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Comment Re:Overturn States' Rights? (Score 1) 65

So, when will a California resident be able to purchase a non CARB compliant motor vehicle?

Hopefully, approximately the same time it becomes OK for me to crap on your lawn. Your encrypted messages to your wife don't harm me or the state. Your high-pollution vehicles make it harder for me to breathe.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 316

I disagree. If he came in and took over a low UID for the sake of appearances, I'd personally write off a lot of his messages as PR attempts. But to join in through the same route as everyone else to earn his rep by participating, not by owning a low UID*? I respect that.

* But don't underestimate the importance of that. They give you a Ferrari each year on your anniversary.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 451

Also, the (possibly trained) driver isn't going to be the only person to ever sit behind the wheel. Valets, mechanics, and friends will all take turns driving over the years. Is Joe Driver going to remember that the pattern he's learned and committed to muscle memory over months of driving is unexpected, and to warn everyone he gives the keys to? This is bad UI, pure and simple.

Comment Re:Dose of common sense. (Score 2) 184

We"re also living in a global market. Let's say the US banned strong encryption tomorrow.

Stop at that point and rephrase those together as "let's say the US only allows export of hardware that the US government can snoop on". Forget everything else, because our economy would be dead as every other nation would universal ban the import of our products.

When a person in power says they want to ban strong encryption, reply by asking why they're working to destroy our economy.

Comment Re:translation (Score 1) 184

Suppose I exchange a one-time pad with a friend, and we both use it correctly. That is strong encryption, and it's not crackable by anyone without the computing horsepower to simulate the universe in which I created it. Mr. Rogers didn't say "we want what-you-think-is-strong encryption for everyone, just not the real stuff". He advocated actual strong encryption for everybody.

Comment Damn straight (Score 4, Insightful) 29

I'm a Verizon cell customer. They added an opt-out "feature" where they'd track all web traffic, so I opted out. Six months later, I found through a news story that they'd silently added another opt-out tracking feature which didn't obey the earlier misfeature's disable flag. So now I pay Verizon for my phone data, and pay a VPN service for the right to browse the Internet without my own damn ISP spying on me.

No, I can't easily switch providers - my family's phones aren't all AT&T-compatible, and T-Mobile doesn't have good coverage in some of the places we visit often. But more to the point, I shouldn't have to.

I offer another proposal to Chairman Wheeler: allow the carriers to choose between common carrier status (with all its legal protections) and, what, data portal status maybe (with zero liability protections for transmitted content). If Verizon, Comcast, et al want to snoop traffic, then they should be legally on the hook for the content of that traffic. If they don't want to be liable for every possible copyright violation or prohibited content flowing through their network, then they damn well better choose to be dumb pipes.

Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 1) 508

some people actually oppose this vaccine because they think it encourages teenagers to be more promiscuous.

Sadly, I've heard those people. It's disgusting. It's also stupid: even "good girls" can be raped. How terrible to first be the victim of a violent crime, and then sentenced to die of cancer years down the road because of it? And if not that, what if those virginal daughters marry boys who turn out later to have been villainous scum in their misspent youth and who brought something home with them?

In reality, kids will have sex. Every single one of their ancestors have reproduced, so it's unrealistic to expect the current generation not no. But even in the fairytale world where all girls are virtuous and go untouched to their honeymoon, there are still plenty of reasons to protect them from a preventable form of cancer.

Comment Re:Chip cards (Score 1) 63

And given the sorry state of Smart Phone security why do people insist on using their phones for payment?

Because my phone hasn't been stolen and used to buy gas in Tijuana or clothes in Florida 4 times in the last 4 years. I trust Apple Pay because I've actually read their published whitepapers and like its design. I love the idea that I'm not giving Joe's Meth Shack my actual credit card number when I stop for food on a roadtrip.

Given a choice between handing out sensitive data to anyone who asks for it, versus a one-time-use number that's still fully backed by fraud liability limits if something goes wrong, I know which one I choose every time I can.

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