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Comment Re:That was before the tea party (Score 1) 494

I dont think that's all that silly of an assumption for comparing Western nations. They lead pretty similiar lifestyles.

Also, I specifically chose the metric i chose because while a country's unemployment rate is easy to find it's terrible for comparisons between countries. The ratio i chose was still easy to find data on as it has recently become a fashionable measurement amoung economists for doing exactly what i was doing. Was it the very best option i could have chosen to support my claim? Probably not but it was easy to find data for a ton of countries all at once and it is accurate enough to make my claim with. I'm not interested in sorting through a bunch of economic data on a couple dozen countries to bolster my arguement in an internet forum.

Basically, what i chose was good enough for the context.

As for the rest, as i'm sure you saw in the follow up comment, I poorly assumed that because it was an older article that the only person who would be replying was the person i had replied to earlier. My mistake and ignore all the non applicable junk i said.

Comment Re:That was before the tea party (Score 1) 494

Yes i mentioned there was no perfect metric but it can be safely assumed that the those working extreme scenarios of improbably short work weeks are probably going to be similar between countries (congradulations on reading the whole wiki btw). It's still one hell of a better metric then "unemployment rate" which has a different deffinition for every country. Is some one who has no job and hasnt looked for worked in 4 weeks really not unemployed?

As for the rest of your post, you're posting a bunch of data with no conclusion. Where's the comparison to countries more socialist then us since that's what we're talking about? The qoute you've posted is literally meaningless in the context of our discussion without a basis of comparison.

I said there are allot of countries more socialist then ours doing alright, you said no. I posted data supporting my conclusion and you posted total hours worked in the US. How is that a contradiction?

Comment Re:That was before the tea party (Score 1) 494

Except... that's not true.

There are a ton of ways to gauge economic performance but in the interest of not spending hours writing this and siting sources i'm going to choose the ratio of those employed versus the total population of a country as evidence that quite a few European countries are doing at least reasonably well economically speaking. I am choosing this number over unemployment rate as it is much harder to fudge and doesnt exclude parts of the population like in the US where people who are not working and havent looked for work in the last 4 weeks are not included.

Here is my source data:

In going over the data you will find the US at a ratio of 67.4 which is not bad. On the other hand though, you will find a ton of European countries (outside of the South of course) and Canada with rates in the 70s which strongly suggests they are at least doing alright economically speaking (not to mention it contradicts the American conservative "wisdom" that socialism disincentivizes people from working)

There are a ton of metrics that can be brought to bare when gauging a country's economic prosperity, some will show the US as top dog economically speaking and others a bit less so (like the fact that Canada has a more rebust middle class then us). In using this one single point, however, I do feel i've established that quite a few countries more socialist then us are doing at least alright economically speaking.

Comment Re:buh, bye (Score 1) 494

Trump will flame out sooner or later, he has too.

I thought the same thing at first myself but I'm starting to think that if he hasnt flared out yet it isnt going to happen. This is a very different election then what we've seen in quite some time and i think Trump is tapping into allot of the frustrations people on the Right are having with thier party.

Comment Re:That was before the tea party (Score 1) 494

It wasnt Socialism itself that killed Greece, there are plenty of countries that are doing fine in the world that are roughly as socialist as Greece is.

Greece's problem wasnt the tool, it was how they used it. If you hit your thumb with a hammer it's not the hammer's fault that you werent using it right. This is why, aside from the South, most of Europe is doing reasonably well economically speaking.

Comment Re:Easier solutions (Score 1) 173

Practicality doesnt enter into this. The Death Star was a terror weapon and with its ability to blow up planets, about as good as they come. They even spell this out for the viewer in Episode IV: A New Hope when one of the senior imperials goes on at length about fear of the space station keeping systems in line.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 173

A typo on an internet forum! Thank god you were here to make sure all of us were aware of this author's most grievous of sins. Clearly the author wasn't taking seriously the grave responsibility that comes with posting in an internet forum! Oh when will the Slashdot editors take resposible action and delete this post as we all know the most insignificant of errors that can easily be read around completely invalidates a point.

Or in other words, go post in another forum and let the adults talk here.

Comment Re:Police chief should be fired (Score 1) 220

Yeah, Liberal here and I dont think a childs life should be ruined because they did something dumb and childish. Yes the kid should be punished and the suspension seems reasonable, but forcing the kid to change school and threatening them with felony charges because of one tweet is massive overkill.

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