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Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 490 490

The supercharged version was actually more fuel efficient, but it raised the cost of the vehicle. They could not compete with the Chrysler minivan using such an expensive engine and had to introduce the Sienna, which had a normally aspirated engine (and 20 or so more horses).

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 490 490

The Previa couldn't get out of its own way. That's why the had to make the Sienna. Maybe you could get a more powerful electric engine in the same space, though. But it's a pipe dream for now - they can barely make affordable batteries for tiny economy cars... a minivan is out of the question.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 490 490

I found $159 with no money down, but it's only for 7500 miles. If you only drive 7500 miles, you use far less than 250 gallons per year in gas in a Golf. Maybe less than 200 if you are on the highway. Even in a state with $3 gas, you are talking about $750 per year in fuel costs. Not worth it.

The comparable gasoline lease gives you 10,000 miles, so you are also getting less miles in the lease. I don't know what beelsebob's terms are, but it is very rare that a lease would be a better deal than a purchase.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 490 490

I don't know what tricks your lease is pulling, but an eGolf is in the mid-30s and a regular Golf is at in the low 20s. That is a lot of gas money. If you live in CA, it would probably be worth it if the government is paying for much of the delta. In other parts of the country, you would need to see how long it would take to burn $3000-5000 worth of gas. For my little 20 miles a day it would never be worth it. For a longer commute, it would pay off sooner but the range would become an issue. That means you need a bigger battery, which increases the cost and then makes the payback longer.

It will happen, but it will take some more time for battery prices to come down. ICE engine costs will also go up as efficiency standards become more stringent. If the government removes the subsidy we are a long way off yet.

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 246 246

No I mean being Spanish she's probably not too fat.

TV has been a bad mommy's best friend for a long, long time. In the 80s we used to keep "TV logs" at school to show how much time we were watching and to try to encourage less viewing. There was even that infuriating period with "educational" VHS/DVDs for infants.

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 246 246

The absolute best was the period of time between the start of daycare and when my work ramped all the way back up. And frankly, then when the economic crisis hit and I found myself with half of the work. Lots of "me time" :)

Comment: Re: Delete? (Score 1) 120 120

That is certainly a very secure way to do it - but of course they probably would have a backup of their index, and thus the keys. At some stage, you have to declare "good enough!" - and for 40+ years the removal of the index entry has been a "delete". We go to extra lengths for a "secure" delete, and they would have to take some extra steps here as well... but it is hard to speak intelligently without knowing the details :)

Comment: Re:Delete? (Score 1) 120 120

So long as there are no links to the image, it is effectively "deleted". Same as magnetic storage. You just null the index, you don't actually go back and wipe the data back to zeros. Technically the offending bits still reside on the disk, but it's close enough if there is no way to access the data short of using forensic tools.

Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 1) 266 266

Where I grew up, it was the same but the dick contest was with off road vehicles. The biggest, shiniest off road vehicle they could afford with the largest tires. They never went off road, but that wasn't the point.

SOME guys went off road - but their trucks looked like they had rolled over (and they had).

Comment: Re:"Venerable"? (Score 1) 173 173

"Venerable" does not quite mean "decrepit". The meaning is more like respect for an elder. "Official standard" or not, it has been around as a real language since the early 90s (Borland?), which definitely makes it an elder in computer land. I mean, Windows is written in C++ and it definitely gets the "venerable" title by now.

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