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Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 3, Insightful) 282

In both cases, the wars were unwinnable because you had proxies providing material support without any real repercussions. The fighters are in plentiful supply because they are pissed off about the state of their country. The materiel is plentiful because it is being supplied from outside the country by entities that we can't, for political or practical reasons, go after. At that point you have to decide whether to go into "kill everyone" mode or just get the hell out.

Comment Re:Summary = Troll (Score 1) 345

Maybe some people working for Boeing. I've never once heard anyone use that term in my life.

Agreed. Most people who like airplanes seem to try to experience everything - even the "scary" planes like the old Soviet stuff. I've never met anyone who wouldn't travel on an Airbus. Most people don't have any idea what they are traveling on - it's a tube with wings. My wife doesn't even notice when we get on something obviously weird, like a high-winged BAe jet. I think the only comment I've ever heard he make was when we went on a turbo-prop plane and she did notice that it wasn't a jet.

I have to say that I am consistently amazed how many people are not familiar with the Airbus condensation thing that happens when "smoke" comes out of the air vents. It happens almost every time. I guess I used to fly a lot.

Comment Re:Hope smartphone pricing returns down to earth (Score 1) 112

I have the LTE version of the Moto G (as does my wife). Great phone, great price. I'm under no delusion that it is an iPhone (or other high-end phone), however. I make my wife take pictures with her work iPhone because the camera is so much better. I just can't justify shelling out $600 for a stupid toy that I'll break in a year or two.

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