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Comment Re:Another benefit of low crude pricing (Score -1) 89

Whatever Putin's goals, or the Russian peoples' desires, the fact that the United States seems to view China as a greater long-term strategic challenge says it all about Russia's diminishing place in the upper rungs of geopolitical influence. Yes it has nukes, and when energy prices are high, it has money, though it suffers such extremes of corruption that a goodly amount of that money ends up in Western Europe and North America in the form of property being bought up by the oligarchs to protect themselves from the inevitable collapse of Putin's regime and the Russian economy. Not even they have any confidence in Russia in the long term.

Comment Re:thus we continue into the death spiral (Score 2) 64

Exactly. The record in the rest of the world was of forced sterilizations of people who, in many cases, had conditions for which there is no genetic component, or only a partial genetic component. There were a lot of victims of eugenics programs in the US and Canada, and it is indeed a shameful episode in North American history.

There's no "doing it right". It's one thing to repair genes that lead to conditions like autosomal disorders. It's quite another to sterilize people because they have mood disorders.

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