 limit will be raised...

Confirmed are protected against unfair deletetion in case I really want to bring a new friend in and need to neutralize a random friend. Challenged may be deleted from friend list later.

Confirmed friends

Challenged friends

Queued friends - ++ (dec2013: last jan2010) (but foe of friend) +++ (dec2013: last sept2008) rel +++ (dec2013: last jul2012) (dec2013: last mar2012)



check to eject Minwee (522556)

EDIT Dec2013: it looks like the 200 friends limit have been raised, so I digg some queued friends to friend theml...

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Friends and Foes

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  • As I understand it, the limit covers both friends and foes. My foes list has been used mostly as a sort of troll reminder, so I'd like to just clear it out. Do you know any way to clear the whole list instead of having to click through each case individually?
    • I don't know how you could do this with native slashdot features.
      I would write a perl scrit with the Mechanize module to automate the process (done it for an online game and movie db query, works great).

      BTW it seems a better idea to keep track of friends than trolls, there's too many of the later.

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